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wbokunic Sep 1 2014, 10:19pm replied:

The issue with multiplayer is that BYOND made it easy. It's something I don't actually know how to program, and if I did it it'd likely be a case of there being no in-game chat and you'd have to connect via IP. I recently begun reprogramming the game from scratch so it's something I am wanting to look into now, but if I spend a week and get absolutely no where at it I'll likely just give up for the time being. I'd rather get a single-player game out there in a few months than no game at all after a year because I don't know how to do networking.

+1 vote   game: Hurricane 2D
wbokunic Sep 1 2014, 10:13pm replied:

No. I put the game on hold due to something feeling off with it. Recently I've started reprogramming the game from scratch (though mostly retaining the art assets and such). The way I programmed it initially turned out to be too limiting.

+1 vote   game: Hurricane 2D
wbokunic Jul 17 2013, 12:37pm replied:

Yeah, I'm making the game at my own pace. Not treating it like a job or anything. I do expect the game to be out before the end of the year though.

+1 vote   article: Dev Diary #2 - Rigging Up Resources!
wbokunic Mar 24 2013, 8:11am replied:

I don't understand what you're wanting the game to do. Could you possibly rephrase what you said?

+1 vote   article: Hurricane Dev Diary #1 - So Many Things!
wbokunic Mar 23 2013, 12:30am replied:

Thanks! :D

+1 vote   article: Hurricane Dev Diary #1 - So Many Things!
wbokunic Mar 22 2013, 10:46pm replied:

The art is ~90% done.

+1 vote   article: Hurricane Dev Diary #1 - So Many Things!
wbokunic Mar 22 2013, 8:53pm replied:

No. I decided to make the sequel Single-Player only. The reason for this is two-fold: 1) It's easier, and given the complexity of the game as it MP would only make it more difficult for me to program. 2) The first game has a huge issue right now, and that's that no one hosts servers for it. It's just boring without other players, so my goal is to create a fun SP experience in Hurricane 2D. If I get the chance to make another Hurricane game then it will definitely be multiplayer again.

+1 vote   game: Hurricane 2D
wbokunic Mar 22 2013, 7:46pm replied:

If by "fun" you mean stressful and headache inducing, then sure! :D

+1 vote   article: Hurricane Dev Diary #1 - So Many Things!
wbokunic Mar 22 2013, 1:50am replied:


Just note that this game will be single-player only. I'm thinking that, if this game does well enough, the sequel to it will definitely be multi-player again. Not to say that this game won't have content added post-launch though.

+1 vote   article: Announcing the Unique Survival Game, Hurricane 2D!
wbokunic Mar 20 2013, 12:02pm says:

Looks interesting. I wish you luck!

+2 votes   article: Uncopy Released on Desura
wbokunic Mar 12 2011, 9:51am replied:

They will, but the levels in the video are already pretty challenging. As I said in the comments on it, I blew through them because I've played them so much (I've logged over 2000 deaths testing them). The average person I've tested dies quite a bit when learning the game and playing those levels anyhow (around 10~20 times). I could make them more challenging, but given the fact that this is Stage 1, I thought I'd lighten them up a little bit.

+1 vote   article: New Website + Desura Support!
wbokunic Mar 11 2011, 8:52am says:

Just to note - I blew threw those 5 levels in under 2 minutes, but the average person I've had test the game takes roughly 6-10 minutes to get through them all and collect the coins for the first time.

+1 vote   media: First Gameplay Footage!
wbokunic Feb 24 2011, 2:26am replied:

Dunno if a demo will come. The game will be short and cheap as is.

+2 votes   game: Crisis at Alpha Centauri
wbokunic Jan 26 2011, 12:15am replied:

Replying to it at the moment. You should get a response soon =D

+1 vote   article: Announcing Crisis at Alpha Centauri
wbokunic Aug 14 2010, 8:04pm replied:

My map is intended to be a quasi-remake. The general level is the same (minus a few secret areas), but with added props, decals and such. From the way you just replied, it seems like your aiming to do something like Classic Doom 3? Making the original doom levels look and feel like Alien Swarm levels while retaining the general location?

+2 votes   article: Initial site
wbokunic Aug 14 2010, 5:57pm says:

If you are going to link to alpha footage of my Doom map when it isn't even released (hence alpha) and then insult the mapping work, at least consult me. I am not releasing my Doom campaign until it's in the beta stage. That was alpha 1. Basically all I had done at that point was get the general brush work done without any props, decals and such.

A lot of mappers go on Moddb. If you link to someones map (which is very clearly in an alpha state), then insult it in a public post, they're probably going to read it. Why not do your own thing and try and market your version of the campaign on its own merits?

