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Xshorty Apr 8 2013, 12:28pm says:

is there any way to get like 3x health or something? i installed this mod and its way too hard for me, im at the part where you are hired to protect the guy at the deal and you get ambushed and i die as soon as that skirmish starts from like 4 bullets. its way too easy too die and changing difficulty didnt change a thing.

+1 vote   mod: Call of Pripyat Reloaded
Xshorty Aug 26 2012, 12:14am replied:

where can i find the trial? i looked on the crytek website but its not there, can you tell me where you get it?

+2 votes   mod: Casus Belli
Xshorty Aug 2 2012, 2:20pm replied:

yes that sounds awesome please implement this into the mod

+3 votes   mod: Hypovolemia
Xshorty Mar 4 2012, 1:10pm says:

i dont understand why everyone is leaving such bad comments on this guy. I mean i think i would enjoy a musket mod for men of war because i like all the features that men of war has and i think the would be good with a mod like this. so why dont u guys help him instead of making fun of him because its pretty obvious that hes making this mod all alone.

+1 vote   media: New Screens
Xshorty Dec 7 2011, 4:48pm replied:

wow that guy is apologizing and you guys are trying to bury his apology? nice trolling guys

+2 votes   media: High Def Clot
Xshorty Dec 3 2011, 11:36am says:

well hes gone good job guys the only decent modder for men of war is gone and you know its true. unless you want to wait for another modern warfare mod that takes double the time to make and is nowhere near as good as vora's mods

+9 votes   member: vora_bat
Xshorty Dec 3 2011, 11:30am says:

its been so long since this game released why is there so few released mods?and all the released mods are still in beta.

+1 vote   game: Men of War
Xshorty Dec 3 2011, 11:27am says:

i would download this if i could find a simple installation tutorial..

+1 vote   mod: Dynamic Campaign Generator (DCG)
Xshorty Sep 8 2011, 6:54pm says:

i agree with this one "Can benefit fans of franchise if they keep a low profile "

+3 votes   poll: Mods using others' intellectual property (without permission)
Xshorty Sep 8 2011, 6:50pm replied:

not even remotely the same situation as using material for a FREE MOD from a game YOU PURCHASED

+3 votes   poll: Mods using others' intellectual property (without permission)
Xshorty Sep 5 2011, 3:36pm replied:

biased much?

+1 vote   poll: Mods using others' intellectual property (without permission)
Xshorty Sep 5 2011, 12:39pm buried:


well now theres no competition for this mod. a job well done right? no one else releases their mods zombie mod is cool

-8 votes   mod: Shattered Lands
Xshorty Sep 5 2011, 12:27pm says:

oh god who cares? the only thing i care about is that quite possibly the best mods that were released for MOW are now gone from the public eye. what is there to play now? the spam and troll mods? the mods without updates for months? or even years?

+5 votes   member: vora_bat
Xshorty Jul 16 2011, 1:19pm says:

excuse me does anybody know if this mod will work on assualt squad? i dont have The original MOW on my new pc

+2 votes   mod: RGB Mod
Xshorty Jun 15 2011, 7:37pm says:

needs an AK their relatively easy to find at least in da US

+2 votes   media: Weapons
Xshorty Jun 15 2011, 7:34pm says:

i think the soldiers skins are cool... you could add a coop campaign where you are soldiers who must work together to survive and achieve a goal?

+1 vote   media: New Viewmodel Ironsighting
Xshorty Jun 15 2011, 7:25pm replied:

holy ******* sh1t!

+1 vote   media: New HD ground textures
Xshorty Jun 15 2011, 7:18pm says:

looks like a great mod and ive been wanting a story in assault squad so im planning on getting this mod. when will it be released?

+1 vote   mod: Tiny Missions 2
Xshorty May 31 2011, 8:09am says:

sounds like awesome infrantry only battles

+1 vote   media: Large urban ruins map
Xshorty Apr 26 2011, 10:58am says:

Yea im pretty sure the Orbital Defense Platforms were much bigger than the other ships as they had a Super MAC gun. I don't mean to insult you guys but it just seems like your putting too much of a gap in the ship sizes and your designing a lot of them to be for the most part like the Halcyon class, so theres not a lot of diversity just pointing some things out

+1 vote   media: UNSC ship line up
Xshorty Apr 9 2011, 8:43pm says:

Does this have Campaign?

+1 vote   mod: Brothers Of War (BoW)
Xshorty Dec 16 2010, 6:53pm says:

Where is the download? i want this mod it sounds cool...i forgot how to install mods though..how again?

+4 votes   mod: MoW Complex MOD
Xshorty Dec 5 2010, 10:40am says:

why dont you let us download it off steam? then it can autoupdate? i think it would also lead to more people downloading it.

+1 vote   download: ARCHIVED: Empires v2.30 Client Patch
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