You will play as the goblin infused strength focused Orc, the technologically advanced economical Human, the hyper-aggressive soul thirsty Lost, or the adaptive magic crazed Naga. Included are highly customized tech trees for each race, new heroes, units, abilities, spells, upgrades, integrated sea units, specialized terrain, and support features.

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This patch primarily focuses on balancing Lost, and restructuring the Human navy.

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Balance Changes:

-Bloodlust can no longer target mechanical units
-Grunt damage base increased from 10 to 15
-Dragon now has small armor
-Warthog attacks now piercing
-Warlock hit points increased from 410 to 615
-Barracks build time increased to 35 seconds
-Voodoo Temple hit points decreased from 1800 to 1600, build time increaed from 25 to 40, lumber cost

increased to 150 from 50
-Rig hit points decreased from 1300 to 1200
-Suppress replaced with Blood Boil

-Footman damage base increased from 9 to 12
-Gryphon Rider now has small armor
-Harasser attacks now piercing
-Rifleman hit points increased to 624 to 725
-Barracks build time increased to 30 seconds
-Mage Sanctum hit points decreased from 1550 to 1450, build time increased from 25 to 35, lumber cost

increaased to 120 from 80
-Animal War Training hit point bonus decreased from 125 to 100
-Retribution Wagon Structure mana point bonus increased from 25 to 75, hit point bonus removed
-Resurgence replaced with Soul Imitation
-3rd tower upgrade for Scout Tower added: Field Generator
-Scout Tower defense based reduced from 7 to 5
-Human Transport Ship replaced with Hopper
-Human cargo capacity reduced to 6 from 8
-Lancer replaced with Argonaut (Shallow water restricts submerged Argonauts)
-Pressure mine max damage AOE lowered from 400 to 150
-Barrage now allows attack on ground and air units, damage increased from 32 to 42

-Pummel now only stuns units in an area
-Derelict damage reduced from 24 to 15
-Lost workers no longer have permanent invisibility
-Metasis now has a second level, Monstrosities last 60/12 seconds
-Lost gold intake reduced from 9 to 8 per second
-Oppressor armor reduced from 5 to 3, defense type set to Small from Medium, max HP reduced from 950 to 670
-Derelict now has small armor
-Oppressor main attack now Piercing
-Siphon Matrix is now unique cast
-Nightmare hit points reduced from 1100 to 875
-Shambler base damage reduced from 23 to 19
-Brute hit points reduced from 1400 to 1200
-Razor hit points reduced from 960 to 880
-Corrus hit points reduced from 875 to 575
-Conduit hit points reduced from 1500 to 750
-Stygian Bastille hit points reduced from 1100 to 800
-Abyss hit points reduced from 1400 to 900
-Aperture hit points decreased from 1100 to 950, mana regeneration decreased from 1.6 to 1.5
-Terminus hit points decreased from 1250 to 850
-Crux hit points reduced from 950 to 875
-Obsidian Moor hit points reducred from 1200 to 925
-Essense no longer gives kill credits for structures
-Terror level 2 duration reduced from 20 (tooltip listed 15) to 10
-Brute now takes 4 cargo space
-Dark Torture redone with "1000 Needles"
-Spinal Tap replaced with Spinal Sap
-Replaced Black Magic with Mince

-Removed Keg of Ale from item drop


-Afterburn now uses a GUI damage detection system to correctly trigger
-Transport is no longer called as part of Assault

-Peasant build lists are no longer bugged after reverting from Militia
-Hopper is no longer called as part of Assault

-Pummel now uses a GUI damage detection system to correctly trigger
-Fixed Surge description for Metasis
-Corrus description fixed
-"Must be placed on blight" sound fixed
-Palette now removes units that have insufficient mana from the unit selection. This was the only way to

maintain a spell book for proxy summoning.

-Hurl Boulder on Rock Golem now has correct hotkey
-Paradise Shoals correctly restricts Cannon Fodder

-Assault is now unique cast
-Further optimized how unused triggers are disabled

Cosmetic Changes:

-Voodoo Temple has new model courtesy of Retera
-Rig has new sound set
-Blaster has new sound set

-Footman has new sound set
-Footman has new icon
-Gnomish Inventor renamed Gnomish Factory
-Gnomish Factory has new sound set
-Church renamed to Monastery, new model/icon
-Defensive Field renamed to Defensive Ring
-Savant Mage assigned spell animations revised
-Harasser now has a missle pod

-Lost units now display correct tooltip when mousing over a selection in-game
-Tainted Fountain renamed to Tainted Eye, new model/icon

-Warrior has new sound set
-Updated Iron Enforcer icon


Nice to see another Warcraft 3 Mod here. :)

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Kam-Ghostseer Author

Battleships is a good map, it is under-played in my opinion.

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