Hi, I'm Hayden, but you can call me Tritnew or Trit. Basically I make music (mostly ambient), write music, and I usually hangout online with friends, I mostly chat with my BF tho. :V
I wanted to also point out that I'm Transfemale, so I'm sorry If that's out of place or out of nowhere, but I wanted to point out WHY my Gender Is set to Female.
Anyways, I'm a big fan of the FPS genre, mostly DOOM, Duke Nukem, Quake and Wolfenstein, the bigger named ones, but It's mostly classic FPS games. I also love Nintendo games and the EarthBound series, and Mario. I used to be a Sonic fan, but not anymore.

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I'm gonna be making a Team Deathmatch map that's similar to the new DOOM's style of everything.

If anyone wants to help, feel free to help! I'll need some help with fog and such, feel free to just post It.

But If you want the file, I'll send It.

So, I'm New

So, I'm New

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