Absolute Corruption Mod 2.4

For Forces of Corruption Expansion Only

Welcome to version 2.4, I recommend you take the time to read this readme since it tells you alot about the new units and the changes made to existing ones, also read descriptions of units in game for added help. planet descriptions will also tell you where you can build which units and give you a little history on the planets. This is not a spam and conquer mod, if you send bombers with no fighter escort they will get shredded, if you send all your fighters after two bombers across the map, the ai might counter attack your fleet while your out of position, this is a thinking mans mod... Although there are many new units, this mod is mainly focused on improving the gameplay of FOC...it will challenge you. Thanks for playing ACM.



- All ships have been scaled accurately per canon as much possible including fighters which are now smaller and the space and land Tactical population limit has been increased.

New ships and fighters----planets built on:
- Eclipse SSD ------------------------------ (Empire:Kuat,Fondor)
- Sovereign SSD ---------------------------- (Empire:Kuat,Fondor)
- Viscount Star Defender ------------------- (Rebel:MonCalimari,Rendili)
- MC-104 ----------------------------------- (Rebel:MonCalimari,Rendili)
- Executor SSD ----------------------------- (Empire:Kuat,Fondor)
- Pellaeon II------------------------------- (Empire:Corulag,Kuat)
- Titan Star Destroyer SD ------------------ (Empire:MonCalimari,Kuat,Fondor,Yagaminor,Rendili)
- Vengeance SD ----------------------------- (Empire:Byss,Korriban)
- Mandator Battlecruiser ------------------- (Empire:Kuat,Rothana)(Rebel:Rendili,Yagaminor)
- Lucrehulk Battleship --------------------- (ALL:Geonosis,Muunilinst)
- Corellian Battlecruiser ------------------ (ALL:Corellia)
- Praetor Star Destroyer ------------------- (Empire:Byss,Mandalore)(Zann:Byss,Mandalore)
- Mediator Heavy Cruiser ------------------- (Rebel:MonCalimari,Kuat,Fondor,Yagaminor,Rendili)
- Allegiance class ------------------------- (Empire:MonCalimari,Kuat,Fondor,Yagaminor,Rendili)
- Procurator ------------------------------- (Empire:Kuat,Rothana)(Rebel:Rendili,Yagaminor)
- PellAeon SD ------------------------------ (Empire:Corulag,The Maw)
- Deflector Class Interdictor -------------- (Empire:Corulag)
- Dominator Interdictor/Destroyer ---------- (Empire:Corulag)
- Corellian Destroyer ---------------------- (ALL:Corellia)
- Admiral Daala ---------------------------- (Empire:Coruscant)
- Imperial Star Destroyer III -------------- (Empire:Corulag,The Maw)
- ISDIII Phantom Variant ------------------- (Empire:Corulag,The Maw)
- Nebula class Star Destroyer -------------- (Empire:Fondor,Byss,yagaMinor)(Rebel:Fondor,yagaMinor)
- Republic Destroyer ----------------------- (Empire:MonCalimari,Sullust)(Rebel:Kuat,Corulag)
- ISDII with TIE Droid Fighters -------------- (Empire:Corulag)
- Imperial star destroyer MKII ------------- (Empire:MonCalimari,Kuat,Fondor,Hypori,Yagaminor,Rendili)
- MC90 Cruiser ----------------------------- (Rebel:MonCalimari,Kuat,Fondor,Hypori,Yagaminor,Rendili)
- Legacy Star Destroyer -------------------- (Rebel:Taris,Honoghr)
- Bakura Star Destroyer -------------------- (All:Nirauan,Wayland)
- Recusant --------------------------------- (Zann:Geonosis,Muunilinst,Hypori)
- Providence ------------------------------- (Zann:Geonosis,Muunilinst,Hypori)
- Liberator Cruiser ------------------------ (Rebel:Sullust,Honoghr)
- Bulwark ---------------------------------- (Rebel:Bonadan,Mechis)(Zann:Bonadan,Mechis)
- MC80 type 1 Cruiser ---------------------- (Rebel:MonCalimari,Kuat,Fondor,Hypori,Yagaminor,Rendili)
- MC80 type 2 Cruiser ---------------------- (Rebel:MonCalimari,Kuat,Fondor,Hypori,Yagaminor,Rendili)
- Interceptor IV Frigate ------------------- (Empire,Rebel:Requires ground cantina, See cantina locations)
- IPV system patrol craft ------------------ (All:Requires ground cantina, See cantina locations)
- Dauntless Cruiser ------------------------ (Rebel:Sullust)
- Victory II Destroyer --------------------- (Empire:All)
- Imperial Strike Cruiser ------------------ (Empire:Byss,Yavin,Carida,Bestine,Naboo)
- Trade Fed. Cruiser ----------------------- (All:Bonadan,Mechis)
- Corellian Frigate ------------------------ (ALL:Corellia)
- Munificient ------------------------------ (Zann:Geonosis,Muunilinst,Hypori)
- MC40 Light Cruiser ----------------------- (Rebel:all)
- Venator cruiser -------------------------- (Empire:All)
- Acclamator II ---------------------------- (Empire:All)
- CC-7700 Rebel interdictor cruiser -------- (Rebel:all)
- Assault Frigate MK.1 --------------------- (Rebel:all)
- Dreadnaught ------------------------------ (ALL:Rothana,Bespin,Honoghr,Duro)
- Carrack ---------------------------------- (ALL:Yavin, Carida, Bestine, Naboo)
- Nebulon B frigate (Empire) --------------- (Empire:Byss)
- Nebulon B-2 frigate ---------------------- (Empire:All)
- Lancer frigate --------------------------- (Empire:All)
- Escort Carrier (TIE) --------------------- (Empire:Yavin,Byss,Carida,Bestine,Naboo)
- Escort Carrier (TIE Int.) ---------------- (Empire:Yavin,Byss,Carida,Bestine,Naboo)
- Quasar Fire Class Carrier ---------------- (Rebel:Yavin,Carida,Bestine,Naboo)
- Improved correllian Gunboat -------------- (Rebel:All)
- Bayonet ---------------------------------- (Empire:Coruscant,Rothana)
- Droid TIE Fighters ----------------------- (Empire:Corulag)
- V-wing Fighter --------------------------- (Empire:Corulag)
- Vulture Droid Fighter -------------------- (Zann)
- Vulture Droid Bomber --------------------- (Zann)
- Naboo Fighter ---------------------------- (ALL:Naboo)
- Clawcraft -------------------------------- (All:Nirauan,Wayland)
- Cloakshape fighter ----------------------- (All:Requires ground cantina, See cantina locations)
- R-41 star chaser ------------------------- (Rebel:Nirauan,Corulag,Fresia)(Zann:Nirauan,Corulag,Fresia)
- Scimitar bomber -------------------------- (Empire:Corulag)
- Eta-2 fighter ---------------------------- (Empire:Byss, Korriban)(Rebel:Dagobah,Wayland)
- T-wing fighter --------------------------- (Rebel:Nirauan,Corulag,Fresia)(Zann:Nirauan,Corulag,Fresia)
- and more...
-there are a ton of gameplay changes that are in the readme and will have a profound effect on how you play, I strongly suggest you read it...

