Hey, i'm kevin. 18-year old student moving off to college here in a bit. I'm a self-styled concept artist and love to draw. 99% of my drawings are done in the classroom; how i keep the grades up is a wonder to me. But i just found i had a gift and when an idea came to mind...i had to put it on paper. Sometimes my hands just start drawing and my mind doesn't even know what they're doing until its all finished...seriously, its weird. But outside drawing i write novels, play football where i'm a 2nd Team All-State Offensive Lineman and moonlighting Running back, and i throw discus in Track. I know some of my drawings are repetative in ways but i'm working on that. I'm trying to put up more and more art on my page and would really REALLY appreciate feedback on them, the more comments the better my future drawings can be.

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Sgt_Shidner Sep 13 2013, 12:07am says:

Ooooooo....preeeetty..... O.O

+2 votes   media: LRDG doctrine
Sgt_Shidner Aug 12 2013, 6:43pm says:

I love how that one in the top left is destroyed and the crew is all like, 'So? What about it?'

+14 votes   media: Sdkfz. 251/22
Sgt_Shidner Jun 12 2013, 9:11pm replied:

Here coooomes the suuuun...duh, duh, duh, BOOM!

+2 votes   media: June 2013 Post-update renders
Sgt_Shidner Dec 17 2012, 7:27am says:

Yeeeaaaaahhhhh.....if i see these things on the battlefield....i'm just gonna save my money on building aircraft and focus on all manner of anti-tank weaponry....

+2 votes   media: E-100 Nimitz - Heavy Laser AA Tank
Sgt_Shidner Dec 10 2012, 12:34pm says:

Go home AI....you're drunk....

+1 vote   media: WTF AI?
Sgt_Shidner Nov 25 2012, 12:41pm replied:

All i have to say is.....'Merica! o7

+2 votes   media: Laser destroyer USA
Sgt_Shidner Nov 9 2012, 6:44am replied:

.... hallelujah!

+8 votes   media: European Mortar Pit
Sgt_Shidner Sep 21 2012, 1:54am replied:

Haha from the first time i heard that till about my freshman year of high school...i thought that song said 'Secret ASIAN man'! ....needless to say, with me being asian and all, i was sorely disappointed to learn i was wrong... :P

+2 votes   media: September Update: Zombie Teching
Sgt_Shidner Sep 21 2012, 1:50am says:

Poor GLA and China won't know what hit them.... O.o

+2 votes   media: September 2012 Update & Logo/Style change
Sgt_Shidner Sep 21 2012, 1:49am says:

Finally, a Chinese answer to the Humvee and Technical....i LOVE it :)

+4 votes   media: September 2012 Update & Logo/Style change
Sgt_Shidner Sep 4 2012, 5:19am says:

Ok...i take back my post on the original laser paladin....THIS beast is gonna rip a new one to ANY battle line it comes across.

+1 vote   media: September Update Renders
Sgt_Shidner Sep 4 2012, 5:18am says:

Holy CRAP! Thats a beast! Poor chinese and GLA....don't stand a chance.. :p

+1 vote   media: September Update Renders
Sgt_Shidner Jul 14 2012, 10:23am says:

Hey i have a grand idea! How about we stop bickering and look at the pretty model! Cool unit guys. :)

+6 votes   media: USA Orca
Sgt_Shidner Jun 25 2012, 1:08pm says:

O.o to me....that looks like a crap-ton of missile launchers....i think? If so, damn.

+4 votes   media: Stormer USA
Sgt_Shidner May 28 2012, 1:07am says:

Looks like the one from the C&C 2 commercial. :) But it is a great design and a much needed on as the vanilla one is kinda outdated. :P

+1 vote   media: GLA Quad Cannon
Sgt_Shidner May 14 2012, 12:56am says:

Ok....i love this mod....that is all.

+5 votes   media: NVA Infantry
Sgt_Shidner Apr 27 2012, 1:25pm says:

Dat GAT...

+3 votes   media: Guess What?
Sgt_Shidner Dec 8 2011, 10:39pm says:

Oh you jerk....damn troll face!!!!! lol

+8 votes   article: Out of time...
Sgt_Shidner Aug 7 2011, 11:11pm replied:

Blitzkrieg mod crew: how many time do you get that kind of offer? I'd take it lol. But seriously...THANK YOU for putting this out! :)

+6 votes   download: Blitzkrieg v4.0 Full Installer
Sgt_Shidner Aug 1 2011, 9:55pm says:

Haha *might of the red army. :) But other than that...i am super impressed with this mod. Definately one of the best of its kind out there.

+2 votes   media: MIGT OF THE RED ARMY !
Sgt_Shidner Jul 28 2011, 2:26am buried:


I see more Firefly food!!! >:)

-5 votes   media: panther variation
Sgt_Shidner May 21 2011, 9:34am says:

Maybe make it a little wider. Looks to skinny for a Paladin. :P

+1 vote   media: Plazma paladin
Sgt_Shidner May 9 2011, 2:04am says:

This looks like...what is it...oh i know, something from this graphic novel Red Star i read once. :) But still looks a-maz-ing!!!

