Aguante Latinoamérica y los mongoles

RSS feed Calradia 1050 A.D.: Mercenary Uprising
7 Review

Mod Review on Oct 20th, 2015 - 2 people agree

Good idea for the mod, i see where you're aiming to. I'm liking it so far, and i'm eager to see what the future will bring.

9 Review

Mod Review on Aug 29th, 2015

If you like Prophesy of Pendor you'll like this. It includes a lot of fighting between minor ''knightly orders'', quests mixed with the good old M&B sandbox, special items, you carry your sons in war with you like a responsable father and you can kill people with a pickaxe.
The dialogs needs to be polished, but the labor of the modder needs to be recognized because is clear that english is not his mother language.
This mod is in the right path and it's still being actively developed by his creator, and in the future i'm sure i'll take the place of PoP!
Also, as a last thing, i want to recognize the kindness of the creator of the mod as he always patiently answers every little question in the mod's page to everyone who has any question, that's very nice of him.

Blood in The West
8 Review

Mod Review on Aug 17th, 2015

I'm having so much fun with this mod, it's like an arcade version of The Last Days of the Third Age :) Anyway please keep developing it, you're doing an excellent work so far!

Fires of War: A Greco-Persian war mod
8 Review

Mod Review on Jul 25th, 2015

No review provided

Floris Mod Pack
8 Review

Mod Review on Jul 15th, 2015

No review provided

Rage of Dark Gods: Total War. (Warhammer FB)
9 Review

Mod Review on Apr 9th, 2015 - 1 person agrees

It's not a 10 because of the download issue, besides that obvious problem the mod is simply amazing and very very fun (and very hard too) :) Really waiting to see what else will it offer in the future!

Divide and Conquer
10 Review

Mod Review on Mar 24th, 2015

This is the best improvement for TATW so far. When you explore the mod you realize how much effort it took to acomplish what is now. And the best thing is that it's not finished yet. The best mod for M2TW i've played.

Csatádi's Visual and Historical Mod
9 Review

Mod Review on Mar 15th, 2015

No review provided

The Elder Scrolls: Total War
8 Review

Mod Review on Mar 5th, 2015

No review provided

Phantasy Calradia
9 Review

Mod Review on Jan 15th, 2015

No review provided

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