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skullkan6 Dec 15 2014, 8:56pm replied:


+4 votes   news: No More Room in Hell MOTY & Sneak Peek
skullkan6 Dec 4 2014, 3:00pm says:

Oh god guys, please, I'm begging you here, I know I'm just once voice in a crowd here, but please do not add select fire rates. I thought the fixed fire rates for the MP5 and M4 were there for balance and to make the guns feel different. Adding a Full-Auto mode for the M4 doesn't really have a practical purpose other than wasting all of your incredibly valuable 5.56 ammo, and adding anything other than a burst mode for the MP5 just takes what was a gun you had to be REALLY careful with and turns it into a high capacity pistol.

+1 vote   mod: No More Room in Hell
skullkan6 Oct 30 2014, 3:05pm replied:

Isn't that what realism mode is for?

+8 votes   download: NMRiH: Weight & Damage v1.0
skullkan6 Oct 18 2014, 3:23pm says:

This mod is amazing, but I have two major bugs going on right now.

The first is that since a patch I think, I've had a problem where I challenge someone to a duel be it companion or king, and the instance doesn't start despite pressing tab or closing out of the current menu.

The other is that somehow I ended up with -80 with ALL women after executing a lot of people and I have no direct way of changing them all back, with my wooing tactics unable to bring them back to even zero, even my supposed sweetheart.

Any way I might be able to fix this?

+1 vote   mod: Brytenwalda
skullkan6 Jul 16 2014, 4:09pm replied:

You can say all you want about how much potential you think the mod has for more right now, what's there has been tweaked over and over year after year and that single gamemode is balanced basically perfectly now. The guns while they don't display stats you can get a good idea of how they'll feel from the look, they all feel different and different tactics and strategies can always arise. One good player on any class can save an entire team if he's doing it right and bad players can always learn.

+1 vote   news: NEOTOKYO on Steam
skullkan6 Feb 24 2014, 5:49pm says:

In the world section it states that you can:
5. -Bounty system – you can ask the tavernkeepers for wanted lists and become a famous bounty hunter!

But I'd like to know how this is possible or what gaining favor with barkeeps even means? Does this simply mean you can just do bounty missions becasue I've yet to see a wanted list.

+1 vote   mod: Brytenwalda
skullkan6 Oct 20 2013, 1:46pm says:

T:TDM Crashed and now I'm stuck with a higher brightness when not in the game. I don't know how to reset my brightness exactly beyond changing monitor settings which I know isn't the problem.

+1 vote   mod: The Dark Mod
skullkan6 Oct 17 2013, 6:39pm replied:

Actually, You're getting downvoted but you are right on that. If you've read World War Z, that's one of the reasons they lose the battle of Yonkers is because for some stupid reason, command thought it was a good idea to put gas masks on them.

+2 votes   media: National Guard (beta 1) breakdown
skullkan6 Oct 17 2013, 6:37pm replied:

I don't think the apocalypse has been going long enough for there to be bandits in NMRIH.

+1 vote   media: National Guard (beta 1) breakdown
skullkan6 Sep 22 2013, 12:20pm says:

A 17 round 9mm Pistol? Damn. That seems like it will compete with the berreta.

+3 votes   media: Glock 17
skullkan6 Aug 24 2013, 12:57pm says:

NICE! Red Orchestra 2's Scope Mechanics!

+4 votes   media: Contagion 2013 Beta Screens
skullkan6 Aug 24 2013, 12:56pm says:

This could easily be the Antithesis to No More Room in Hell, and in a good way I might add. No More Room in Hell is intentionally slow, brutal and doesn't have amazingly responsive controls.

+2 votes   media: Contagion 2013 Beta Teaser Trailer
skullkan6 Aug 17 2013, 1:00pm says:

Any idea how to make ramen in 2.9.9?

+1 vote   game: Project Zomboid
skullkan6 Aug 7 2013, 10:33am says:

God... this mod is brutal, even more so than v1.0 and I wasn't sure that was possible.