+3 votes   article: Initial site
wbokunic Jul 21 2010, 4:22am replied:

The mod was, but you needed to have purchased a Source SDK game before you could play (Half-Life 2, CSS, TF2, etc). However, now you don't need to.

+1 vote   article: Orion: Source Multiplayer Beta is FREE & Standalone!
wbokunic Jul 19 2010, 2:04am says:

My PC chugs playing at 1080p. That's saying a lot too. Every UDK game I've played I can max the settings at 1080p. Mind adding some settings?

+2 votes   article: Fps Terminator Alpha v1.0 Demo Released
wbokunic Jul 18 2010, 10:54pm replied:

Less realism? No thank you! This is a simulation for our impending robotic future war!

+9 votes   article: Fps Terminator Alpha v1.0 Demo Released
wbokunic Jul 17 2010, 11:54pm replied:

Yeah, that's the idea. After every world new stuff gets unlocked. We're also experimenting with mouths, which would add even more customization options.

Edit: Another bit of value added is the timer by the way. There's just a desire in us to want to beat our own scores. I keep going back trying to beat my best times.

+2 votes   article: Ball Customization
wbokunic Jul 16 2010, 5:24am replied:

They list it on their site:

We could go ahead and submit right now, but we're working on a 3 level prototype to submit in as well.

+4 votes   article: Unity giveaway contest finalists!
wbokunic Jul 16 2010, 4:38am replied:

Well, he could always shoot for Indie Fund. That's what we're doing for The Last Ball.

+1 vote   article: Unity giveaway contest finalists!
wbokunic Jul 16 2010, 3:52am says:

Well, even though our game didn't get on the list, great job to all those who did! Tough decision still with the list narrowed down. Hard competition.

+4 votes   article: Unity giveaway contest finalists!
wbokunic Jul 16 2010, 2:34am replied:

Lol, yeah. We're shooting for around 10-20 different eyes, ranging from normal, cartoon, anime, etc. A flavor for everyone.

+1 vote   media: Customize yo' ball!
wbokunic Jul 13 2010, 7:39pm says:

Interesting art style. Tracking =D

+1 vote   article: Concept Trailer
wbokunic Jul 10 2010, 8:02am replied:

Hm... doubtful. I've talked with David a bit about Unity, and he primarily thinks of it as a great iPhone/iPad engine. Besides, Unity doesn't allow for custom maps to be used, or even made for that matter.

+1 vote   article: Orion Beta 1.2a Game Update Released / Big News
wbokunic Jul 5 2010, 9:27pm replied:

Not easy to use? Geez, if you think that about FPSC, I wonder how you'll think about something like UDK.

+3 votes   article: Campaign Screens
wbokunic Jun 23 2010, 3:14am replied:

Sweet. I'm sure with such a low poly count from the islands that these features would be playable on even real old machines.

+1 vote   article: Development Starting Back Up!
wbokunic Jun 23 2010, 2:51am says:

Not bad! Graphic-wise, would it be too hard to give us the option for post processing effects, such as bloom reflections and the like? It's a custom built engine so you'd need to program it, that's why I'm asking.

+1 vote   article: Development Starting Back Up!
wbokunic Jun 19 2010, 11:39am replied:

His name isn't Darkness lol. That's the title of our other project, which nuverian (the guy who did this fantastic art) is the modeler for. But yeah, this is great. And best of all, this is pretty much how it will look in-game too.

+1 vote   media: New artist!
wbokunic Jun 16 2010, 8:22am replied:

Why don't you just buy a video card that doesn't suck?

+4 votes   article: ORION Beta 1.2 - Play with the Developers - WEDNESDAY MATCH
wbokunic Jun 14 2010, 1:16pm replied:

Just to note, the hand on the clock does rotate a bit once every second.

+1 vote   media: [OLD] World 1-3
wbokunic Jun 14 2010, 4:53am says:

Wow, really nice! Though one thing: Is it just me, or does the player seem really low to the ground?

+5 votes   article: New Video - First few minutes of the game
wbokunic Jun 13 2010, 12:13am replied:

yeah, still a WIP. I chose 1024x768 based off the Steam hardware survey. Resolutions below 1024x768 are below 0.1% of the Steam user-base, while 1024x768 still has a pretty decent amount of users (roughly 10.5% of all Steam users). So that's the target resolution.

Another issue that crops up is Unity's horrible GUI management. They've been improving it over the years, but it's still a pain in the rear to use. It's quite hard to get the GUI to proportionally scale up and position correctly with different aspect ratios. So that's another factor in the resolution lock.

