Aguante Latinoamérica y los mongoles

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Thorvaldo Mar 24 2015, 6:19pm says:

Omg the first time a saw the comments section before i downloaded the mod, i thought that this mod was unplayable. I thought it was unplayable because everyone was complaining about crashes due to the patches and ****. But when i installed the Mod (this wonderful mod i must say) i followed what should be called the most simple instructions ever included in the main Full Public Beta download and the mod worked wonderfully. So guys please read the instructions very well and make sure you are doing things right because the mod is fully playable and very fun. Thanks for your work, developers.

+4 votes   mod: Divide and Conquer
Thorvaldo Mar 24 2015, 6:08pm says:

Holy **** so many comments.... you guys are very famous! haha good luck in the release! :D

+1 vote   article: Edain 4.0 Demo Will Be Released On Saturday, March 28th!
Thorvaldo Mar 24 2015, 1:41am replied:

That will hurt in the morning D:

+1 vote   mod: Brutal Half-Life
Thorvaldo Mar 17 2015, 1:29pm says:

I've downloaded the 3.1 version of the mod posted in the official Taleworlds forum of Gekokujo, and the thing is that the sieges are completely broken, the door system doesn't work at all, my troops and i get stuck in a invisible wall and the doors are open wide, but you can't get past the invisible wall, and if you swing you can't break anything, and that happens with the enemy as well: I successfully defended Mito just by shooting the bugged troops of my enemy stuck in the first invisible wall. Does anyone have this same problem or i've just ****** up something? :/

+2 votes   mod: Gekokujo
Thorvaldo Mar 15 2015, 6:35pm says:

This mod would be perfect with all of those new armors in the image gallery included and also with Battle Continuation enabled, because is very easy to get shot in this game and if you get k.o. the battle is over, and that's is pretty annoying :P

+1 vote   mod: Csatádi's Visual and Historical Mod
Thorvaldo Mar 12 2015, 1:27pm replied:

Según recuerdo los altos elfos los habían conquistado, dispersado y matado a la mayoría jaja

+1 vote   mod: The Elder Scrolls: Total War
Thorvaldo Mar 9 2015, 11:19am replied:

Es normal. Todavía el parche con la traducción completa no salió, lo están haciendo unos fans según leí en los comentarios, y capaz que esta semana lo sacan :O

+2 votes   mod: The Elder Scrolls: Total War
Thorvaldo Mar 7 2015, 4:07pm says:

Please in the next release put'em in the land instead of the middle of the ocean, it's no fun to fight those minotaurs in a ship battle :P

+5 votes   media: New Beastman
Thorvaldo Mar 5 2015, 12:00am replied:

You should speak with the developers! maybe they need a helping hand with the future english version of the mod :D

+2 votes   mod: The Elder Scrolls: Total War
Thorvaldo Mar 3 2015, 8:58pm says:

Hello! When will be ready the MEGA link? because you said ''today'' but there's no news yet :/

+1 vote   mod: The Elder Scrolls: Total War
Thorvaldo Mar 3 2015, 12:44pm replied:

What happend with the Mega link? :/

+3 votes   mod: The Elder Scrolls: Total War
Thorvaldo Mar 2 2015, 11:04am replied:

A man has his priorities.

+1 vote   mod: The Elder Scrolls: Total War
Thorvaldo Mar 2 2015, 11:00am replied:

Me causa gracia como el tipo escribió todo el comentario en inglés y venís vos y le respondés así en español jaja

+1 vote   mod: Wars of Liberty
Thorvaldo Mar 1 2015, 3:16pm says:

You just reached the first place in the moddb popularity ranking. Amazing job

+4 votes   mod: The Elder Scrolls: Total War
Thorvaldo Feb 27 2015, 8:05pm replied:

And the best vodka

+1 vote   article: TES TW: Prerelease Information
Thorvaldo Feb 26 2015, 11:27pm replied:

