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TiberiousKirk Jun 6 2015, 11:41pm says:

They are probably made for the use of different transport companies planet side. Look at how many different colors semis are. They probably will be distributed upon the transport's landing for local deliveries.

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TiberiousKirk May 18 2015, 10:48pm says:

So are you moving to the openRA engine then?

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TiberiousKirk Apr 22 2015, 10:19pm says:

It is a great idea. I would like to see more ways of countering the weapons or their effects. For example a way to clean the Alpha red, vong spore, and poison bomb and thaw a frozen planet so that the planets return to their base stats. Otherwise, I think we may see a superweapon overuse unbalancing the game or making more or less useless the GC planets and map.

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TiberiousKirk Mar 26 2015, 9:47pm says:

Will this work on the original retail versions or does it have to be the HD version?

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TiberiousKirk Nov 2 2014, 10:24am replied:

Also, I don't want to sound like I'm complaining, but will we ever see a single player campaign again?

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TiberiousKirk Nov 2 2014, 9:49am says:

Does it still require the texture fix?

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TiberiousKirk Sep 18 2014, 9:58pm says:

I like this transport effect better than the last one, but is there a way to reduce the area of the effect to include only the area immediately surrounding the vehicles?

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TiberiousKirk Sep 18 2014, 9:55pm says:

1 or 2 in my opinion look the best. 3 is a close runner up.

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TiberiousKirk May 15 2014, 8:49am says:

Oh, people, There are plenty of games that have had their multi-player services cut in the past. If the community is strong enough there will be a program that acts as a connector. It has been done with C&C Red alert 2, and C&C Tiberian Sun, and even some games that had no multi-player features to begin with. Just because the official server is coming down, does not mean multi-player will die. It will just be up to an inventive person to make EA look bad by providing a freeware program that does the same thing.

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TiberiousKirk May 12 2014, 8:40am says:

Except the the Federation is a republic not a democracy. If it were a democracy all citizens' votes would be tallied on every issue. What we see and hear is that citizens elect a council that make decisions. Good grief, Klingons, know your government types.

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TiberiousKirk May 9 2014, 7:33pm says:

I love the night shots. Is there a way to put lamps on the ships? They seem a bit dark.

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TiberiousKirk Apr 25 2014, 8:13pm replied:

But don't they say that breen is actually temperate in climate

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TiberiousKirk Apr 24 2014, 5:07pm says:

Weren't there going to be French forces too? This is a great mod as is, but I would like to see more sides added too.

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TiberiousKirk Mar 29 2014, 10:31pm says:

Not, how it really happened of course, but an interesting design for a game. It kind of reminds me of Age of Rifles.

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TiberiousKirk Feb 12 2014, 5:35pm replied:

Thank you for your reply. I'm still not sure about number 7. Your number 3 explanation makes sense. I appreciate the clarification. I don't think referencing TOS is outdated though as the tech for all series, except JJ Abrams movies, are based on TOS; yes, the time at which Excalibur takes place the TOS tech itself may be dated, but the idea behind the tech still applies with some exceptions (ie: Dilithium recrystallization).

I still don't think point 11 makes too much sense though. Will the inertial dampeners and structural integrity fields handle turning a ship at warp? Despite the nav-deflector field, which is not the the issue I meant to address (sorry for the confusion), and only a degree of turn, the energy requirements would be large. I think it would be more likely that the either the ship would mostly survive with the crew being smears on the wall or the ship would crack like an egg. Imagine traveling down a highway at 120 miles per hour (193 kph) and then attempting to turn. Even at small increments you'll feel the stress of the turn as pressure or a sudden lurch. Since warp speed is an exponential measurement, it would be hard for me to imaging a ship capable of making even a one degree turn at 186,000 ^9 mile per second (300,000^9 kps).

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TiberiousKirk Feb 12 2014, 5:10pm replied:

In the Next Generation, they already have torpedoes that travel at warp. Why would you need to take your ship to warp and have a huge energy signature aimed at the target. A few warp torpedoes would be less likely to attract attention. Unless you like the idea of over-kill or your target seeing you coming.