As for the menu bit, I plan on adding a highlight effect for when the mouse goes over menu items. That way you can tell you're over it. The menu was something I quickly added in before the video was done. Just glad it worked at all.

+3 votes   article: Evolution is Back!
wbokunic Jun 7 2010, 11:48pm says:

Can't wait! Hopefully you can nail a steam works release.

+7 votes   article: ORION - Beta 1.2 Release Date Announcement!
wbokunic May 28 2010, 11:55am replied:

Well, I was doing a test for when the flashlight is in-front of the camera, using a WIP of the hands to hold it. You can visibly see the low poly count. I upped it to 640 though, and you can barely tell now. Looks pretty smooth.

+1 vote   media: [WIP] Flashlight
wbokunic May 28 2010, 5:11am replied:

The bulb that is*

+1 vote   media: [WIP] Flashlight
wbokunic May 28 2010, 4:47am replied:

I swear you're secretly /sarcasm-ing me lol. I personally don't like it, but you're not going to be seeing the build really at all (which is the worst part I think). It's only about 350 polygons, I'm probably going to up it to around 800 or so to smooth out the edges a bit.

+1 vote   media: [WIP] Flashlight
wbokunic May 27 2010, 2:57am replied:


+1 vote   article: Darkness – Changes to the game!
wbokunic May 20 2010, 7:01pm replied:

Thanks! Development is going at a steady pace.

+1 vote   media: Darkness [WIP]
wbokunic May 18 2010, 2:35am replied:

Oh, also the primary font of the game has been changed. The font I was using (Renaissance), I learned, wasn't available for public/commercial use. It's a font created for some European wine company. As a result I've fully switched the main font over to ChopinScript (, which is a public domain font.

+1 vote   article: Darkness - An Introduction
wbokunic May 18 2010, 2:32am replied:


I'll post a minor update here. I like to consult with Shadow (whom I mentioned in the article) every so often for his thoughts on the game. So I sent him the latest build of Darkness to try out. After talking with him a bit about the game, he offered to join the project as the modeler. So over time I'm going to probably be phasing out some of the paper look for models (such as the radio you see in the article).

I really do like the paper look, but Shadow is also a really great modeler, so I think he'll be able to add his own unique style to the game to further enhance the visuals.

+1 vote   article: Darkness - An Introduction
wbokunic May 15 2010, 6:45pm says:

Oops, typo. Should be 1680x1050

+1 vote   media: Options Menu
wbokunic Apr 18 2010, 3:24pm replied:

Mirror's Edge.

+2 votes   article: Bacon Pocket Revolver
wbokunic Feb 28 2010, 11:18pm says:

I'm going to be very blunt with you. Nice concept, but no one takes FPSC seriously... at all. It's too limiting of an engine. All games made on it look and play the exact same way. You won't make anything special out of it.

If you truly have the resources at your disposal to make models and the like, don't use FPSC. Go with unity3D, Ogre3D or UDK. It means more work in the long run, but you'll make something far better than what you can with FPSC. If you're using models from FPSC entirely, then stick with it if you want. But I'd urge you to find a few modelers and move on to a superior engine.

+3 votes   article: The Mines of Gor Rugi: Xarelok Announced
wbokunic Feb 19 2010, 9:12pm says:

Looks amazing. The map work done on The Haunted has made me really want to start learning UE3. Fantastic work. The hidden weapons are always a joy to find, though I wish they counted more towards player XP.

+1 vote   article: The Invasion Begins
wbokunic Dec 13 2009, 7:36pm replied:

I might modify the lens flare, but it really isn't too bad. Most of the time a building or the platforms are covering it.

+1 vote   article: Let's talk graphics
wbokunic Nov 26 2009, 4:06pm replied:

Yeah, BYOND is really a great start into game development. Especially if you begin while not even in College. Teaches you the fundamentals of programming and level design. Well, if you're really trying to learn the program that is, and don't just use source codes.

+1 vote   article: Project: Evolution - Concept and Creation
wbokunic Sep 2 2009, 12:44am says:

Looks pretty nice. Downloading now.

+1 vote   article: ZEQ II Lite Public Beta 1
wbokunic Aug 15 2009, 12:39pm says:

No mirrors?

+1 vote   download: Dreamball 2.0 (ZIP)
wbokunic Jun 15 2009, 11:44pm replied:

Wood is blocky by nature.

+1 vote   media: voho_heatwave
wbokunic Jun 15 2009, 3:21pm replied:

... I accidentally exported the screenshot with bad compression settings. Sue me. I'll re-up a better quality picture soon.

+1 vote   media: Battle with the Strider
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