Concentrating on the late medieval period, Age of Chivalry: Hegemony replaces or significantly alters each of the civilizations in the original game, while adding a number of new ones, allowing the player to control Central and Western European states. Many new units and technologies have been added and gameplay dynamics have been changed considerably in this complete overhaul of Age of Empires II.

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Teutonic Order fortress
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Gonztah Aug 15 2013 says:

Ohh I love the teutons and the fortress looks cool. Nice job.

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InsurgentCeLL Aug 15 2013 says:

I sure do like their red building style :)

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Darth_Saber Aug 15 2013 says:

Would you please add the Knights Templar faction to the mod? The Knights Templar created the world's first overland banking system, and one of the most efficient logistical transport systems of their era. They also featured in nearly every major land engagement in the Holy Land, had their own navy, which according to the book "The Lost Templar Fleet" were numbered among the first effective pirate vessels after their disbandment and subsequent persecution. According to legends spoken of on the History Channel, the Knights Templar also aided Scotland in their early fights to retain their sovereignty from British conquest.

They had numerous units, and were renown architectural craftsman. They helped to improve existing weapons such as the crossbow, and were among the last staunch defenders of the Kingdom of Jerusalem. The Knights Templar also had a long standing rivalry with the Teutonic Knights, although some Templars did join them after their order was disbanded. There is surely enough about the Templars to give them a faction status, and the unit "Master of the Templars" is already coded into the unaltered game. Please consider it, and thank you for your time.

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Happertesch Author
Happertesch Aug 23 2013 replied:

Thanks for your suggestion! It's an interesting idea, but I have already decided on the new countries I'm going to add. The military orders won't be among them - in the upcoming version the Teutonic Order can only be unlocked by playing as Brandenburg (in the present version you have to play as Saxony).

Also, I'm focusing more on Western and Central Europe (more or less the many states of the Holy Roman Empire and its neighbours) than the Mediterranean. The Crusades aren't really covered at all, apart from those against the Lithuanians and the Hussites. The only proper Mediterranean powers in the mod are Venice and Genoa, but even with them I'm concentrating on their Italian affairs.

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Lesser Jan 21 2014 replied:

Maybe Have Templar Knights as a special unit for the Teutonic or something would be nice to have them there

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InsurgentCeLL Jan 30 2014 replied:

Sorry, but the knights teutonic are completly seperate from the knights templar.

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Maximilian_I Jul 12 2014 replied:

I believe that it makes little sense to add the Knight's Templar as they were mostly active in the Middle-East during the crusades. Granted, non-militant members contributed economically in Christendom, developing infrastructure and finance, but I think they would be out-of-place in this mod due to the mod's setting being grounded in Western Europe. The Knight's Templar was also disbanded in 1312, so it would be difficult to balance them whilst being accurate to history, especially due to the lack of any of the Templar's historic opponents.

The Knight's Templar also consisted of men from many nations. This may cause numerous issues; namely: in-game voices, architectural style, unit balance and available techs and buildings, among other issues.

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Zerodead Oct 8 2014 replied:

Such a shame that they were toasted by the French king,but I think if there will be a templar faction,most of their units will remain french.

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Darth_Saber Oct 8 2014 replied:

Only members of the main body were "toasted;" the Knights Templar were all over Europe. After their disbandment by the Pope, some became Teutonic Knights, while others went into different chivalric orders. Many fled to Scotland and England where some accounts state that they took part in historical conflicts there. The Templar fleet vanished, though many of their vessels turned pirate to revenge themselves upon those powers who had proven to be their enemies. The vast Templar treasure vanished, along with many of the French Templars, but the banking and logistic systems they invented lived long after the Order's fall.

Historically, the Knights Templar founded Portugal, calling it Port du Gral, or Port of the Grail. Historical records show that there were Templar settlements in the New World well before Columbus.

Even today, the Muslims still strongly dislike the Crusaders, and the Knights Templar; especially considering that the Knights were just about the last of the chivalric orders to be driven out of the Middle East.

Quite a legacy for an order started in poverty...

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CptIstvanofArdeal Aug 16 2013 says:

I dont think that theirs a need for it

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chiru Oct 14 2014 says:

Damn Kor you did an excellent job!!

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A Teutonic Order fortress, with the Commandry in the centre and the castle to the right of it. Also visible is the German Barracks, the smaller building on the left with red roof. The Ritterbruder and Halbbruder form the heavy core of the Teutonic armies, while the German Militia, Liv Auxiliary (light cavalry) and Lett Auxiliary (crossbowman) are weaker and more easily replaces.

Aug 15th, 2013
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