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War Gamer's Community is the rebirth of a dead in the water group that was once called Alpha Company. Here, gamer's of the War FPS genre, and even RTS depending on which game, will be able to freely post any and all pictures and videos of gameplay experiences to share with everyone. There is no need to apply and wait for acceptance, as this is a free community for all who love FPS and RTS warfare gaming.

Games we really love seeing in the community:

-Battlefield (which is out top game)
-SOCOM (if possible, no SOCOM games later then Confrontation, because everyone knows SOCOM 4 was a disgrace to the series)
-Medal of Honor
-Command & Conquer
-World in Conflict
-Call of Duty (not so much)

Games we would not like to really see, but you may ask if you can:
-Gears of War
-Most 3rd Person Shooters

Rules for Video Posting:
1) No screaming little children on mics allowed! This is RULE #1, even if you're not the one on the mic!
2) No hacking,glitching, or cheating in any way or form!
3) No camping (unless your a sniper in a game, then it's an exception), noob tubing, spawn killing, or team killing (unless accident of course).
4) PLEASE... no quick scope montages!
5) No random bullshit.

Rules for Picture/Media Posting:
1) No explicit content, that should be the OBVIOUS.
2) No troll faces unless it makes the picture funny :D
3) No random bullshit.

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ShogunAssassin50 Creator
ShogunAssassin50 Sep 12 2012 says:

Here is the link to the An Act of War mod for Generals Zero Hour, since it can be hard to find...

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ShogunAssassin50 Creator
ShogunAssassin50 Sep 12 2012 says:

Everyone go check out the group, War Gamer's Community! It is just starting up, but it already has quite a few interesting things! We have two downloads for a MW3 Wallpaper and Screensaver as well as a Command and Conquer Generals Wallpaper!

Just recently, two Hamachi networks, for Generals Zero hour Patch 1.04 and a Generals Zero Hour mod called An Act of War, has been created. Check them out if you so desire and feel free to play with me on either the mod or Zero Hour!

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suprimemaster Dec 30 2011 says:

thx for the add
im very new to moddb
created acc yesterday^^

so: do youve a hamachi network?
if yes pleasse send me name and password :D
id like to play contra again online vs humans :)
fighting against AI gets a bt boring after the 100th battle -.-
else for writing: do you have steam or skype...
i only have these two...

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COLONELWOG Jul 4 2011 says:

thank's for your comment sometimes it is good to question

+2 votes     reply to comment
Alpha234 May 16 2011 says:

UMAD bro

+2 votes     reply to comment
moxbestro Apr 23 2011 says:

here man C:\Documents and Settings\claus\My Documents\Command and Conquer Generals Zero Hour Data\Maps

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hire2for1 Jul 28 2010 says:

lol k

+1 vote     reply to comment
hire2for1 Jul 27 2010 says:

whats up

+1 vote     reply to comment
ShogunAssassin50 Creator
ShogunAssassin50 Jul 27 2010 replied:

Nothin, just bored, waiting for something interesting to happen.

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