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Mod Review on Feb 15th, 2013
This review may contain spoilers

- music (short tunes and nothing long just like HL1)
- textures
- player and weapon models
- diffulty (sometimes quite hard, even at normal)
- puzzles (!)
- HL1-like UI
- achievements
- lightning
- creative effects showing radiation and others

- MP5 shoots and sounds strangely
- some levels are left out and/ or changed
- soldier AI could be improved
- no Xen-level at all
- crashes at some points
- bad perfomance during the final level
- crossbow is unusable as long as you are fired at
- rare bug during reloading the MP5 which lead to firing a complete mag without pressing any key

IMHO Black Mesa is a remake of the original Half Life and NOT a "recreation". Although the plot differs only slightly and the atmosphere is right, skipping Xen is something that hurts the most. I loved those levels; they were one of the best parts of Half Life. All that jumping was fun. This is why I am disappointed and won't play BM again. Maybe there is hope that we will get another, larger release or something like Black Mesa 2.0...

4 Review

Game Review on Dec 31st, 2012

- free
- entertaining gameplay
- soundeffects

- music
- character style (why do the enemies need to look so cute?)
- if you do not kill every enemy during a wave, you won't be able to fight the boss, because he simply doesn't show up -> restart match

Pyxenos is quite good for having a little fun, if you can live with the inappropriate enemy-design. It just gets on your nerves to be unable to complete a wave, because one enemy didn't get killed and disappeared...A time counter would be helpful there.

10 Review

Game Review on Nov 16th, 2012

- graphics
- quick shooter
- lots of game modes
- free
- online + lan support
- Linux version (!)
- dedicated server, so you can set up your own one
- 64-Bit and 32-Bit

- quite empty servers

Xonotic is the best shooter out there, that is also free to play. You MUST have played it at least once (in case you are interested in FPS).

Broken Dimensions
5 Review

Game Review on Nov 10th, 2012
This review may contain spoilers

- looks cool
- nice gameplay
- creepy story

- no function to save your game
- bugs that hinder you from completing a level

After the needle glitched out of the big thing, there was no way to beat the level without a restart. And why is the protagonist wearing a chicken costume? I don't get it.

You may try it, because it's free, but unfortunately I had no fun, although I like puzzle games.

10 Review

Game Review on Nov 10th, 2012 - 1 person agrees

- fantastic idea
- graphics
- no bugs
- easy to learn controls

- short lenght
- performance/ driver issues (FPS sometimes low)

The negative aspects are not very important, because I could play it nonetheless. I think you should consider to include something like waypoints, if there will be a longer version in the future. I could imagine being frustated when I need to beat the whole level from the start after falling down.

It's free, it's short: Play it!!

Ristorante Amore
6 Review

Game Review on Nov 10th, 2012

- great soundtrack
- nice twist in the plot
- blinking characters (!)
- lots of things to configure (speed, loudness, etc)

- quite short
- some actions are strange to me
- no "real" Anime-style; looks rather like a video game

RisAmo is quite ok for a visual novel. You put a lot of time in this, so I won't be so critical. It is a free game after all! But there are still negative aspects...After all I don't think that I wasted my time playing RisAmo! Try it!

Cube MetalHeart
10 Review

Game Review on Nov 2nd, 2012

You want a free shooter with lots of fun? It should have plenty of guns and enemies? Then this one will be perfect for you! Although I still think that Nexuiz Classic and Xonotic do a better job in deathmatch, Sauerbraten Extended can be recommended. And don't forget to enjoy the decent music! It is perfect to have a little fun in a while. You must try it!!

10 Review

Game Review on Oct 27th, 2012

Awesome atmosphere, awesome soundtrack and the graphics fit perfectly. Although I am not so much into adventure-like games, I liked Process a lot! The game itself is quite mysterious, which is very cool. It reminds me partly of Metro 2033 :D

Everyone should try this out, because it is free. You will not regret it!

Wake Up Call [Surrealist]
8 Review

Game Review on Oct 27th, 2012 - 1 person agrees

I would call this game rather a interactive piece of art than a game. You control some things, but on the other hand there are the strange effects you are experiencing during the coma. Despite its very short lenght, you should give "Wake Up Call" a chance as long as you have around 20 minutes to spare ;)

Cube 2: Sauerbraten
10 Review

Game Review on Sep 14th, 2012

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