STORY ------------------------- Brad Bucec takes a business trip to Tokyo,Japan after the meeting Brad goes on the roof to get a view of Japan.Then an assassin kicks him of the skyscraper.... Brad leans and plunged though the window of the Tokyo skyscraper,then he finds a dead worker wtih a MP5K,Brad runs though halls and offices, until he is held captive by an assassin and is dragged into an office,the assassin reveals himself to Brad. He says hes Brads brother Jacob.Jacob had a plan to get Brad out they ran and ran until they reached the lobby,then Jacob led him to the old canal with a speed boat ready to be drivin. Soon they drove to Brads house seeing a note on the kitchen table: "IF YOU EVER WANT TO SEE THEM AGAIN BRAD,THEN YOU MUST DIE" He ran upstairs until he got to his sons room,while Jacob went looking for the others.Brad saw his son about to be killed,when he shot the assassins in the back! He told Ty,his son to go in the car.Next he ran to Addie,his daughters room...

Mod Deleted
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