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Thorvaldo Oct 20 2014, 4:08pm replied:

You'll be a Raptor pilot, a Crusader driver or a Marine? :P Remember to avoid the Dragon Tanks. Ok i need to stop playing this game haha

+7 votes     mod: Rise of the Reds
Thorvaldo Oct 12 2014, 3:30am replied:

Omg, the mod will be absolutely insane! He is the best AoE II units designer that i ever seen, and having you as his historical guider and adviser, it's just like a clash of titans haha The mod it's just getting better and better, congratulations :D

+2 votes     media: The Lateran Palace
Thorvaldo Oct 11 2014, 4:30pm says:

Have you changed the skin of the originals AoE II pikemen units? 'cause they look awesome now!

+1 vote     media: The Lateran Palace
Thorvaldo Oct 8 2014, 11:15am says:

Actually i've never been able to play this mod, because i couldn't install it properly haha I hope that this new release will help me (and all the other noob guys who don't know also how to install it :P) in playing it successfully.

+3 votes     article: NE 2.1.6 coming this week!
Thorvaldo Oct 6 2014, 6:04pm replied:

what does it update?

+1 vote     mod: Floris Mod Pack
Thorvaldo Oct 4 2014, 7:03pm says:

Nice work! thank you Happerstech

+2 votes     media: Age of Chivalry: Hegemony map
Thorvaldo Sep 9 2014, 10:19am says:

i would like to see a chaos dwarfs faction! they're already pretty cool, but an independent faction instead of be only mercenaries would be awesome, and OP! haha :P

+1 vote     media: Marriage Of True Minds
Thorvaldo Aug 22 2014, 10:53am says:

I think i'll going to cry, it's so beatiful!

+3 votes     media: The Europa Barbarorum II Campaign Map
Thorvaldo Aug 21 2014, 8:49pm says:

You are putting a lot of effort on the baktrians, i would like to use them as a result of that.

+2 votes     media: Baktrian Assassin unit card
Thorvaldo Aug 20 2014, 8:14pm replied:

oh that's great! It's strange cause i was not notified even ''tracking'' your mod as i've always done. However thank you very much and i will be enjoying this update then! :D

+1 vote     mod: Age of Chivalry: Hegemony
Thorvaldo Aug 19 2014, 3:21pm says:

The current version of the game just updated, or i am imagining things?

+1 vote     mod: Age of Chivalry: Hegemony
Thorvaldo Aug 18 2014, 1:50pm says:

I'll say...yay! But why the black lines in the rhodok flag? why it's not all green instead? I like the Khergit one, but reminds me the national flag from Costa Rica haha

+1 vote     media: Faction Banners Re-Done
Thorvaldo Aug 13 2014, 5:38pm says:

it will be a pain to take those walls!

+2 votes     article: Settlement Mini Preview
Thorvaldo Aug 13 2014, 5:25pm says:

''hold 199 regions''?? OMG that's extreme! :P

+1 vote     media: EBII Images
Thorvaldo Aug 13 2014, 5:22pm says:

i like that stockade behind the units cards, it feels very barbarian haha

+4 votes     media: Sweboz Campaign
Thorvaldo Aug 12 2014, 11:11pm says:

Very nice regiment!

+1 vote     media: Deaths Head Infantry
Thorvaldo Aug 12 2014, 11:05pm says:

I love the Latin voices! Very good work guys!

+4 votes     media: Small Romani preview
Thorvaldo Aug 3 2014, 1:39am says:

YES!! Thank you so much! I wanna hug you, but i doubt than mi arms can reach you all the way from argentina to where you are! For the khanate!

+3 votes     download: The Red Wars, Calradia 1923 1.5 Beta Version
Thorvaldo Jul 31 2014, 5:05pm says:

i like that ''tolkien'' touch there

+4 votes     media: Map (Scene Prop)
Thorvaldo Jul 31 2014, 3:24am says:

very nice!

+1 vote     media: Imjin War
Thorvaldo Jul 30 2014, 12:19am says:

Vaegir dictator: ''my wife takes carre of my office and of torrturre the swadian prrisionerrs while i am at the superrmarrcket''

+4 votes     media: The Steel Man's new office
Thorvaldo Jul 27 2014, 2:28pm says:

C'mon lads, let's shoot som' swadians bastards

+13 votes     media: Balionic Machine Gunner
Thorvaldo Jul 25 2014, 2:07am says:


+5 votes     media: Swadian Combat Armour
Thorvaldo Jul 11 2014, 1:27pm says:

so this guys are the yankees?

+5 votes     media: Balion Stuff
Thorvaldo Jul 7 2014, 2:24am replied:

i crash in the scene of iron rock and skavenblight, every time

+1 vote     mod: Warsword Conquest
Thorvaldo Jul 7 2014, 2:20am replied:

yeah those swadian grenadiers bastards have been trowing grenades at me, even standing under my own banner... shame on them! They have been betraying me, tomorrow i will order their immediate execution haha :P

+1 vote     mod: Calradia: Imperial Age
Thorvaldo Jul 6 2014, 1:52am says:

Oh my god i'm very frustrated with the granades in this mod haha they just explode in my hands when i have a direct hit in the enemy, or randomly, i don't know, but i'm just exploding all the time for no reason :P For example, today i was charging with my men in a plain map and i was aiming with my rifle at the enemy (wich was very far away) and suddenly i litteraly explode in a smoke cloud and the kill count said something like ''Player felt unconscious'', and that has been happening from the beginning. My own grenadiers are betraying me or what?

+1 vote     mod: Calradia: Imperial Age
Thorvaldo Jul 6 2014, 1:41am replied:

Nevermind, i reached level 5 in looting and suddenly after a skirmish with the khergits a national khergit flag appeared in the loot list :P

+1 vote     mod: Calradia: Imperial Age
Thorvaldo Jul 1 2014, 11:01am says:

how can i keep the enemy's flags after the battle is over? i've already tried by picking it up when i win the battle but after the casualties screen i don't have it any more.

+1 vote     mod: Calradia: Imperial Age
Thorvaldo Jun 30 2014, 5:24pm says:

The new version is great! i've found no major bugs so far, except that the formations are missing haha loving it, keep it up!

+1 vote     mod: Calradia: Imperial Age
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