This mod, as hinted in the title, is about assassinations. You are an assassin, and you will kill to earn money, which you can then use to buy weapons, vehicles, nanosuit modes (Which are locked at the start), and upgrades for you base of operations.

This mod places you in a non-linear game, with six vastly different levels to explore and complete. This mod encourages you to play a non-linear game, letting you play it how you want, in a world full of objectives, which the player is not forced to complete, but encouraged to, with a reward of ingame money. The money can then be used to buy weapons, nanosuit modes (Which are all locked at the start) and upgrades for your base of operations. We hope to add dozens on features that will provide the player with a feeling of freedom, instead of the standard modifications that just place you in a set of levels, with only one path that you can follow.

Planned Features
This mod currently plans to have large, open-ended levels, in which the player chooses how they want to play and where they want to go. The mod will also contain many custom items, including that of a completely new HUD that will replace the default Crysis one, a completely new set of weapons with the list amounting to 18 new weapons, new vehicles (including tanks, jeeps, helicopters etc.), new replacement particle effects (including explosions, bullet impacts etc.), and a completely new library of props. Many other smaller features will be implemented also, although they are too many and too various to list completely. The levels will have a money system that will allow you to purchase weapons, nanosuit modes and upgrades for your base of operations. The current levels planned include:

  • A City Level - jlim
  • A Snowy/Icy Level - Nano.
  • A Level based in Chernobyl/Pripyat - TerrorBlast
  • A Desert Level - squeak_38
  • A Tropic Level - Randoman34
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Welcome to another update from Anarchy Productions, in regards to the modification entitled as the Assassination Mod, which is currently in development by us. The team has been working hard, and in today's update for the modification, we have more than a dozen items to present to you (Including new + updated props, updates on the levels that are to be included with the mod,La and more), as well as updates on the modification/team status (Including a recruitment notice), and the announcement for our new website.

Team Website
We have recently pulled together a simple website for the team, which includes several pages detailing various things, such as the current projects that we are working upon, and a page giving detailed information on the team. The website is currently located at Below is a list of the pages shown on the navigation bar of the website, as well as a short description beside the page name.


  • Index/Homepage - The homepage of our site, which contains a brief description of the team, a shoutbox and a section of related links. The last two items are mirrored on all pages of the website.
  • Projects - Contains information on our current project, the Assassination Mod. Also contained is a link to our screenshot and video galleries.
  • About Us - A brief description of the team, and also a list of the members of the team (List is currently blank, will be filled in the near future).
  • Apply/Join Us - An application page, where you can use the form on the page to apply to the team. Also contains a link to a sub-page which contains our currently open positions within the team.
  • Contact - You can use the form on the page to contact us with any enquiries you may have.
  • Forums - Leads to our official forums, where four sections are available for the public. Registration is required to post.

WIP - Props
The next section of items, this section, consists of several props that we have created. Props are, of course, an important part of any modification. The several props that we have here today consist of eight new props, as well as two updates on previously shown props. These props are of a signature wall in Chernobyl/Pripyat (With the prop itself being, obviously, for the Chernobyl/Pripyat level of the modification), untextured gas canisters, an updated concrete barrier, updated metal barrels, and lastly three vehicles, the Lada Samara, Moskvitch and ZIL 131. The first two are intended for the Chernobyl/Pripyat level, and the last as a general vehicle through the modification.

Chernobyl/Pripyat Wall
Firstly is the 3D recreation of a signature item in Chernobyl/Pripyat, which is this concrete wall. Both the model and texture for this prop for the Chernobyl/Pripyat level was created by team member Quillisia. This prop will make a great contribution for the Chernobyl/Pripyat level that is in development, which is featured below.

Image Image

Concrete Barrier
The texture for our generic concrete barrier prop has been re-done to a higher standard by team member Quillisia, and the screenshots showing the latest texture for it can be found below.

Image Image

New, enter-able buildings will form an essential part of the modification, and team member am-design (Alternatively known as Andy69), our structural modeller, has been working on some buildings for the modification. The first building is a general building for the modification, for general use in any level of the mod, anywhere. The second is a hotel building for the Desert level. The texture for it is currently just a placeholder.

Image Image
Image Image

Moskvitch Vehicle
The streets of the Chernobyl/Pripyat level need to be filled, and some new Russian-themed vehicle props will be a perfect filler for level. Team member glenatron has modelled and textured the first vehicle, which is of a "Moskvitch". It currently only has one colour, however, more colour variations will be created when the "Lady Samara" that is shown below, is completed. The below screenshots showcase the completed vehicle ingame.

Image Image

Lada Samara Vehicle
This is the second Russian-themed vehicle for the Chernobyl/Pripyat level, which is again being undertaken (Both model, and texture) by team member glenatron. The model currently stands completed, with the texture still being quite work in progress. The below render was taken in a 3rd-party program.


After a recent decision that the generic barrel props for the modification lacked wear-and-tear, team member AciD_013 undertook the task of dirtying the barrels. His current progress on the updated textures is shown below. Also currently in development is the texturing of a lid for the barrel, which will then be used to create barrels with lids, with the current ones only being lidless.


ZIL 131 Vehicle
Currently being worked upon by team member Quillisia, this is a Russian truck for the modification. It was originally planned just for the Chernobyl/Pripyat level, but it will generally usable as a generic truck for each and every level of the modification. This truck is planned to be drivable, and not just a simple static prop. The following screenshots of it were taken from the viewport in Maya, and show the partially completed low-poly model, currently unoptimised.