+1 vote   media: Soviet airship "Furnace"
Sgt_Shidner Sep 17 2010, 2:12pm says:


+1 vote   media: F-22 Raptor
Sgt_Shidner Jul 20 2010, 12:56pm says:

What? Really? I never played or seen any warhammer vehicles so....huh.

+1 vote   media: T234 - Russian Light Tank
Sgt_Shidner Jul 18 2010, 11:05pm says:

Whats up man?

+1 vote   member: Sgt_Shidner
Sgt_Shidner Jul 15 2010, 12:26pm says:

Eh...i don't know. It does give it a more GLA-ish appearance.

+1 vote   media: stinger site upgrade
Sgt_Shidner Jun 24 2010, 11:44am says:

But other then that, its awesome!!! What does it do?

+1 vote   media: USA "Pegasus" UCAV
Sgt_Shidner May 21 2010, 12:10am replied:

Something like that. I was thinking its engines could be tilt-swing VTOL engines. Just a little futuristic tweak.


+1 vote   media: Concepts for Russian and European Union vehicles
Sgt_Shidner May 21 2010, 12:09am replied:


+1 vote   media: Concepts for Russian and European Union vehicles
Sgt_Shidner May 14 2010, 11:47pm says:

O-O-O-Overkill. Awesome nonetheless.

Sgt_Shidner May 8 2010, 8:00pm says:

That air power's gonna be bringing the rain! Nice job!

+2 votes   media: Western Coalition's Units so far
Sgt_Shidner Jun 11 2013, 11:39pm says:

Once again... (Chinese MIGs attacking a US airbase) "Ok keep it steady...ready missiles....lock on..........wait, what are those?? Ok, nope...nope...**** this ****, i'm out..." (Turns around)

+5 votes   media: Sentinel CIWS
Sgt_Shidner Jun 3 2013, 12:40am says:

Wow...this looks bloody amazing. I CANNOT wait to see the final product...from what i can see it will be one HELL of a mod. :)

+27 votes   media: Sunrise in the Dead Zone
Sgt_Shidner May 30 2013, 3:29pm says:

Here comes the BOOM... >:)

+7 votes   media: Reworked USA Firebase
Sgt_Shidner May 20 2013, 1:23pm says:

It feels like rain.... *puts on glasses* ....steel rain.... *YYYEEEEEEAAAAHHHHH....*

+1 vote   media: PLZ-55 Howitzer "Inferno Cannon"
Sgt_Shidner May 19 2013, 5:41pm says:

Barrel that long...you think he's compensating for something? xD

+4 votes   media: m26 "super pershing" in action
Sgt_Shidner May 10 2013, 9:58pm says:

GLA Scorpions or Chinese Battlemasters: "Chaaaaaaarge!!!!!"

*Sees this monstrosity*

"Nope...nope....nada" *Turns around* "Nope...**** that...i'm out."

+8 votes   media: Laser Paladin
Sgt_Shidner Apr 29 2013, 9:05pm says:

"Run! The mouse is coming!!!" "Psh...the mouse...that doesn't sound very intimida-..." *The Maus comes crashing through a hedgerow* "Yeah, sir...that sound...thats the sound of your bowels exiting your body at the speed of light...."

+5 votes   media: WH tankwars game mode doctrine
Sgt_Shidner Apr 16 2013, 5:28pm says:

"Hah! Look at it...just a puny little tank!" *Deploys* "Oh...so...now its a bunker....**** that, nope, nada, i'm out...."

+2 votes   media: Hold the line! - Renders
Sgt_Shidner Apr 14 2013, 6:38pm says:

Hmmmm...like i see above...i'd venture my guess at bandits, nomadic raiders that roam the post-zombie apocalyptic wasteland...maybe they'll inhabit camps around the map and fight both human and zombie players?

Thats just my guess (Not even sure if such a thing is even possible in CoH)

+5 votes   media: Something Wicked This Way Comes
Sgt_Shidner Mar 22 2013, 5:24pm replied:

You're reeeeeally trying to get those COD references in wherever you can aren't you? :P

+2 votes   media: Sentry Drone
Sgt_Shidner Mar 19 2013, 5:43am replied:

Oh haha...didn't see that second guy to the right of the cop car, DOH! Well i rephrase my statement...against all the Helixs, Guards, and assorted armor...it is undoubtedly Rambo AND Chuck Norris.

+8 votes   media: Shootout
Sgt_Shidner Mar 18 2013, 5:19pm says:

One guy versus all that firepower?....who does he think he is, Rambo? O.o

+11 votes   media: Shootout
Sgt_Shidner Mar 13 2013, 2:08am says:


+3 votes   media: New addition: Sherman "Beutepanzer"
Sgt_Shidner Mar 10 2013, 7:08pm says:

Now....will China's black lotus be able to hack the sentry guns? ....i'm just looking for a chance to say "A spy's sapping ma sentry!" xD

+8 votes   media: Vanguard Drone Operator
Sgt_Shidner Mar 10 2013, 3:39pm says:

Ooooooo....pretty shiny building... O.o "Smithers....release the drones!" muhahah

+17 votes   media: Drone Assembly Plant
Sgt_Shidner Mar 10 2013, 3:38pm says:

Holy...wow... O.O Good ol' unmanned firepower...hurrah for the U.S. of A.!

