Amnesia Modder. I make Amnesia mods for fun. Here are my mods if you are interested; Amnesia Premonition Mental memorial Fear Amnesia Insanity Nocturenal Confusion 1 & 2

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DnALANGE 8hours 15mins ago says:

Next issue...
I am in the ? garden ? ...
Where you need the rope and something...
That something i can not find..
tried the item on 100 things, cant seem to find it.
Some more substle hints are better imo.
Make a timer from RandInt 50-2000 or whatever kind..
Then add a playerlookat the place where to find or a quest\message...
Do tht in ALL your maps, so people will understand better..
In this way the mod will be finished in 500 horus indeed :P

+1 vote   mod: Final Revelations --Released--
DnALANGE May 3 2015, 11:35am replied:

Thanks for the reply kaernk!
You might add a quest tehre or atr leasty a message for other people.
Like; THis looks usefull bla bla... iw as 20 minutes trying all the time :P
i gave up after that :O
I will try to find what to do from now on.

+1 vote   mod: Final Revelations --Released--
DnALANGE May 3 2015, 6:10am says:

Im missing 2 levers for the gate in the tunnel system...?
Also i could pickup the lantern in the graveyard after some maps loading..
ALso i can NOT get into the warehouse anymore (to climb and get into the side)
Looks promising, but am i missing stuff or this bugged out?..

+1 vote   mod: Final Revelations --Released--
DnALANGE Apr 24 2015, 12:45pm replied:

He is 25 years old.
Well.. i am 31 so it will Always be "little" for me ;)

+1 vote   mod: ENIGMA
DnALANGE Apr 23 2015, 1:31pm replied:

It WAS this name alreasy Glasgow.
My little brother wanted to have the other name.
I told him i didnt like it, so i recreated the picture and name.
Glad you like it, and DAMN... that was a fast response ;)
We work super hard when we can, the maps are ... i think ppl will not notice Amnesia, offcourse it shows some things, overall looks amazing as far as we creating this mod.

+1 vote   mod: ENIGMA
DnALANGE Apr 23 2015, 1:29pm says:

Just wanted to let everybody know we are still working on it.
ALthough, not every day... real life work is taking serious time from me.
We try to work hard, and maps and scriptings are getting done bit by bit.
We will keep the page up to date as we have the time for it,

+3 votes   mod: ENIGMA
DnALANGE Apr 7 2015, 2:25pm says:

Good day.
The new patch has F-up a lot of things!
Skyboxes also are screwed up!!!
Try to do this.
ALso Reinstall Amnesia might do the trick.
IF you want you can post some problems on Frictional Games Forum here is the link.

+1 vote   mod: Premonition : A Full Conversion Mod
DnALANGE Mar 21 2015, 8:05am says:

Btw, this mod is NOT for Amnesia Machine For Pigs.
This mod is for Amnesia the dark Descent! ONLY!

+1 vote   mod: Premonition : A Full Conversion Mod
DnALANGE Mar 21 2015, 8:04am says:

I suggest RE-INSTALL Amnesia and the 2 patches.
Also be aware to REMOVE ALL content as it is now from your pc.
Then retry every step please.
It should work,
What is your computer statics? Windows? intel graphic cards are not really supported as well.

+1 vote   mod: Premonition : A Full Conversion Mod
DnALANGE Mar 19 2015, 2:59pm says:

i need to know.
IS the game ILLIGAL?
If it is, you could have some issues.
First AMnesia need to be installed -> 1.2 patch -> 1.3 (mfp) patch.
Then it should work perfectly.

+1 vote   mod: Premonition : A Full Conversion Mod
DnALANGE Mar 5 2015, 10:34am replied:

You can check yourself when it is finished, if you dare. ;)

+1 vote   media: All that blood... Should i check where it goes...
DnALANGE Mar 5 2015, 10:34am replied:

Thanks Glasgow.
There are a LOOOT more great \ scary places!

+1 vote   media: A empty big corridor, with water and bloody walls
DnALANGE Mar 2 2015, 8:48am replied:

Sarcastic HumiliatoR?
If not, thank you.
If interested, keep following.

+4 votes   mod: ENIGMA
DnALANGE Mar 2 2015, 8:47am replied:

Good day SovietMentality!
Long time no see ;)
The name could change, it first HAD a different name ; Enigma
But my little brother had an other idea..
SO i created another scenery \ modname.
Modern story's are imo better, i am tired of cellar \ mansion.
We work hard but slowly as well.. not so many time due work.
Wil be back if we have more info.
Patch 1.3 is NEEDED!
Frictional games has an AUTOUPDATE for it for steam users!!!
For Retail i will link it here in the Mod-Page offcoruse.

+1 vote   mod: ENIGMA
DnALANGE Mar 1 2015, 11:14am replied:

It would still take a while to finish this.
but keep followong the page for news \ video's / pictures.

+2 votes   mod: ENIGMA
DnALANGE Mar 1 2015, 11:08am says:

Heey Glasgow!
Here is a small quote ; My brother and i are working on this mod.
Me and my brother are just working on this ow and then.
the quality is top notch and we take time for the mod.
Also still working on Enigma now and then.. but slow progress.
Hope you guys still likie playing Amnesia.
Trying new things here.. BUT the engine has a limit unfortunatly!
WIll be back when we've got more news.

+2 votes   mod: ENIGMA
DnALANGE Feb 28 2015, 6:22am says:

Thank you Sir.
You may like my other mods as well.
Click on my name -> Mods.
Premonition and Mental Memorial for example are BIG full conversion mods.
Let me kow if you play those as well.

