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My fav mods of all time!

4 months ago by Thorvaldo 0 comments Report

Hello there! I think i'm in conditions to make a top 10 of my personal fav mods of all time. By doing this ranking i'm not saying that one mod is better than the other, it's just a way to have an order in my mind :P In order to do this, i've followed quite a few conditions, including: Gameplay changes (in comparison with the vanilla game), Performance during the game (it's estable? it crashes sometimes?), Originality, Work put in to the mod, and a long etc. So without further ado, here they are:

10 - Brytenwalda mod for M&B: Warband

9 - Floris Mod pack for M&B: Warband

8 - Napoleonic Era mod for Age of Empires III

7 - Divide and Conquer Sub-mod for TATW (i know it's a sub-mod, but it's even more complex than the actual TATW)

6 - Prophesy of Pendor mod for M&B: Warband

5 - Age of Chivalry: Hegemony mod for Age of Empires II

4 - Roma Surrectum II mod for RTW-

3 - Stainless Steel mod for M2TW (it's not in moddb, but you can find it in the Total war center)

2 - Brutal Doom for the classic Doom series

The first one is a bit polemic even for me, because i love it and sometimes i hate it, but it has a very special place in my gamer heart, and it is:

1 - Gekokujo mod for M&B: Warband.

I know there are a lot of mods that are greater than Gekokujo, but as i've stated in the first paragraph of the blog, this are my own personal favorites, i'm not saying that Stainless steel is better than DaC .

If you would like to add a mod to the list then feel free to comment, maybe we could stretch it even more :)

Regards, Thorvaldo

Hi, sorry for my bad eng... SHUT UP!

5 months ago by Thorvaldo 1 comment Report

I'm the only one who hates when people says ''Hello, your mod is good (sorry for my bad english)''?? C'mon man! Nobody is expecting of you an excellent foreign language performance. In fact, there are native english speakers, as in every man-made language, who speak that language worse than you. So don't be afraid to mess up your reputation in front of yankees or english people, just give your best and don't be sorry :P
P.D: Oh, and before i forget, please, for your own good in the process of learning another language, be english or any other, limit to minimum the use of the google translator, it will help you some times, like correcting orthography issues, but for the rest of the time it will be a double edged sword, be aware :)

A little about myself

7 months ago by Thorvaldo 0 comments Report

I like strategy games such as the total war series, and bfme II, but my absolute favourite is, and will always be, age of empires II (i like aoe III quite a bit too, but no way near aoe II). I also love the mods for M&B Warband, especially Gekokujo and Prophesy of Pendor. I know a LOT of mods for M&B, and i mean a LOT hahaha What else... oh and i am a history student (i love ancient and medieval history) and a huge fan of the Mongols, in fact, i want to go to Mongolia and live there :P Right now i'm waiting for The Elder Scrolls: Total war to be released (soon i hope :P) and later on i wanna play the Edain mod for Bfme II. And i'm also excited for the new patch for Gekokujo (in fact i've promised to myself that i would not touch M&B Warband until that patch is released haha). Regards, Thorvaldo.

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