The evil Dr. Odious has you trapped high in his lair. He's also not very fond of you. Make your escape by battling through hundreds of monsters, collecting over 25 weapons and leveling up as you go. Procedurally generated levels will keep you on your toes in this action RPG shooter! Features: - 20 levels procedurally generated by pure evil, ensuring unique experiences every playthrough - Over 30 types of enemies, also generated by evil - 25 weapons, with dozens of variations - Weapon affix system to keep you hunting for the best loot - Stat-based leveling system, so you can escape the lair the way you want to

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While it is nothing super innovatie it is a fun game. However with all the other options available I would have liked to have seen this done up in something that did not remind me of the fistful of no name Flash games I have already played in my browser.

I do like the RPG elements and the campyness of the story. I can sit and play a level or two of this as a break from a more in-depth game that I have become frustrated with.

This is exactly the type of game I was looking for an indie title to deliver. I want a casual game, but I want a casual game for someone with video game experience. It has elements real gamers have grown use to, with only the basic explanation we need (i.e. leveling up, weapon types). It is a great game to relax to that isnt a stupid easy game for phone gamers. I would have rated this game an 8/10, but the controller support adds another point. This is the game I need when I'm too tired to play a complicated triple A title, but dont want something boring and childish. It's simple, yet it appeals to my gamer skill level too.

Same as with "DLC Quest" - not working

Fast, fun, funny action. Great pick up and play. Much better than I expected! Also loved DLC quest by the same developer.
Thanks to developer!

I am really enjoying this game. It should be an 8 out of 10, but the music sometimes is awful, hence the 7/10.

Top down shooter that borrows from Diablo? Why not! There's a bit of Binding of Isaac in there too, though I'd say that's where the game suffers. Big player character with big hit boxes and big and/or fast enemy projectiles = big frustration. Still, there's plenty of fun to be had! The game also reminds me a bit of Portal in terms of its sense of humor. I'd be curious to play the game again if the text boxes were replaced with voiceovers.

Overall it was a great experience that I picked up for pretty cheap. I was completely satisfied. There was challenge, a little bit of strategy, lots of action, and a moderately interesting story to tie the gameplay all together.

It's not a perfect game by any means though. If you are one to obsess over graphics, the game isn't very pretty and the animation is average. Meanwhile, the AI you face isn't really intelligent and easy to trap on walls. However, I found bought the art style/animation and the AI linearity to be redeeming to the experience just because of the feel they brought to the game.

The game as a whole isn't particularly serious or deep - just good fun gameplay wrapped up with a nice difficulty curve. I'd say it's definitely worth playing if you're snooping for something new.

A fun (and funny) shooter. Would've enjoyed a bit more varied enemies, levels and weapons, though.



My first contact with Lair of the Evildoer was painful, with a bug after resized the game screen resolution, where I cannot move the mouse to the bottom of the screen and preventing me from spending my points improving the character defense. I hated the bad guy, really, but in a bad way, not a good one pursued by games, the guy is VERY annoying and all he do is appear in the bottom and keep scolding me. And the computers that appear during the game are pretty useless after the first tutorial.
After the bad firsts moments I discovered a good game mechanic, solid, with plenty of weapons and enemies and randomly generated dungeons, and the fun started, perhaps a little too easy, but it is honest fun.

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