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Lair of the Evildoer

Game review - 3 agree

While it is nothing super innovatie it is a fun game. However with all the other options available I would have liked to have seen this done up in something that did not remind me of the fistful of no name Flash games I have already played in my browser.

I do like the RPG elements and the campyness of the story. I can sit and play a level or two of this as a break from a more in-depth game that I have become frustrated with.


DLC Quest

Game review

There is not one thing about this game I do not like. The way it picks fun at today's Gaming Industry and the horror that is DLC is probably one of the best "protests" I have seen in awhile.

The game is simple and a great way to entertain yourself and pass a few moments out of your day.


Nuclear Dawn

Game review

I love FPS/RTS hybrids. This game has it all. The requirements for teamplay and for the Commander to be a constant active part of the battlefield is awesome. Another great part of the game is the community. Instead of veteran players bashing on lower level players, everyone (at least on all the servers I have been on) goes out of their way to help you and give you tips. Especially when you are learning to be the commander. Being the commander is unforgiving and is pivotal. A bad commander will certainly cause the loss of a mission. My first few times as a commander I totally screwed over my own team, but no one got mad. Instead I received tips and thanks for trying when no one else volunteered.



Game review - 2 agree

Hybrid Tower Defense First Person Shooter that hits all the awesome parts of both worlds. Just like in a Tower Defense game you can upgrade your tower and you earn new towers along the way. You can always plan multiple paths for the enemies to follow. As with a FPS you have a good selection of weapons and you can upgrade them as well.

I love the fact that it allows the player to choose the amount of TD or FPS emphasis they will choose while playing. For example if you want more FPS, dump more upgrade points into your weapons. If you want for TD you obviously focus on your towers.

I will say though that focusing on your Towers will make the game easier, while focusing on your weapons adds a good bit of difficulty. I personally focus on both and Rock heavy hitting versus DPS.


World of Goo

Game review

Hand's down my personal favorite in Physic's Puzzle games. It realy makes you think and you can even get a rudimentary idea of how structural integrity works.


Renegade X

Game review - 1 agree - 2 disagree

I always loved the hell out of Renegade and was sad to see it not get the attention I felt it deserved. After playing Renegade X I was very pleased to see alot of the classic elements still intact with several nice additions. I really can't wait for the Multiplayer to be released, it is has always been my favorite part. It was one of the first FPS/RTS hybrids I ever played. It has fueled my love for these hybrids. It led me to play Natural Selection and Nuclear Dawn to name a few.

I highly recommend this game to anyone who loves the C&C universe and FPS games. When the Multiplayer is released it will be on the top of my Currently Playing list.



Game review

Old simple DOS classics. Great for passing time when you just want something simple, but still with enough difficulty to make you feel like you acheived something when you finish it. Abuse was always one of my favorites and still to this day entertains me and keeps me coming back for more.


Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory

Game review

From the day this has come out this is always in my LAN Party Lineup.


Project Zomboid

Early access game review

I am a big fan of Zombie Survival games. Project Zomboid is an excellent foray into this field. I am very excited about this game, as even in its current Alpha build status it has me throughly engrossed. I look forward to more recipies and more RPG aspects to come.

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