The Battle Grounds(BG) is a Half-Life Modification based on the Revolutionary War. You and your teammates will have to act together strategically to fight the enemy teams. It will be team based game play. In Bg you can play as a solider in two teams: 1. The Royal British Army 2. The Colonial United States Continental Army For each side you will have a choice of several classes, each with their own individual style and unique playing feel. More details will be added later as our source feature list is fleshed out

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The Source takes over.

The Source takes over.

Jul 29, 2005 19 comments

Thanks to our outstanding community, Battle Grounds: Source, BG2, has started to come together. Early versions of BG2 can be found in the forums, here...

Progress Update

May 28, 2005 9 comments

A few Release Candidates later, a good amount of bugs fixed and a little more visual quality provided. Work on BG 1.0f is not stopping. There are a few...

Back to the roots, the source of evil!

Nov 10, 2004 5 comments

The times when we lack the time to write news posts, are always the times where the most progress is made. Even if it doesn't look like it behind...

BG 1.2.2 Trailer

Aug 11, 2004 2 comments

The first of our two BG 1.2.2 trailers are now available. The first shows the full capabilities of the particle powered shooting effects and how this...

Lack of Servers & 1.2.2 Trailer

Aug 7, 2004 0 comments

With the Battle Grounds now being advertised in steam, the player community increased has by around tenfold in the last week. More and more people are...

BG in Steam

Aug 7, 2004 0 comments

The process of making bg being able to be downloaded from steam has begun. With the death of won and the latest steam update, there is new functionality...

New Player model, New Video

May 28, 2004 3 comments

Another player models joins the BG family. This time its a scottisch highlander that will support the british forces in BG 1.3. The uniform of course...

New Dev Release

May 11, 2004 0 comments

Normally I try to avoid news about development beta releases in the main news section. So people waiting for the next big official release don't...

Major Staff Opening

Apr 14, 2004 0 comments

Battle Grounds is teaming up with more, creative contributers. We are looking for talented modders in the following categories:- Mapping- Modeling- Skinning...

News, News, News

Apr 7, 2004 0 comments

Again good news! now has another new category. Something very visual this time:A video section. At the moment there are 3 videos available...

Saratoga Screenshots

Feb 24, 2004 1 comment

Another small update is on its way: RC4 is almost complete, just one code bug and some map compiles are left before the already 4th release candidate...

Bots, Models and Battles

Feb 2, 2004 1 comment

It is has finally happened. Bots have been created for BG. Cheeseh has added support for Battle Grounds in version 1.3 of his RcBot.The bots are at current...

1.2.2, snowlake, and see you face in the Battle Grounds.

Dec 23, 2003 0 comments

After two and a bit days downtime we return. The forums and site are returned and in full working order, however we've lost all the mailing lists. These...

The Battle Grounds 1.2.1 Linux Server Release

Dec 13, 2003 0 comments

Here it is - The Battle Grounds 1.2.1 Linux Server release. This is for all you server admins. Below are the first few mirrors for 1.2.1 Full Linux server...

The Battle Grounds 1.2 to 1.2.1 Changelog

Dec 11, 2003 0 comments

BG 1.2 to 1.2.1 ChangelogThe biggest change is that The Battle Grounds is now an open source modification. You are free to contribute changes or fixes...

1.2.1 - The release is nigh

Dec 10, 2003 0 comments

The time is almost upon us. 1.2.1 will be officially released this Saturday. 1.2.1 contains one new map – bg_linebattle, a whole host of bug fixes and...

BG 1.2.1 Rc3.6 and BG_Saratoga

Dec 6, 2003 0 comments

On the weekend we released 1.2.1 RC3.6. It was received relatively well. We are hoping to be releasing RC4 today followed by 1.2.1 Final shortly. We are...

BG 1.2.1 and 1.3 indian model

Nov 18, 2003 0 comments

My my, no newspost for 2 weeks. Battle Grounds 1.2.1 RC 2 (including new hand and powderhorn models) was tested last weekend and after extensive...

Particle & Tech Demo Video

Oct 29, 2003 1 comment

Another amazing looking ingame video of particles and more now hits this news post. The video contains a fountain in a mediterranean yard. The drops create...


Oct 26, 2003 0 comments

A new map has appeared on the BG 1.3 horizon. BG_Entrenched! This new map by Predator will blow you away when playing with 32 players. Beautiful yet...

Update and Community News

Oct 20, 2003 0 comments

Busy day here, today. A quick summary of the news before I go into detail: BG 1.2.1 RC1 released to those who wish to test, Battle for Colonies announced...

new forum skin

Oct 12, 2003 2 comments

It was time. The standard blue/white ipb skin started to look well lets put it that way "different" or not good enough for a revolutionary war...

New set of trees & bushes

Oct 10, 2003 0 comments

Nature and environment has always played a big role in BG. Instead of the closed areas of the black mesa complex from original Half-Life we mainly see...

hirschfänger model

Sep 29, 2003 1 comment

Several new melee weapons will be introduced in the next BG release. The Hirschfänger was used by hessians soldiers who joined the revolutionary war...

Particle Engine

Sep 22, 2003 5 comments

Hola now because Ben got the new news posting system working I can post news again as well.The readers of my dev diary already knew about it, most others...

Ever wanted to make history? - Now you can

Sep 4, 2003 2 comments

We tantalised you, we tricked you, we left little hints, we left red herrings and now we will reveal all. Some of you have been wild with your guesses...

BG Update

Aug 27, 2003 0 comments

Its been a long time since the last news post. I apologise for that. Some of you may have been keeping yourselves up to date by reading our designer diaries... interview with The Battle Grounds

Jul 23, 2003 1 comment

Half-Life 2 Mod Quasar from did a interview with The Battle Grounds Mod. The Battle Grounds is a Halflife 1 mod that has been out for...

The Line Battle Contest

Jul 14, 2003 0 comments

The Battle Grounds is proud to announce "The Line Battle Contest" in association with Infra-Servers.comThe Basic Rules:To take part in the contest you...

Some 1.2 Files

Jul 8, 2003 0 comments

I hope you are all enjoying 1.2. The majority of you appear to be and that is good to know. A few small things I need to address however. Some Linux server...

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