+2 votes   mod: MISERY
skullkan6 Aug 2 2013, 2:34pm says:

Okay... so selected the steam option and the installer never gave me class selection to choose between as the previous version did. WTF?!?!? I'd like to play Sniper, not Assault!

+1 vote   download: MISERY 2.1 BETA (now outdated)
skullkan6 Jul 31 2013, 7:12pm says:

So they're literally uploading it as we speak.

+1 vote   news: Development Status Report
skullkan6 Jul 1 2013, 4:42pm says:

Huh... coldblooded appears to have been removed from the zombie mode map list. Any reason for this?

+1 vote   download: Client Installer 3.8 -> 3.9 Update
skullkan6 Jun 25 2013, 7:39pm replied:

Just a question, but if the mode doesn't end when the objectives are taken, is that intentional? Because it makes sense and it makes things more frantic.

+3 votes   news: Development Update June 2013
skullkan6 Jun 15 2013, 4:17pm says:

Depends on the game-type. I generally prefer hand-made, but if the genre is right in that unpredictability helps with the experience (dungeon crawlers, certain horror titles and the game Reciever) procedural generation can do wonders.

+10 votes   poll: You prefer game levels to be
skullkan6 May 27 2013, 12:09am replied:

Try loading your Desura copy.

+1 vote   game: Project Zomboid
skullkan6 May 27 2013, 12:07am replied:

Try running it via the Desura Build and using the 64 bit option.

+3 votes   game: Project Zomboid
skullkan6 May 18 2013, 1:30pm says:

Have you fixed the problem of the zombies disappearing when there is a large number of them onscreen?

+1 vote   download: Through the Dead City - Alpha 0_0_0_4
skullkan6 Apr 25 2013, 5:13pm says:

That being said will the tech behind the AI and the optimization of it be released to the public?

+3 votes   news: The fate of Triage part 2
skullkan6 Apr 17 2013, 10:00pm buried:


Lookout guys, we have ourselves a new DayZ! Holy ****, look at that interactivity! Those graphics look damn slick, and the and the main character's design is genius.

-8 votes   game: Teddy Floppy Ear - Kayaking
skullkan6 Apr 13 2013, 3:13pm replied:

In all honest, I'm a huge fan of the mod but i'm just waiting for the next update.

+2 votes   mod: No More Room in Hell
skullkan6 Apr 5 2013, 1:43pm replied:

To put it more lightly, they get rid of the sound you hear at a distance. The only game that I think has shown this well would be ARMA 2, but the sound of gunfire is really damn loud in real life and travels far. A silencer doesn't make a gun silent, it makes the sound not travel as far.

+1 vote   download: MISERY Ver.1.0 Patch 2
skullkan6 Apr 5 2013, 1:41pm replied:

Well frankly, there's enough guns in the zone that if it doesn't work, they can still refuse to take it. If you step outside for a minute you'll see that at least everyone has a pistol and frankly if you do well, they're well maintained and worth a lot. The fact is that in an apocalypse this would be true, but this is the Zone and while thing aren't perfect outside of it, there are people still living normal lives.

+1 vote   download: MISERY Ver.1.0 Patch 2
skullkan6 Apr 5 2013, 1:39pm replied:

As i've said this before, this doesn't need to be a game feature, as anyone can easily do it to themselves if they want. It's the sort of thing that's either frustrating or not depending on the player.

+1 vote   mod: MISERY
skullkan6 Apr 5 2013, 1:38pm replied:

You can do that yourself Heelo, haven't you seen the Permadeath experiments for Far Cry 2? All a feature in the game would do is resist the temptation to re-load an old save. If YOU want, you can easily delete your saves after a death.

+3 votes   mod: MISERY
skullkan6 Apr 1 2013, 5:17pm says:

Make it so the dragons do not land an infact are smarter than the ones in Skyrim who are dumb and land.

+2 votes   media: 2nd Poll Choice!
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