Process - is a game project in the adventure genre; its story takes place in several subway train cars...

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Just completed process. I have to say that I enjoyed it a lot. The use of lighting, cut scenes and sound create a sense of urgency that was quite unsettling. There is enough traditional gameplay to keep most people happy.

Are there multiple endings? I take it from the “Inevitable” that there is only one ending, but a number of unusual experiences to explore along the way. Loved the overall style, look forward to seeing what you do next!

Excellent, albeit short, adventure game.


Прошел с удовольствием. Удачи в будущих проектах.

I just loved Process. The atmosphere, the visuals, the sounds and, specially, the mistery. The game leads the player in to a deep (and unknown) micro-universe where a simple train becomes a scary and persistent prison. Every noise or light becomes a potential signal of danger, and the player can just follow a trail of apparently unconnected clues. All this is maximized by the clock, pressing the player to act faster, because the time is coming and all is going to get really bad. Here enters the curious: You don't even know well what is going to happen when the time runs out, but don't wanna stay to discover. A fantastic work with the mind of the player, because he is running away from something that he doesn't know what is or if really exists, he just want to get out. My only doubt is: is possible to escape?

Summary: -In this 'thrilling thriller', one must stop a train before it crashes. Can you do that?-
Story: 10/10 - The little bits and pieces left me hungry for more!
Sound: 10/10 - Wonderfully ambient and spooky.
Visuals: 10/10 - Love and care was obviously put into this game.
Use of technology: 10/10 - Clever use of skyboxes, I like that. :P
Gameplay: 10/10
Overall: 10/10 - The sound, visuals and overall felling of suspense really make this game unique, a must-play, considering it is free.

This game is fantastic.
It is also near impossible to actually get to accomplish everything.
The puzzles make no sense (I literally could not explain some of them without referring to in-code logic).

But the atmosphere is top notch and the premise is unique.


Хороший квест, постоянно боялся что разобьюсь, результат прошел с первого раза. Спасибо за поддержку высоких разрешений.


awsome graphics love it my gpu cant procces this much bits


Супер, но короткая....

A very good game with a great atmosphere. I just loved this game

This game is awesome for a free game so great 10/10 !!!!!

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