hi, i'm VaTTeRGeR, currently mapping and modelling for the source-engine and MoW.

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Mod review

A nice storyline with lots of cinematic moments, a great first level and always true to the HL2 way of level design.
On top of that good gameplay, awesome atmosphere and many small easter eggs and details.
It's a little rough around the edges sometimes, but no wonder considering how much of the masterly crafted content there is.



Mod review

Wow, this is really worth playing if you haven't!
This mod captures the essence of Hl2 in just 15MByte and cranks it up a notch with awesome map design and the feeling of an interactive and well planned environment, that not only looks and feels convincing but also works with vertical movement for a change.

Only thing i can really bitch about are 2 badly lit pipe props and a hesitant ladder that worked only after the 10th try, everything else makes more of an HL2:EP3 impression...

Just awesome!


S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Shadow of Chernobyl

Game review

cheeki breeki


Uncertainty Principle

Mod review

A well made mod giving you the typical hl2 feeling but with a tad bit more freedom, great map-design except for some small flaws and a higher difficulty. The battles consist of masses of combine soldiers, so yeah, nothing very spectacular there, but i'd strongly recommend it anyway! OJJ0874 said it all!


Brutal Doom

Mod review

rip and tear hellspawn and zombies apart and splatter it all over the floor, ceiling and walls. You won't want to play doom without it anymore, this is what it should've been from the beginning.
The people behind this have done an awesome job!
Edit@2016: this is what the new doom should have been gameplay wise + better graphics, would have been a kickass game.


JR Life

Game review

why is there no 0/10?
raping the source engine isn't nice, m'kay?
taking stuff from garrysmod isn't nice too, m'kay?
... and also you can get gmod 9 for free :D


Black Mesa

Mod review

Lambda Wars

Mod review


Mod review

I liked the story and the work put into this massive, you should definitely play this and i would be glad to see it getting continued!
The melee combat was disgustingly jumpy and bugged though, it made me freak out. The same goes for the ironsights, it may be intended or not, but aiming is a pain in the ***.



Game review - 2 agree

This game has a lot of potential but it doesn't live up to what it could be.
The Engine supports large campaign-style maps with awesome ai [the zombies are already better than anything i have seen in a source game so far] and story and stuff...
but the currently included maps are boring and repetitive even when playing with a friend, the missions are pressing buttons or finding something and opening a door, then escape; the hunted mode was fun for some time but it got boring after some time, just like the objective mode.

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