An episodic narrative mod for Valve Software's Half-Life 2: Episode 2. Explore the remains of a town destroyed by its own tragedy in a collection of short, interactive vignettes. Solve environmental puzzles and uncover the mystery of how, somewhere along the line, the whole world fell out of existence completely.

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Creepy and inspirational this mod inspired me to create my own story. Too many people in the world hear "Video Game" and think of fast passed FPS action. Not too many understand that a game such as this can exists and tell a deep story of someones past. things as imaginative as this can only exists in books.

I cant tell you how many times i have played this game for its complexity and simplicity. Great work and keep it comin.

Amazing story, amazing mod in general. Like a creepier Dear Esther, it changes the way most people view the apocalypse. A game that replaces guns with a dark memory of them.

From the initial playthrough I did of this, I can see immense potential for its further development, and applaud the author's decision to go back over it and bring it to perfection.

By far the best mod I have seen yet.
Very well written.
Not a single glitch.
Puzzles fairly easy but its just the beginning.
Very different from most games you see which is good.
(I'm tired of seeing the same games over and over again.)
Left me wanting more.

Deeply captivating.

I abosutely loved this I loved the atmosphere and at points I was scared because I thought something was going to jump out at me in the dark and overally the scripting was great aswell same goes for the level design and some of the messages on the wall. 9/10 thank you for this great mod ^_^

Post Script. A suspenseful story of a single being living in an apocalyptic world. Once alive, now destroyed because of one mistake. Is it the loneliness and sorrow that makes you want to take it back? Or is it just the grief from your only allies?

I may just be easily impressed, but this mod really catches my attention. I can definitely feel some deep story and tension here, and I really would like to see this continued.

Loved the way it was played out, but it really annoyed me how the dialog flashed, how fast do you think everybody reads before it fades away? I would have enjoyed the mod more if would be given the time to read the text by having extended time when the text was longer, or even voice acted.

This mod provides an interesting 'concept', but with a bit of an awkward delivery.

The player has done something terrible in the past, and is now due for punishment for having done such a terrible deed.

The nature of this was supposed to be episodic, given the download available is episode 1, but since there's no other release, I'm going to guess it never makes it to episode 2.

I feel as though it's impossible to judge whether this could have been better, but even for an episode 1, it's painfully brief. For what's available to play, there isn't much to gather.

The narrative is told via two forms of text box. The dialogue presented is done in such a harsh manner that it kind of makes me chuckle initially more than feel any remorse. Actually all the dialogue kind of makes me laugh as it seems to have that 'so-bad-its-good' movie quality to it. I don't know if this is intentional. I have to make it clear that I like the dialogue in this, though. It makes me laugh.

This is where the mod mostly shines, however, as the actual level design is a little off in places. Not blocky, just a bit newbie-made and confusing. I feel like the puzzles in this are easy to get stuck in an unwinnable state, as most objects in this are breakable, including the required ones.

There's a song in this that I feel like was intentionally made to hurt your ears. That's not nice. It also seems to build up to something that doesn't happen, so I don't understand its purpose. Use easy to remove headphones when playing, or just don't use headphones.

It's kind of a forgotten relic: it's not terrible, just mediocre for now.

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