hi, i'm VaTTeRGeR, currently mapping and modelling for the source-engine and MoW.

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VaTTeRGeR Jun 28 2015, 10:28am replied:

Good to know, looks like a nice all-in-one-editor! (i didn't actually test my proposal, but shouldn't it work in this case, since "*.pk3" is only a renamed zip file?)

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VaTTeRGeR Jun 25 2015, 2:52pm replied:

Rip and Tear that pk3 open with 7zip and change the symbol in the mentioned line would be my suggestion :D

+1 vote   download: HXRTC HUD 3.0 for Brutal Doom v20 (GZDoom/ZDoom)
VaTTeRGeR Jun 11 2015, 11:35am replied:

Is damage for buildings calculated with physics in mind, or just like "projectile X does Y damage" ?

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VaTTeRGeR Apr 25 2015, 6:17pm replied:

It works now :D a slider would have been more convenient to set the angle and speed but its otherwise very responsive :)

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VaTTeRGeR Apr 25 2015, 6:08pm says:

I get an "Unsupported major.minor version 52.0" error, possibly because i do not got java 8 yet. installing right now...

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VaTTeRGeR Mar 17 2015, 7:49am says:

i like the splatter effects, but you may want to make them spread a bit more, it looks kind of unreal when the blood squirts out along a linear path!

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VaTTeRGeR Feb 16 2015, 5:11am says:

Is your game's story/setting based on the novel 1984?

+1 vote   media: Screenshots of a Game I'm working on!
VaTTeRGeR Jan 18 2015, 12:45pm says:

smooth gameplay, reasonably polished and crisp graphics ... i cannot imagine how much work was put into this, every bit fits into the eery atmosphere!

+3 votes   news: Prepare for your nightmare! Alchemilla is out!
VaTTeRGeR Jan 18 2015, 12:42pm replied:

read the notes that are laying around, this will give you the hints you need! (counter at the entrance)

+4 votes   news: Prepare for your nightmare! Alchemilla is out!
VaTTeRGeR Nov 30 2014, 8:15am says:

The House looks fine, but the pool-wall and the railing to the left are quite a bit to lowpoly to look good, while being in the foreground that much.
They take up a lot of space while having almost no lighting and material variation to them.
Also there is a pillow clipping through the couch.

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VaTTeRGeR Nov 17 2014, 11:23am says:

How are you currently doing the flashlight volumetrics?
You could try adding a cloud of floating sprites in the players view frustum, which are only visible by illumination from the flashlight. The sprites should not move with the player but on their own and spawn/despawn based on visibility.

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VaTTeRGeR Nov 15 2014, 4:26pm replied:

It would already help to add some grunge and dirt and cracks to the glass-texture.

+2 votes   media: Final Global ligth
VaTTeRGeR Nov 9 2014, 8:42am replied:

Just the other way around! It was ******* epic when the servers were still full, it was my favorite multiplayer game... but it slowly died.

+3 votes   mod: Zombie Master 2
VaTTeRGeR Oct 27 2014, 6:38am says:

Well, it crashes after rendering the first ingame frame. No Error Messages and no crash log file...

+1 vote   news: BrainBread 2 Public Alpha
VaTTeRGeR Feb 17 2014, 5:11am says:

zombie can haz nadez, mortar ammo and mollys :D

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VaTTeRGeR Jan 7 2014, 11:37am replied:

they are at least more memory effective and you can shove more stuff to the gpu, like lighting and sorting when moving parts are involved.
sprites aren't just "pixels", they are pixels drawn on a model (quad or 2 triangles)

+2 votes   news: Sprite of the Living Dead
VaTTeRGeR Dec 24 2013, 3:38pm says:

good model and texture overall,
but a bit too highpoly and it's missing ambient occlusion,
cause the upper one looks like it has no connection to its pillar.

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VaTTeRGeR Nov 7 2013, 2:37pm replied:

wie ist das passiert? Man erkennt nicht mal mehr das es ein auto war o.o

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VaTTeRGeR Nov 2 2013, 2:54pm says:

Ich finds gut. die fernbedienung ist aber iwie zu hell und zu reflektierend für meinen schlechten geschmack :D
durch den schwarzen strich vorne sieht es echt aus wie ne ente, das ist ein schatten oder?

dat m'stache :D

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VaTTeRGeR Oct 30 2013, 5:21pm replied:


+3 votes   news: Closed Beta Testing Keys - HELP FIND BUGS!
VaTTeRGeR Oct 26 2013, 5:45am replied:

thx :)

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VaTTeRGeR Oct 26 2013, 5:42am replied:

thx :)

+1 vote   media: Garden Hose
VaTTeRGeR Aug 11 2013, 6:00am says:

Thx for the add

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VaTTeRGeR Aug 9 2013, 1:49pm replied:

i changed it a bit, the griplesslyness (holy f*ck, dat word :D) is intended

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VaTTeRGeR Jul 31 2013, 8:34am replied:

thx :)

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VaTTeRGeR Jul 16 2013, 6:22am replied:

ich mags überhaupt nicht, irgendwie komme ich mit den tools nicht schnell genug vorwärts, deswegen wird in c4d nur geriggt und gerendert fürs erste :D wobei c4d schon einige nützliche mesh funktionen hat.

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VaTTeRGeR Jul 13 2013, 4:57am replied:

Die machen Internetseiten und Apps hauptsächlich, davon verstehe ich aber nichts :D Deshalb gehts ans modellieren.
Sind echt nette Leute da, ist aber nur ein Schulpraktikum.
Und schön das du vorbei schaust ;) Was ist eig. mit dein profil los, da kann ich nichts mehr sehen?
Btw. die Klammern sind mit Blender gemacht, sind auch im Grunde das schönste am ganzen model :DDD

+2 votes   media: Magnifying glass
VaTTeRGeR Jun 29 2013, 9:26am says:

awesome, but do you expect the sdk-update to come out in a week or a week of valve time? :D

+3 votes   news: Zombie Master 2 - Progress Report - June 2013
VaTTeRGeR Jun 24 2013, 2:31pm says:

love it, dat gameplay :D , just needs polishing, like new static models and map-overhauling

+1 vote   download: *OUTDATED* Double Action - Omega Release (6/14/13)
VaTTeRGeR May 28 2013, 3:45am says:

thx for your add!

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