Feel free to use this mod as part of your own if you make your content available to everyone without permision but please give credit where credit is due NOTE: verify who owns which models, texture and shader... none of them are created by me, and please call your mod a different name. I only ask that if you modify my mod, please call it totally different name than my own as to avoid any confusion.
thank you,

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ACM 2.4 Wreckage and Bodies Stay

ACM 2.4 Wreckage and Bodies Stay

Full Version 4 comments

Hello, this will make the Wreckage and Bodies stay for the Absolute Corruption Mod 2.4!

Absolute Corruption Mod 2.4

Absolute Corruption Mod 2.4

Full Version 46 comments

Absolute Corruption Mod 2.4 For Forces of Corruption Expansion Only Welcome to version 2.4, I recommend you take the time to read this readme since it...

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how do you get it to work with the gog version? it wont launch

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Noticed some issues or oddities with the mod.... was assaulting Jabiim and I noticed that I was still able to use the AAC-1 Hovertank... also a lot of typos but other than those two I love the mod

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does this mod have venator cruisers for all the factions even in GC?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

No, just for the Empire. It's written in the readme.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

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I saw a mod where you can use units of soldiers individually, do you think you can apply it? It would be great. =))

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Probably doing something wrong but...
When playing as the Rebellion, I cannot build the much larger ships like the Viscount.

I've captured Mon Calamari, progressed to Level 5, stolen all technology possible with R2 and 3PO, constructed the space station as far as it will go, added both secondary space stations, but nothing bigger than the standard MC80's are available to build. Same with other planets that are supposed to build the really big ships that have been added to the mod.

What's odd is that when playing the Empire, I can build everything available at the appropriate planets/levels etc. Eclipse, SSD, you name it. And, the Rebels build those huge ships and send them against me (love that Viscount, it's a pity to destroy it)

Any ideas?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Does your game actually progress to Tech Level 5? I can't get mine to progress to Tech 5 as the Rebels.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

There is a bug in FoC - if you start a GC and change any of the start details (tech level, money, etc) in the Advanced screen then you will -not- be able to reach tech level 5. Which is a shame, because you get Luke Skywalker at level 5.

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I've played this mod for ages and I love it. This mods adds loads of new units to the game, making it infinitely more interesting than the base game. My favourite would be the addition of the's SSD (Super Star Destroyer) class ships, like the Sovereign and the Eclipse. The mod also adds some units from the clone wars era, from the cannon fodder B1 battledroid, to the efficient machine of war that is the B3, the mod also adds vehicles from the time (but i don't remember the name :P). The mod is not…

Jul 6 2015 by StonePunch

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