Hey, i'm kevin. 18-year old student moving off to college here in a bit. I'm a self-styled concept artist and love to draw. 99% of my drawings are done in the classroom; how i keep the grades up is a wonder to me. But i just found i had a gift and when an idea came to mind...i had to put it on paper. Sometimes my hands just start drawing and my mind doesn't even know what they're doing until its all finished...seriously, its weird. But outside drawing i write novels, play football where i'm a 2nd Team All-State Offensive Lineman and moonlighting Running back, and i throw discus in Track. I know some of my drawings are repetative in ways but i'm working on that. I'm trying to put up more and more art on my page and would really REALLY appreciate feedback on them, the more comments the better my future drawings can be.

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Sgt_Shidner 1hour 37mins ago replied:

Shhhhh.....shhhh......helicarriers.....lords of the sky.....shhhhhhhhh......

+1 vote     media: Russia Aircraft Carrier
Sgt_Shidner Sep 27 2014, 8:58pm says:

i absolutely LOVE the influence by the SHIELD helicarrier....its a shame we only see such majesty in film and game media....if only one day, Helicarriers were the lords of the sky in real life :)

+4 votes     media: Russia Aircraft Carrier
Sgt_Shidner May 10 2014, 9:50pm says:

That chair looks really comfortable...wonder what kind of fabric is made to use it....

+2 votes     media: When you see it....
Sgt_Shidner Apr 6 2014, 9:40am replied:

The B-52....the United States Air Forces way of saying to its enemies..."Here, have ALL THE BOMBS EVER."

+7 votes     media: American B52 Bomber
Sgt_Shidner Jan 21 2014, 12:39am replied:

*whispers* Little do you know.....Stark Industries is the secret financier of the Venom Exosuit projects....

+7 votes     media: ECA Venom Armor - Valkyrie
Sgt_Shidner Jan 3 2014, 9:04pm says:

Pretty....... O.o

+3 votes     media: Large Screenshot dump
Sgt_Shidner Jan 3 2014, 9:04pm says:

This almost looks like screenshots of a shellmap that plays during the main menu :) Or at least looks like it should be such.

+5 votes     media: Large Screenshot dump
Sgt_Shidner Dec 29 2013, 9:57pm replied:

^ This....i see the buggies but...that orange-colored stealth unit there in the trees....it intrigues me. It shows up on the minimap as well, yet i can't tell what is it. Is it possible the 'something....'?

+1 vote     media: Something...
Sgt_Shidner Nov 19 2013, 4:05am says:

Khan Operator: That's ok, right? You guys didn't need your entire air force...did you...?

+3 votes     media: PLA Type-105 KHAN
Sgt_Shidner Oct 8 2013, 7:20pm says:

Introducing....the official F.S.U. Vehicle of the United States Airborne forces!

+1 vote     media: ATV Humvee
Sgt_Shidner Oct 8 2013, 4:24pm says:

Eh....mah.....gerd...........the Paradrop power will now be a rain of DOOOOOOM! ATV Hummers...Delta Force....Green Berets.............poor Ruskies, GLA, and Chinese forces....poor, poor souls....

+9 votes     article: Rise of the Reds Update: Direct Action
Sgt_Shidner Oct 4 2013, 5:13pm replied:

The oldies are the goodies :)

+3 votes     media: Particle Uplink Cannon Death Effects
Sgt_Shidner Sep 13 2013, 12:07am says:

Ooooooo....preeeetty..... O.O

+2 votes     media: LRDG doctrine
Sgt_Shidner Aug 26 2013, 10:15am says:

The wheels on the bus go squish, squish, squish.....over zombie heads...

+4 votes     media: Battle Bus
Sgt_Shidner Aug 12 2013, 6:44pm says:

Oh they added a ball turret to the C-47? Hah nice addition.

+3 votes     media: Lisunov Li-2
Sgt_Shidner Aug 12 2013, 6:43pm says:

I love how that one in the top left is destroyed and the crew is all like, 'So? What about it?'

