You have been locked in a prison where illegal genetic experiments have been going on. The scientist figure out how to genetically make anyone go into a rage. They call it the Abuse virus. It has gotten loose and spread through out the entire prison. You have to fight your way through all the mutated and enraged enemies and make sure this doesn't leave the prison.

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This is a great game, period. It was awesome when it came out in 1997, it is still awesome today.

Think of an sci-fi fps game with aliens, now put it into 2 dimensions - boom, you got Abuse. This is not a platformer in a traditional sense as it may seem from the screenshots, this is mainly a shooter.

The skill level is rather high compared with todays games, nevertheless it's loads of fun for a seasoned gamer.

This game is great! Considering it's free, fun, and an arcade shooter, it's probably one of my favorite games on Desura. The first couple of enemies look like the Aliens too.

Abuse is an old game I remember playing back in elementary school, and I was pleasantly surprised to see it appear on Desura. It's simple and pure run-and-gun fun!

I have to say that this game is pretty abusive. That's probably why it's called abuse. First time playing and I am loving it quite a bit!



Abuse is literally Dead Space Zero. Both CrackDotCome and EA nead to take a bow for this monstrosity of a cult classic that ANYONE can acquire.


Great Game. Love the horror and thriller design. Great difficulty very challenging and also great level design.
Hope to see more games, sure they will be great.


Such a great game. Sure it's been around for a while (and free for some time too), but the Desura client makes this so easy to install and run. What's not to like? It's free and it's awesome. Download it now!

good old classic

Love this game real classic.

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