BetaMod is designed to add units and abilities locked away inside of the Zero Hour files and to include new ones for a more interesting gameplay experience without taking anything away that makes Hero Hour what it is.

If you want to add any media, that's fine by me, just make sure it's appropriate!

Current changes to the Mod

All Generals
custom command Centers with unique Flags

USA Vanilla
B3 Bombers are stealthed
MOAB causes EMP effect
Detention Camp Re-added to game (only in World builder, currently useless)
Snowmobile unit (only in World Builder)

Airforce General
Advanced Patriot Batteries
Fuel Air Auroras

Laser General
Laser Comanche
Laser Ranger
Laser Burton
Laser Stealth Fighter
Laser Paladin (only in World Builder)
Missile Defenders in Firebase can use Laser guidance

Superweapon General
Tomahawk Storm (incomplete, only in World Builder)
Hypersonic Aurora
Ordinance Air Burst Munitions upgrade for Hypersonic Aurora (prone to bugs)

America Boss General (incomplete, not available for play)
unique units and structures

Predator Tank
Mammoth Tank

China Vanilla
Nuke Cannons can deploy as a static base defense
China Agent: similar purpose to GLA Saboteur (very incomplete, only available in World Builder)
Speaker Tower can upgrade Mines

Infantry General
Has Generals Challenge Level (Made by: Vocux:
Infiltration General Power: Drops 5 Footmen by plane to target
Footmen: Powerful Heavy Armour Commandos

Nuke General
Nuke Hunters
Neutron Tipped Rockets upgrade for nuke hunters
Nuclear Carpet Bomb General Power
Nuclear Artillery Barrage General Power
special models for Nuke Cannon and Helix

Tank General
Conscript instead of Red Guard (no bones=no animations)

China Boss General
Available for Multilayer
Stealth Bomber instead of Aurora
AA Scorpion instead of Gatling cannon (no turret bone)
Predator instead of Paladin
Large supply Truck (broken wheel bones)

GLA Vanilla
Snowmobile unit (only in World Builder)

Demolition General

Stealth General
Toxin General

Warlord General (incomplete, not available for play)
Structures need power
unique Marauder
Scorpion APC

Civilian and other
more buildings, props, and a few vehicles
tech structure Radio Station: capture to reveal entire map (subject for change)
cave: workes like tunnel network (prone to crashing if not on players side)

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XAaronX has agreed to help me, but currently we've been having communication problems, he claims i'm not working hard enough, but when i try to get his help he's busy.

anyway, let me list the things i think are the most important in order to give you an idea on how progress will continue.

1. Life in general
2. Playing ZeroHour
3. Scripting for BetaMod
4. Fixing broken or missing Models for BetaMod (this might take a while considering i have no money to buy the needed programs, and my internet likes being a jerk, disconnecting when 3 minuets left in downloading 3DSmax...)

if I could go bak in time and kill the inventor of the computer virus... I will.

if I could go bak in time and kill the inventor of the computer virus... I will.

News 4 comments

My computer is on the fritz because of a virus, and i thought my computer was already crappy!

RSS Files
BetaMod 0.4

BetaMod 0.4

Demo 4 comments

since 0.3... Footmen Infiltration now works properly- Nuke Hunters now have normal rockets that leave radiation, but a new upgrade, Neutron tipped Rockets...

BetaMod 0.3

BetaMod 0.3

Patch 2 comments

I noticed my motivation for Betamod was dropping recently, so I decided to add a bunch of content before my motivation fizzled out completely. These changes...

BetaMod 0.2.1

BetaMod 0.2.1

Patch 3 comments

sorry for the delay between the media update and the download update, my computer was acting up. after getting a few complaints about 0.2 not working...

BetaMod 0.2 +RadBomb(and others)

BetaMod 0.2 +RadBomb(and others)


Because I felt like it, and I want to test it online if anyone wants to play.

BetaMod 0.2

BetaMod 0.2


I've noticed i have been procrastinating on my modding, so I quicly did some stuff and will now release patch 0.2! to install: delete the 0.1 if you have...

BetaMod version 0.1

BetaMod version 0.1


To install: place the INI folder in your Zerohour/Data directory. known issues: china Boss does not have AI, USA boss' buildings don't have proper script...

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Man... This mod is dead.

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Does the Nuke Tank Hunter include his own voice set.

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download full game -c&c general zero hour and c&c general 1

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Which button do you press to deploy nuke cannon? :S

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KBraid Creator

i should have mentioned this a long time ago, but i was caught up in a lot of different things.
The mod has been put on hold until I reinstall Zero Hour after i made the switch from WinXP to Win7, but afterwords i discovered that my Generals installation disc is broken, so it might be a while.

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KBraid Creator

UPDATE, Nuke Hunters now have normal rockets that leave radiation, but a new upgrade, Neutron tipped Rockets, gives them twice the attack power and can kill infantry instantly! (not as OP as the Laser Comanches, but still is)

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KBraid Creator

price of Laser Comanche has been up'd to $2000 to counter it's OPness, cost of upgrading Nuke Hunters is $2500, because tests have shown NukeHunter+Upgrade+LodsOfEmone=EnemyUBERDED!
Nuke Cannon (Vanilla China only for now) can be deployed through button command, turning it into a Base Defense. Pushing button again makes it able to move again.
China Boss's Aurora is now Stealth Bomber.
MOAB now has an EMP effect, something i found when looking through the scripts
Nuke General has Nuclear Arty Barrage, a little awkward but very epic!(costs 2 points for being slightly OP(Am i eventually going to make everything OP? 0_o))
and finally, Infantry General GC Map by Vocux added! Credit: (made a few changes)

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A Little bit confusing about the game play -_-

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KBraid Creator

I have just confirmed, the radiation bomb is now used by the AI Nuke General. however, they are only able to drop the bomb along the perimeter of there own base, usually wiping out there own defense construction crews and boarder patrols...

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KBraid Creator


The Footman now has proper animation(except death), And now has a new anti personnel/anti tank fully automatic sniper rifle(anti tank mode not automatic, for balance reasons)! The footman can be deployed form the level 5 Superpower, Infiltration(currently can not be used, trying to figure out why).
also for map makers, new civi buildings! this includes all unfinished structures, which have been marked with "PROP".

0.3 is coming soon!

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KBraid Creator

I have now added Caves to the game, however, they only work if you own them, trying to figure out how to get around that. I added them to SWep Gen's Challenge map for ground dependent factions.

Speaking of which, i also added some more superweapons to that map too, Normal difficulty has TomaStorm and Hard has Neutron Missile! Also removed 3rd particle cannon on normal difficulty.

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