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Laxius Force II

Game review

Killing Floor

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As far as cooperative horde-mode games go, this game is the apex of the FPS food chain. There's plenty of room for this game to improve balance-wise. However, over the years since the release of the game, a lot of content has been added to the game that made the experience even more richer.

As of the time of writing, the game has 61 guns to play with across 7 perk classes, 26 maps included where you can blast 10 different types of mindless mutants, each with their distinct characteristics. There are at least 5 difficulty levels to play on, Beginners for people who never played a shooter before, Normal for the greenhorns, Hard for the veterans, Suicidal for masters, and Hell on Earth for masochists.

If that is not enough to tantalize you, there is a massive library of at least 100 extra creative maps from the modding community that can be readily downloaded from servers that run them, and plenty of mods that add extra monster types, perk classes and weapons. Go get it, now!


Super Panda Adventures

Game review may contain spoilers

Don't let the graphics deceive you, it is an intentional design decision that makes the game look like a children's crayon colouring book.

Beneath the surface is a surprisingly deep action platformer adventure game with lots to explore. It has a level-up system that lets you customize your hero as the game progresses. You can power up in any combination of defensive abilities, magical abilities and offensive abilities, encouraging multiple playthroughs and playstyles.

The only issue I have with this game that I have is that I wished that the second character that was cut out was actually unlockable, it would have added even more replay value. It's really not too late to release a patch to add her in IMO. Go buy this game!


Laxius Force

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This game starts off horribly sounding like the erotic fan fiction of a sexually-depraved fantasy neckbeard, the frequent typos and awful artwork did nothing to help this. The RPG combat is fairly generic and is nothing to write home about.

I am amazed that the author had the balls to ask for money for this shameful display, even more so that there are people unironically willing to pay for this.

If you're looking for a serious RPG experience, stay faar faaaaaaar away from this dog turd. This RPG is only enjoyable after a lot of beers and the mindset of riffing and ridiculing the awful story.


Day One : Garry's Incident

Game review - 3 agree

Poorly-optimized bug-ridden garbage. This game is even worse than Rise to Hell : Retribution. Stay the **** away from this game.


After the Fall

Mod review

This level pack has potential. However, the amount of filler levels, glitches in level design and enemy placement, and inescapable traps prevented this mod from truly reaching it.


Abyss of Pandemonium

Mod review

This mission pack has a rough start with a tricky first level, but once you get past the first level, the challenge seems to balance itself out and provide some entertaining levels. I also like the inclusion of new weapons and enemy types, it keeps things fresh.


Gatling Gears

Game review

This game contains SecuROM with a 5-Machine activation limit. Avoid it at all costs.


Serious Violence

Mod review may contain spoilers

One of the best gameplay modifications ever made. Considering that Serious Sam already offers insanely massive encounters. This mod turns the insanity up to 11 and multiplies the enemy count by at least 4 times, adds new enemy encounters, new enemy types, including the Chaingun Biomech and the Zorg Cannoneer, extra power ups, and adds extra features like the medikit and enemy infighting and beefs up your arsenal to new insane heights.


Serious Sam Double D

Game review
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