Amnesia Modder. I make Amnesia mods for fun. Here are my mods if you are interested; Amnesia Premonition Mental memorial Fear Amnesia Insanity Nocturenal Confusion 1 & 2

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The Curse of Ripley Manor (v1.05 released)

Mod review - 1 agree

1 of the best stories around!


Delightful Decay

Mod review - 1 agree


Maybe THE best FC i've ever played!
Mapping is outstanding!
Scares and atmosphere outstanding!
Scripting Above outstanding! Just professional quality!
This was one of my best ever played fc-mods ever!

Thanks for this delightful plesure!



Testificate (v1.1 update)

Mod review

Liked it a lot!


Illusions of the Dead

Mod review

1 word ; Amazing!

Very well designed maps.
very well scripted events.
long story.
standard storyline.
was hoping to see custom assets.

9\10 for me.

Loved it!


Brutal Doom 64

Mod review

1 word : AMAZING!!!


Penumbra: Europa

Mod review may contain spoilers - 1 agree

beautifull mod.
Still not as good as the other mods from Penumbra, specially cause the length and less scares involved.
As well as the abrupt ending.. dont know why.. this could be a perfect mod, if a little longer and more scares and longer storyline.
Overall very well made!
7\10 from me.


Mayhem Mansion

Mod review

VERY long!
gret gameplay, jut HARD is just insane :O
Loved it!


Amnesia: The Streets of London

Mod review - 1 agree - 6 disagree

Great idea...
Unplayable because of the crash!
If this isnt fixed, people can not finish it. be sure creator to make a story that everyone can finish.
Not changing main settings, that does mean you did something wrong.
Over 250 stories are playable, so this one should be too.
Please fix this. would love to finish it!
It was so good untill the crashes :S
Hope this encourage you to fix this. This could be a masterpeace.. and a 10\10. please fix this for all of us!



Mod review may contain spoilers - 2 agree

unfortunatly.. very bad..
Well.. the idea is amazing, but teh creation itself didnt make it..
Just too much flawws imo.
WAY too dark, no clues for some quests, no idea at ALL what the story was about... (untill the end, and that was a bit stragne to me)
Still the idea was great!
cool scares, and some nice things like new models.
The Penumbra monster is just a no go for me, just way to over used.
Also.. WHY so many maps?
ALL of this could have been done in 1 map.
Just change the color of the skyboxed and the syboxes itself.??
Destroyed the atmophere :S
and the grammar... we better do'nt speak about that.. before uploading, please let someone take care of that next time..
Overall.. bad - okayish..
IF improved i will rethink the rating.

Keep making games\mods, you can do it!


Painful Reality - Interval 03 - End of the circle

Mod review - 1 agree

Not so good.
I have seen tons of copy\pasted rooms.
I think even 70% is copy\pasted, with some stuff moved...
Voiceacting was seriously bad,but HEY, it HAS some in it witch is a big +
a lot of voiceacting wasnt lined up with the tekst showing...?
Almost all of the scripts are -> Pickup item = something happened.
Just too cheap for such a big story.
The story didnt make any sense at all.
I had 3 items left at the end???
1: Agippa head
2: Chipper... for what?
3: 1 extra screwdriver?
WAY to less oil for the dark story!
Has a story
Has voiceacting
Quite long (1½ hour +)
no sound effects at ALL (random sound scripts for exemple not been found)
some new music?
Overall 5\10

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