+1 vote   mod: Mental Memorial a Full Conversion mod "Updated"
DnALANGE Feb 16 2015, 1:11pm says:

Tell me what fan it is..
There is a script fucntion you can use to spin it.
Here it is.
Just put it on void on start.
void RotatePropToSpeed(string& asName, float afAcc, float afGoalSpeed, float afAxisX, float afAxisY, float afAxisZ, bool abResetSpeed, string& asOffsetArea);

+1 vote   member: Thegameenthusiast
DnALANGE Feb 7 2015, 6:39am says:

Good day BachBreaker.
You can PM me your Skype so we will contact there.
THank you for the idea and contacting me.
See your Pm and have a good day.

+2 votes   mod: Premonition : A Full Conversion Mod
DnALANGE Feb 2 2015, 10:17am replied:

Doesnt work..
Too much bugs!

+1 vote   mod: Brutal Changes
DnALANGE Jan 29 2015, 7:06am says:

do i need to combine rusted ket and acid?
for me that wont work...

+1 vote   mod: Brutal Changes
DnALANGE Jan 23 2015, 2:18pm says:

Where are the notes for english...?
And the sound is overpowered and some switches as well!
PLUS some switched need to go to STUCK.
There are just a lot flaws and the voicetext is childish english.. so badly written.. why not translated by a english\amarican for example??
The voiceacting is also super boring and very low quality..
There are also lapms missing from the ceiling.. only billboards and spotlights seen..
ohh.. what happend to the start?? all pages are black as well.
ALSO when i go on the moving platform it suddenly disappers??? anyway, IF that happends ppl cant walk anymore , the player is UNACTIVE...
There are just too many flaws in this..
Couldnt finish it yet due the bug.
I will try another time again..
Just very disappointend atm,
Mapping on the other hand is amazing!
Cool and nicely done!
New models are also very nice!
A lot of potention... but my rating now is 5\10...
i will rerate when finished.
i will NOT vote for now.
Fix all bugs and glitches and new voiceacting, this guy sounds sooo boring and speaks so faast and his prenouncements are also very bad.
Find someone english\amarican.
Keep it up,

+1 vote   mod: Amnesia: Depth
DnALANGE Jan 18 2015, 10:11am says:

Cant pick up the shovel :S:S:S
Overall Expert-mod so far!
Is there anything i should do Bad* with the shovel... it is blue but cant reach it.

+1 vote   mod: The Barn's Secrets -Full Release-
DnALANGE Jan 17 2015, 11:15am replied:

not sure yet,
Busy on Unity game!

+2 votes   member: DnALANGE
DnALANGE Jan 17 2015, 10:59am says:

Any news on this?
Or is this cancelled?...
Would love to see this being continued!

+2 votes   mod: Amnesia: Polaris
DnALANGE Jan 5 2015, 6:35pm says:

Cmon man, dont be like that!
I know have awesfull it is to have revieuws \ ratings 1...
Please reconcider you rating, this is unfair isnt it?

+3 votes   mod: Amnesia: In A Heartbeat
DnALANGE Jan 5 2015, 4:55pm replied:

There are a couple ye..
Dont argue with me Hanna..
Its just a bit empty to me.. That is all i say..
Overall, you R E AL L Y should change the script what i told you, if you have pressed 1 recorder and press another one later... after 5 min the the tekst is still on the screen..
Just here to help...
Only found 1 janitor room after 2 hours of walking.. i go check the map now :S
Maybe some better \ more hints??
If she is saying 1 thing... how can you expect people to remember after 2\3 days playing?
Just make it more friendly*

+1 vote   mod: Amnesia: In A Heartbeat
DnALANGE Jan 5 2015, 9:45am says:

A couple of things ;
The mapping is just awefull man :S
HUGH empty rooms and hallways, Lights going trough walls \ floors \ ceilings...
A lot of glitcheridoos on walls..
and 1 HUGH thing, WHY didn't you use the function ; StopAllEffectVoices(0);
Like this :
void LockedFx(string ∈ asEntity)
PlayGuiSound("interact_door_knob1.ogg", 0.7f);
AddEffectVoice("silence3_sec", "", "Voice", "00_SILENCE", false, "", 0, 0 );
NOW what happends is when i click 5 times on a recorder it will REPLAY every 5 times.
The : StopAllEffectVoices(0); WIll cancel them , well STOP them...
I also can not find the key to the main charactor.
No clue what to do..
I had 2 other keys but just empty rooms with 1 desk and couch???
I also have broken the womans toilet and cant use the crowbar anymore???
This isnt as good as i hoped for yet.. :S
Please some info where and what i should do now.
PLEASE fix the bugs.

+1 vote   mod: Amnesia: In A Heartbeat
DnALANGE Jan 5 2015, 8:30am says:

Heey MsHnner*
Downing and offcourse testing and playing and ENJOYING!
I'll PM you if i encounter any annoying things!

+1 vote   mod: Amnesia: In A Heartbeat
DnALANGE Dec 26 2014, 11:07am says:

Only the water (aqua) can be added to the "Final" solution...
Stuck here..
THis is a VERY annoying puzzle!
No hints or what so ever...
Also.. why do i need the needle and meat there??...
Please add more clues notes \ quests....
Some glitchedrydoos here and there,..
Overall not so bad now..
Also closet or drawer isnt visable.... I see the doors only


-1 votes   mod: The Subconscious Trials
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