+15 votes   media: Vanguard Drone Operator
Sgt_Shidner Mar 9 2013, 1:19am says:

This was one of my favorite games to play in the past....i had just about forgotten it when i saw this mod. I say huzzah to you for the efforts on this mod! Hah, looks like its time to go find my old *gasp* CD-ROM and dust if off to install again :)

+1 vote   mod: Axis & Allies: Uncommon Valor
Sgt_Shidner Mar 8 2013, 12:27am says:

I like the rounded track covers. :) Reminds me of a German E-100 (yes, i play WoT) but if that is indeed the influence, AWESOME! if not, STILL AWESOME! Sick looking tank :)

+5 votes   media: China Tank General's Emperor Overlord
Sgt_Shidner Mar 8 2013, 12:22am says:

Alright...so i get the left side of the tree and what appears to be upgrades to the crew's repair skills (i think), and accuracy...but what is the third option in the lower left? Btw, this is a SICK looking mod! :)

+3 votes   media: Tank destroyer doctrine - Italian front.
Sgt_Shidner Mar 5 2013, 9:38pm says:

I'm curious about the Spotlight in the top right hand corner. Two questions: is it a buildable structure? And if so, what is its purpose?

+1 vote   media: Luftwaffe support (italian front)
Sgt_Shidner Feb 22 2013, 9:36pm replied:

Must be a World Of Tanks fan :P This was a submission to a german vehicle design contest way back when :P I couldn't remember for the life of me where i saw this design before....so i scoured the forums and FINALLY found it! Its post #322 on this page


+1 vote   media: "Jagdleopard"
Sgt_Shidner Jan 5 2013, 6:39pm says:

"Pew pew pew pew"....not so fun when you're on the receiving end of it....eh Rebels?

+1 vote   media: Wallpaper - EAW2
Sgt_Shidner Jan 1 2013, 10:52pm says:

My only suggestion is that you shrink the view ports, and make the cannons larger...besides that...i think its a great model :) That'd SUCK to fight against...

+1 vote   media: Dr Thrax's Tank the Might Of Power
Sgt_Shidner Dec 23 2012, 10:53pm says:

I do have to ask, the two howitzer unlocks (lower right corner)....are those two of the same thing, or is one icon just a placeholder for another ability/unlock? cause i see one is 2 points, the other is 3.

+1 vote   media: Infantry company - reworked
Sgt_Shidner Dec 16 2012, 7:46am says:

Hahaha i was like "Ok....i see marines.....now where's that darn snip-...OH GOD THERE HE IS! RUN MARINES! RUN!!!" D:

+6 votes   media: Vietcong Sniper
Sgt_Shidner Dec 9 2012, 9:43pm says:

Smithers.....release the drones.... >:)

+5 votes   media: USA Drone Controller - Render 2
Sgt_Shidner Dec 3 2012, 11:47pm says:

That is pretty dang cool. Also...thank you for being one of my favorite mods for CoH...you and Modern Combat have looked outside the box and done things with the game i think are amazing. Looking forward to seeing what this mod is when its done and how truly epic it will be :)

+5 votes   media: Windmill Test 1
Sgt_Shidner Dec 29 2013, 9:57pm replied:

^ This....i see the buggies but...that orange-colored stealth unit there in the trees....it intrigues me. It shows up on the minimap as well, yet i can't tell what is it. Is it possible the 'something....'?

+1 vote   media: Something...
Sgt_Shidner Jul 22 2013, 6:12pm says:

I would say, to keep the RMC in the game, as coltsfan95jdh said, they are an aggressive twist on the Commonwealth playstyle, and this suits some players quite well. Personally, i'd love to see the RMC as a standalone faction in all its glory, new units, trees, etc...BUT i know this would be hard to do/time-consuming. Maybe keep that in mind for the future. But for now, keep them :)

+14 votes   article: The Royal Marines Commando issue
Sgt_Shidner Oct 15 2012, 4:21am says:

Soooo...pretty...yet sooo deadly.... O.o i'll take one.

+4 votes   media: "This is our territory"
Sgt_Shidner Jun 4 2011, 9:07am says:

You got me freakin' sharks with freakin' lasers on their freakin' heads??? You're the best mod team an evil gamer could ever have! :D

+3 votes   media: United Coalition : Shark
Sgt_Shidner Aug 10 2010, 8:07am replied:

Yeah, i see that too. Maybe make it a little taller to make it look not so awkward or shorten the barrels?

+1 vote   media: Gattling Turret Redesign
Sgt_Shidner May 21 2010, 12:12am says:

"British Armoured Division Command Vehicle" Like it. :)

+1 vote   media: Concepts for Russian and European Union vehicles
Sgt_Shidner May 3 2010, 2:57am says:

Nice concept. In-game model should be beast. :)

+1 vote   media: British Challenger 3-LI Concept
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