The Babylon 5 X3 mod is a total conversion for X3TC; turning it into the Babylon 5 universe.

We've taken information from all sources, cannon, Mongoose as well as our own imaginations (were required by omissions) in order to create the Babylonian Universe as best as we possibly can.

All ships within the game are flyable - albeit some you're unlikely to get hold of; cheating not withstanding. Every cannon ship is in, stations as well as hyperspace and a few surprises along the way.

First full release is out there, with the potential for 'tweaks' and 'bonuses' depending on enthusiasm for the mod.

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Full Release

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So here is the B5 conversion mod for X3 Terran Conflict (Please read before downloading, I'll try to be brief):

Babylon 5 Total Conversion

1. Download the mod
Maybe install it in a different location if you want to keep an existing copy?
3. If you want the Cycrow cheats then install them next as my scripts WILL write over them (I recommend that you do, if you want to make vids or cheat in ships etc)
Plug-in manager
Cheat package (TC)
4. Now extract the mod into your X3TC directory
5. Rename the last two sets of CAT/DAT files so that they follow the number progression of the ones already there, probably 14 and 15
6. Go into the loadscreen folder, create another folder called hidden and shove the old X3 screens into it(unless you want to have them show in-game)

It's only been tested with win7/win10 and no other mods. (it works with a steam install)
It's way better than the demo, but still there are things missing or not changed...wrong videos or voices etc
Most B5 ships and other stuff is in, but the League are a bit thin and so they have temporary stations etc..
One notable ship missing is the Excalibur.

I/we hope to be able to patch a lot of the missing stuff in at some point. THIS WOULD LIKELY REQUIRE A RESTART, SO DON'T BUILD AN EMPIRE

It has lots of content and therefore potential for story/missions(see X3 MD(mission director), but there are very few in there at the moment.

Hence the SANDBOX title. It's not been tested anywhere near as much as I'd like. I/we really hope you get something out of it after such a long wait

English only version currently...sorry :/
Once in-game set the Gamma to about 112.
There's more but it would make this post very long winded.
See other documentation in the download for further info.
Please comment to our FB group or website for queries.

B5X3TC Team

New Video Released

New Video Released

News 5 comments

Our primary goal here has always been the completion of the mod/conversion. But making new B5 materials be it ships,textures or vids is also an objective...

Demo Release

Demo Release

News 6 comments

The Alpha Demo has finally been released and is ready for you guys and gals to test....

Alpha Demo

Alpha Demo

News 3 comments

The Demo is on it's way..... and we have a video to prove it ;-)



News 2 comments

Just a little information on our B5X3TC Demo and our potential release date

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Babylon 5 Total Conversion

Babylon 5 Total Conversion

Full Version 5 comments

This is the first version of the Sandbox mod. It isn't 100% finished, it has a few minor omissions, but we thought it was time to release something ...

Babylon 5 X3TC Alpha Demo 1.1 Patch

Babylon 5 X3TC Alpha Demo 1.1 Patch

Patch 5 comments

Here is an updated patch for the alpha demo. Many of the comments made on the site have, hopefully, been ironed out.... enjoy :o)

Babylon 5 X3TC Alpha Demo 1.0

Babylon 5 X3TC Alpha Demo 1.0

Demo 9 comments

As promised here is the Alpha Demo for your viewing... please, please read the readme associated with it for installing instructions.

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When does an update?

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I first posted as "Guest" on Sep 6, asking a bunch of questions. Well, I've answered them myself, so I thought I'd post a quick help file for people like me, who love Babylon 5 but have no knowledge of X3TC whatsoever. FYI, I just finished re-watching the series for the second time with my wife, and it was just as cool as I remember it being when I binge-watched it on VHS on my dad's projection screen TV back in 1998. What incredible timing for this mod!

NEWBIE STEP 1: Follow the install directions posted below the download link----and BE SURE TO INSTALL THE CHEAT PACKAGE. The plugin manager was a bit obtuse in asking for the location of my X3TC executable file, but I figured it out. When I then ran the plugin manager, it made me go back and switch from "vanilla" to "mod" mode before I could install the cheat package.

NEWBIE STEP 2: Once you have done this and then extracted the archive into the game directory, start a new game (I chose Aspiring Human). Target the ship with the lightbulb above it that is flying out of the space station, then left-click it and choose "Comms." Go ahead and do the training. Then dock at the space station.

NEWBIE STEP 3: Once at the space station, the fun really begins (though, actually, I don't know if you can do this outside the station in space).

- click the Current Ship menu, then Autopilot > Command Console > Custom > Cheat Menu

- Now you are playing with fire! The first thing I did was to reveal all sectors in the universe. Now, you can see a huge Universe map, including Earth and Minbari homeworlds, Zahad'dum, and yes, Epsilon Eridani, where "you know what" is located.

- Next thing I did was create the Agamemnon heavy cruiser, go fly around it, and order it to dock with the station (which it didn't).

NEWBIE STEP 4: Explore using cheats! That's where I'm at now, and I know that I can probably use cheat menu options to move pretty freely around the game-verse. Oh yeah--and I gave myself a million credits. ;-)

Have fun, and I hope this little write-up is useful to someone...


EDIT 1: The Agamemnon eventually did dock with the station, and I was able to select it in "My Property," then go to "Advanced" and "Change ship." Now, Dear Readers, I am in command of an EA Heavy Cruiser in God Mode (thanks to the cheats), ready to warp in to B5 in style....

This mod rocks!

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the excalibur have no textures...

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Is there a forum or someplace I could post a question about troubleshooting to? The mod seems to work fine however I either have a full Gray or Black background so I cant see anything. I'll see if I can take some screenshots if you need em

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I cannot play the game with this mod. unfortunately, every time I load the game, the main menu works fine, but the second I load a new game, I get to control the ship for maybe 3 seconds and then the whole thing freezes up, sound looping every 5 seconds.

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The same thing I experience (with full version from 26 June 16).

After starting the new game X3TC applcation just freezes up with looping sound. Sometimes it allows me to control my ship for the whole couple of seconds. Once it even managed to start the introductory screen ( for Human start ) but in every case it just freezes.

EDIT: Finally managed to launch this mod.I dont know what special I did - after the game start I just started moving mouse cursor to determine whether the game freezes or not, the game got into looping-sound state for approx a minute, and after that it succesfully showed the human pilot introductory screen and allows me to play. Really strange. X3TC 3.2c.

Good job, guys. I really hope you will fix this embarassing issues.

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What can I say? One of my favorite sci-fi universes open for exploration, trade and combat and pretty much everything you want to do. The whole concept of X3 fits the babylon 5 universe perfectly and this mod does a great job at merging them together! The atmosphere, the overall look, sounds and describtions are outstanding and leave you with the imperssion of a fully polished, complete game experience. There are still some rough edges here and there, but as mention in the first releases describtion…

Jun 27 2016 by Martechi

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