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xMahoney Jan 4 2014 replied:

I had never really played it much, i played the smallest amount on my brothers computer when i was younger, thats the reason i raised this question.

I went ahead and bought AoE2 HD knowing that the only difference is graphical wise.

Anyways. I bought the game and i have played a total of 5hours at the moment. Even though i suck at the game and have no skill what so ever, i am proud to say i made one hell of a purchase for £3.79 on Steam.

One think i like about AoE2 HD is the fact it now works with Steam Workshop, so you can basically mod the game to how ever you like, adding other created scenarios etc.

Thanks for the reply.

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xMahoney Jan 4 2014 says:

So i decided to buy AoE2 HD on steam when it was on sale and i am proud to say, although i suck at the game and am a noob with no skill at this game! I LOVE IT SO MUCH!!!!!

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xMahoney Jan 4 2014 says:

Reminds me of the old Command and Conquer, THANKYOU!!! I would love it if you added this to greenlight on steam, keep it as a free game, so i can rack up all my hours of love for this game! Good Job!

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xMahoney Dec 23 2013 says:

Get this game Greenlit on steam as a F2P (Free to Play) It will attract more players! It's a great game and worth getting it out there, so if you come to produce another game like this, you could then relsease it with a price and people will know you as a developer more

+1 vote   game: TripleA
xMahoney Dec 23 2013 says:

Okay, so I have played small bits of this game and I played a lot of Age of Empires Online. Considering the fact AoE2 HD is on sale on steam with the DLC, I am really considering buying it. What should I do? Should I get it or not?

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xMahoney Dec 23 2013 says:

I have been debating this game for a long time. I played the demo quite a while back and i sucked at it, everyone died striaght away, so I uninstalled it. I then realised, it's not one of them games you can just jump in to and expect everything to be easy and perfect. I re-downloaded the demo and learnt the game and I can now say, I'm in love with it, so I will most probably be making a purchase of this, but on steam considering I use that more than Desure, or I could just get the key from this and activate it on Steam once I buy it, if thats optional.

I do recommened this game to everyone. Dont think that the graphics aren't great so the game is going to suck, because you will be wrong on so many levels. Atleast give the demo a go and see what you make of it.

+3 votes   game: Gnomoria
xMahoney Dec 17 2012 says:

Looks pritty sweet, thought i would play it and i enjoyeg it :)

+3 votes   game: Little Weebo
xMahoney Sep 27 2012 replied:

Thats a good building that, i always spawn there as a police officer :D

+1 vote   media: Project Zomboid Press Kit
xMahoney Sep 26 2012 says:

This game is brilliant, me and my mate have been following it for ages and have been waiting for it to come on steam, we then come across Desura (Thank God :D). Anyways, so we both decided to buy the game and ever since we have non-stop played it :D I love this game so much, the story line is brilliant and the sandbox mode is just as great :D Cant wait to see what is coming up in the future for this game :D

+5 votes   game: Project Zomboid
xMahoney Sep 23 2012 says:


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