If you don't want nobody but the creator to reply you, then just pm him. Because if you put your comment in this section, you are vulnerable to the replies of samurai movies viewers and ignorant people like myself, and everyone else here :)
And speaking of movies, i remember a scene from the movie ''47 Ronin'' with Keanu Reeves, in which the ronin were attacking the castle of the bad guys and the bodyguards of the evil lord used some kind of square shield to protect him against the arrows of the ronin. And i don't understand your aficion to Horns, maybe you had a bad experience with your girlfriend in the past? :P hahaha

-1 votes   mod: Gekokujo
Thorvaldo Feb 25 2015, 6:40pm replied:

Why would the Samurai fight in a shield formation? they don't even have shields!
And the Katanas doesn't break, they are made of the finest steel.
I doubt that the Samurai would sound their horns (i don't think they even have horns)
And those are features from brytenwalda, if you like them, go and play brytenwalda instead.

+1 vote   mod: Gekokujo
Thorvaldo Feb 23 2015, 11:28pm says:

it's nice to see that the mod is rising again! I can't think of adding new civs right now, because the current ones are pretty much it. They have a huge variety of gameplay already included and they're very originals. I was thinking of maybe adding a nomadic asian civilization. Like Mongolians or Tartarians, those who fought against the zarist russia and still having a khanate even in the 19 century. But they would be very similar (in matter of gameplay) to other cavalry-based civilizations, like argentinians, or even the ethiopians. If you want even more variety, yeah sure, they are a good choice, but if you are looking for more gameplay variety then i don't know what else to offer haha

+2 votes   article: Update and New Civilization Information
Thorvaldo Feb 22 2015, 11:00pm replied:

oh ok i didn't read that part in the description hahaha Thanks

+1 vote   article: The Road to Edain 4.0: Dale
Thorvaldo Feb 22 2015, 12:03pm says:

Does have that structure any pasive defense system, like archer towers or something? Or it is completely vulnerable?

+1 vote   article: The Road to Edain 4.0: Dale
Thorvaldo Feb 22 2015, 11:55am replied:

It's a language issue. I had it too. You need to have an english version of M&B :) It's pretty easy to find, and emm yeah emm ''buy it'' cof cof

+1 vote   mod: Gekokujo
Thorvaldo Feb 20 2015, 11:59am says:

They look very ''vaegir''. If you have played m&b warband then you will agree with me haha :P

+3 votes   media: Soldiers of Dale
Thorvaldo Feb 19 2015, 10:53am says:

people tends to forget that this is a strategy game, not a role playing one...

+3 votes   media: Imladris-Knights
Thorvaldo Feb 13 2015, 2:14pm says:

''While i'm emperor and i'm chilling out in skyrim why not take a ride in my ship? It's so good to be an emperor'' *Then the dark brotherhood Dragonborn enters the cabin* ''Oh ****!''

+8 votes   media: Would be nice
Thorvaldo Feb 11 2015, 1:31pm says:

I'm the only one who can't play the mod cause of the amount of lag in large battles? That's due to the armors detail? i've tried a custom battle between the stormclocks and the empire with 100 men in both sides and it was unplayable :/

+2 votes   mod: Skyrim: Civil War
Thorvaldo Feb 3 2015, 3:22pm replied:

i have a friend that may like you, he's called marihuana hahaha

+2 votes   mod: Gekokujo
Thorvaldo Jan 29 2015, 8:47pm says:

The Royal Guard can dismount and mount their horses?

+2 votes   media: Introducing Gamling and the Royal Guard
Thorvaldo Jan 29 2015, 2:27pm says:

Omg i'm really excited! This is my favourite mod, and i hope that the moral issue is fixed in the next patch! And congratulations for your mention in that important page, you deserve it :D

+1 vote   article: Mention and 3.1 Patch Progress
Thorvaldo Jan 18 2015, 1:51am says:

Cyrodil looks amazing! Good work guys i can't wait for it! :D

+1 vote   article: The Elder Scrolls TW: Main Trailer
Thorvaldo Jan 14 2015, 9:24pm says:

Any news about a new version?

+1 vote   mod: Phantasy Calradia
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