Concentrating on the late medieval period, Age of Chivalry: Hegemony replaces or significantly alters each of the civilizations in the original game, while adding a number of new ones, allowing the player to control Central and Western European states. Many new units and technologies have been added and gameplay dynamics have been changed considerably in this complete overhaul of Age of Empires II.

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No words. I have AoE on my PC since the day of it's release, and such mod is just a gift for such wonderful game.

Top mod! A must have for any AOE2 fan. A very professional product.



Can't say how the mod affects multiplayer but for singleplayer this is a blast. A huge amount of new assets to play with which most importantly look good so they fit into the game and stat wise are also making sense. Many new civilizations with their own unique look and buildings and units make this for me a true AoE3.

A lot of effort has gone into this mod, an effort I greatly appreciate as its outcome is fantastic. Many thanks.

Epic mod for AOE2


Just to say good job on the mod,I played the mod and linked it.
keep the good work!

Love It <3


brought everything I always hoped to play in aoe2

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