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TiberiousKirk Feb 9 2014, 3:28pm replied:

A ship is limited to one direction of travel in warp and must drop out of warp for at least 3-4 seconds to calculate a new course, according to cannon. So you are right. That is why most starships when they come under attack at warp drop to sublight speed, because they are then capable of maneuvers. Maneuverability of a starship at warp is like a brick flying through the air.

You might be able to strafe drop out of warp. then come about and warp again, but it would not be worth it, I think.

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TiberiousKirk Feb 9 2014, 3:20pm replied:

There is limited in-warp combat in Star Trek, though it is seldom shown as an exterior scene. Before Into Darkness, we see it in Nemesis (The Scimitar disabled the Enterprises warp drive while at warp)and there are many point in Deep Space Nine where Dominion ships attack a shuttle or the Defiant at warp.

That is the easiest and most traditional way to code a warp jump, but I agree with the developers that the warp drive should be more accessible in more situations. The tunnel would limit the creativity for a player to solve certain problems. The Picard maneuver would be very hard to pull off if warp was an isolated tunnel. Also, it would be nice to have to drop out of warp if you came under attack.

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TiberiousKirk Feb 9 2014, 3:10pm says:

This is an exciting development that should help make this an amazing game. I did have a few thoughts about the warp "rules" though

I don't remember warp rule 7; could I have a reference for that one.

Also, number 3 only happened when ships were going at more than the recommended cruising speed for long distances. the Enterprise NCC-1701, for instance, could travel at warp 8 in an emergency, but routinely only
went at warp 6. Warp Six worked for extended periods provided there was
enough dilithium (lithium in season one TOS) to focus the reactor.

Lastly, number 11 is simply flat wrong according to Tom Paris on Voyager. He stated in one episode that the first thing they taught pilots at the academy was, "When faster than light, no left, no right". There is probably conflicts in the cannon, but Paris seems very certain about this, and he is acclaimed to be one of the best helmsmen.

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TiberiousKirk Feb 8 2014, 11:37am says:

Personally, I would prefer a mod that rewrites or adds to the single player. I don't play multiplayer often and would rather enjoy a deep and rich story line.

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TiberiousKirk Jan 29 2014, 3:02pm replied:

I always attributed that as an effect of the Tiberium poisoning, impairing the vocal chords.

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TiberiousKirk Jan 29 2014, 2:59pm replied:

That depends, is it snarling,arching its back, pinning its ears, and the size of a horse? I think that could inspire fear.

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TiberiousKirk Jan 29 2014, 1:18pm says:

I always pictured the fiend more wolf or dog like, personally :/

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TiberiousKirk Jan 20 2014, 10:52am says:

personally, I would eventually like to see the regions and plot-lines of all the generations available. Though I have a feeling size of the file would be difficult.

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TiberiousKirk Dec 25 2013, 5:21pm replied:

Well, I have tried placing it in various combinations both in the mod folder of the root directory and the mod folder of the document directory. Something just isn't working right; I don't know what else to do but wait for a installer for a 32-bit.

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TiberiousKirk Dec 24 2013, 9:56pm replied:

I've got the mod to load now, but it does not display tamriel. All characters and places are still European.

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TiberiousKirk Dec 23 2013, 8:11pm replied:

the video file with .mod? it is sitting right next to the elderkings folder

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TiberiousKirk Dec 18 2013, 1:26pm says:

I cannot seem to get it to enter the available mods drop down list. Is there something I'm missing. I followed all instructions to the letter, including the documents mod folder.

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TiberiousKirk Dec 17 2013, 12:11pm says:

If voyager had met Romulans in the show. t would have looked exactly like this, except the different registry, of course. It is a film quality picture.

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TiberiousKirk Oct 23 2013, 6:14pm replied:

My error comes when unpacking the zip. It gives the names of most of the files in the archive as having an unknown method. What does extract gives a not a valid win32 application.

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