Image Image

Gas Canisters
With gas canisters being well-known explosive props in the gaming world, we decided to create two types of gas canisters for Crysis, which are shown in the two renders below. The models were created by team member aku123, and are currently untextured.

Image Image

WIP - Particle Effects
Next up, we have some particle effects that team member and talented particle creator The Punisher (Alternatively known as Erazer), has created for us. In order to offer a largely new experience, both in regards to graphical elements and gameplay, we decided that several dozen of the existing particle effects would have to be replaced with new ones. Today, we have several explosion particle effects to present to you.

Explosion Particles
The below video shows several of the replacement explosion particle effects that The Punisher has created, greatly contributing to the new feel that we are aiming for with the modification.

Character Teaser/News
The character that was based upon a US marine is currently scheduled for a large re-model/re-texture job, but as a simple teaser image, here is the previous model rigged and ingame. As said, it is currently scheduled for a large re-model/re-texture job, so criticism on the previous model is not required.


WIP - Levels
Now for the last content section of our update, which consists of updates on the following levels: the Ice level, and the Chernobyl/Pripyat level. It currently consists mainly of a summary update, summarising some previously released media in the Crymod threads for the levels.

Chernobyl/Pripyat Level
The first two screenshots that are below display a junk-yard type section of the level that team member TerrorBlast has been working upon, which is made out of some standard props, as well as a spattering of custom props that we have developed. The scene is shown during both the day and night. The third and last screenshot is a render of a work in progress apartment building that TerrorBlast has also been working upon.

Image Image

Ice Level
The Ice level, currently in development by team member Nano., will feature several icy valleys converging on an ammunitions and weapons shop, to where the player may return to between missions. Images #1 and #4 show a crashed plane side-mission where the player will be able to attain information on the primary assassination, as well as ammunition. Image #2 shows a currently work in progress shot of one entrance to the weapon shop. Image #3 shows a side route off the main valley.

Image Image
Image Image

Status Update/Recruitment Positions
Progress on the modification has admittedly been slowed down by a fair amount in recent times, due to many varied issues for the team members. We are still working hard on the modification, but we are urgently in need of some fresh team members to renew our progress on the mod, and to progress even further. The following positions are open within the team, although I am currently slightly inactive and thus replies to any applications will be slightly delayed. To apply, you can either PM myself on Crymod, send me an e-mail to me at at, or use the application form on our new website, which can be found here. Further information on our website can be found above.

  • Vegetation Modeller/Texturer - We're now in need of a vegetation modeller/texturer to create various new types of vegetation (Mainly trees) for the levels in the Assassination Mod. This will include modelling and texturing the vegetation from reference images, as well as creating LOD meshes.
  • C++ Coder - A C++ coder that is familiar with the Crysis source-code is needed to make modifications and additions to the source-code. This will include the creation of new features from a planned concept, as well as making modifications to already coded features in the game.
  • Vehicle Modeller/Unwrapper/Texturer/Rigger - Due to our current vehicle modeller/texturer/rigger being inactive, we require a new person to fill in that position for us. This will likely involve re-creating previously shown vehicles, as well as new vehicles for us. If you cannot texture/rig a vehicle, but can model one, please do not hesitate to apply anyway, being sure to mention your specific skill/s. The previous statement applies to all combinations, such as if you can texture, but not model/rig, don't hesitate to apply too.
  • Prop Modeller/Unwrapper/Texturer - It never hurts to have many prop modeller/texturers, so we are currently seeking prop modellers/texturers to be on 'reserve' for when another member is unable to create an item that is required, or for when a member is unable to create an item in a reasonable time-period. For the modelling side of things, you will need to be able to create polygon efficient props of a high quality and detail. You are not required to import it ingame. In regards to texturing, you will be require to create fairly realistic textures, with good definition for the desired material.
  • Character Modeller/Unwrapper/Texturer - Talented persons are needed to re-enforce the team in the department of character modelling/texturing, with realistic character models being needed, both in regards to the models and textures. In regards to the model, a high amount of detail will need to be achieved while maintaining a relatively low polycount. In regards to texturing, realistic textures with great definition in the desired material is a requirement, with the ability to the create diffuse, specular and potentially normal maps.

Thank you for taking your time to look at our update, we hope you enjoyed it.

Related Links:
- Team Website: Index - Anarchy Productions
- Recruitment Thread: Assassination Mod - Open Positions

- Anarchy Productions

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Mattchewy Aug 14 2012 says:


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maxim123 Jul 30 2011 says:

great cant wait for download!

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infl1ct1on Oct 31 2009 says:

Awesome! I'm tracking the mod :) .

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JaKobe Aug 29 2010 replied:

how do i download from this site and BTW good work!

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migmax Oct 30 2009 says:


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Jackson97 Sep 8 2009 says:

Nice particles, but is there no way to have advanced particles in the mod so the particles bounce around and dust go with the wind and such?

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callofduty511 Creator
callofduty511 Sep 8 2009 replied:

Yes, it's entirely possible to physicalize whatever effects wanted, as far as I know. But it comes at the cost of performance, and right now we're aiming for a more optimised result with the modification.

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Jackson97 Oct 27 2009 replied:

Cool! And I think that you should have an option when you download (install) it if want it or not if possible. If it is you are 200% awesome

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chad509 Sep 7 2009 says:

looks amazing!

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Hammar&Scythe Aug 31 2009 says:

I just bought this game and and i think that this mod is the reason

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