+14 votes     media: Sdkfz. 251/22
Sgt_Shidner Jul 27 2013, 10:33pm replied:

Hah well all day i've been attempting to copy the main folder and install the EF mod in different places within those folders....see, i have a fear that if i install it within my main folder, i'll screw it up. But...since installing it everywhere else isn't working....i'll just man up and put it in the main folder haha.

+1 vote     mod: Company of Heroes: Eastern Front
Sgt_Shidner Jul 27 2013, 1:08pm replied:

Thanks! I plan on installing additional mods, so...should i make copies of that Company of Heroes Relaunch Folder for each individual mod so i don't mess them up by piling them on top of each other in the original folder?

+1 vote     mod: Company of Heroes: Eastern Front
Sgt_Shidner Jul 27 2013, 11:44am replied:

If i recall correctly, the IS-3 can be called into the game via the Breakthrough Assault Strategy tree. It'll be on the right side at the far bottom, according to an old image i looked up. BUT, you must activate it via the 'Rewards Units' tab in the menu before entering the game. :) Been a while since i played this....but i THINK thats the procedure.

+1 vote     mod: Company of Heroes: Eastern Front
Sgt_Shidner Jul 27 2013, 11:40am says:

Perhaps someone has asked this before but...i do not see it. I just downloaded the Steam pack of CoH (The first one plus all expansion packs and the 'steam version')....how does one install mods with this? Is it different than the CD-installed version i had on my old computer?

+1 vote     mod: Company of Heroes: Eastern Front
Sgt_Shidner Jul 22 2013, 6:12pm says:

I would say, to keep the RMC in the game, as coltsfan95jdh said, they are an aggressive twist on the Commonwealth playstyle, and this suits some players quite well. Personally, i'd love to see the RMC as a standalone faction in all its glory, new units, trees, etc...BUT i know this would be hard to do/time-consuming. Maybe keep that in mind for the future. But for now, keep them :)

+14 votes     article: The Royal Marines Commando issue
Sgt_Shidner Jul 22 2013, 1:41pm says:

Awww the description is cut off at the bottom. :( Hah but i LOVE this superweapon! Here comes the BOOMBOOMBOOMBOOM!

+13 votes     media: Tremor
Sgt_Shidner Jul 11 2013, 11:30pm says:

What was that? You want to level everything in a couple square miles, you say? Oh why SUUUUuuuuure you can.

+2 votes     media: EEA Multiple Cradle Launcher (MCL)
Sgt_Shidner Jul 8 2013, 4:55pm says:

So sleek........so sexy..........................so deadly. I wants one.

+5 votes     media: 44M "Jagdtas"
Sgt_Shidner Jul 6 2013, 9:38pm says:

Best...coming home from work present....ever...

+2 votes     media: Ostheer Release Trailer
Sgt_Shidner Jun 19 2013, 11:13pm says:

I'm...so happy............i could cry....

+8 votes     media: A New Chapter Unfolds
Sgt_Shidner Jun 18 2013, 1:51am says:

They really brought the rain! O.o

+2 votes     media: allied extensive bombing
Sgt_Shidner Jun 12 2013, 9:11pm replied:

Here coooomes the suuuun...duh, duh, duh, BOOM!

+2 votes     media: June 2013 Post-update renders
Sgt_Shidner Jun 11 2013, 11:39pm says:

Once again... (Chinese MIGs attacking a US airbase) "Ok keep it steady...ready missiles....lock on..........wait, what are those?? Ok, nope...nope...**** this ****, i'm out..." (Turns around)

+5 votes     media: Sentinel CIWS
Sgt_Shidner Jun 3 2013, 12:40am says:

Wow...this looks bloody amazing. I CANNOT wait to see the final product...from what i can see it will be one HELL of a mod. :)

+27 votes     media: Sunrise in the Dead Zone
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