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Excellent sound and visuals. Presentation is top notch. Ambitious amount of new features and overhauls. If this game was optimized and bug free, it would be the most immersive survival game ever conceived.

Unfortunately, it can be a true misery to play. Load times on an SSD are ridiculously long. Very prone to CTDs, which coupled with the long downtime waiting for the game to load, can be a real turn off. Vanilla CoP stutters when moving between cells. With MISERY 2.0 you will experience stuttering that is very immersion breaking. Sometimes pausing for an entire second at a time. The engine just doesn't stream in data smoothly causing the game to hitch. This was annoying yet bearable in vanilla CoP, but with the high quality content packaged in with MISERY it is almost crippling. Though I'm no expert, I'm confident that is what is happening.

The team would have been better off making their own game from scratch. With an engine that can handle this ambitious project to give players a hassle free experience like no other. Here is to the future!

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