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semsteve Feb 9 2014 says:

Hi, it's again me. I cannot find tacitus archives in any map... what's more strange is that in any map (like pipeline problems) where i should find expansion points, that in TE are substituted by tiberium archive, there's absolutely nothing, not even the building... anyone any idea?

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semsteve Feb 9 2014 replied:

Thank you very much

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semsteve Feb 8 2014 says:

Hi, that's a great new, the release of the new beta. Does anyone know on which multiplayer map can I find the tacitus archive? i'd like to try the colossus.. thanks

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semsteve Oct 1 2011 says:

they look awesome,excellent graphical level but imho these are the least interesting and fresh models you have done so far. But it remains undeniably a very good job.

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semsteve Feb 28 2011 says:

I think that a cautious release date would be 2 months

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semsteve Dec 21 2010 says:

Go go go, you are in the nominees for the editor choice's best singleplayer mod, we'll find out in about one hour

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semsteve Oct 10 2010 replied:

Well that's a very open policy. more open than "return-it's just mother russia airfield code - to Afghanistan" mod

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semsteve Sep 15 2010 says:

Can we expect voices and music for 0.92?
Can't wait to hear Sketchbook say "would you see.. the stars?"!!
I know he's not him, but i like to think it

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semsteve Jul 25 2010 says:

This is really perfect. Even if i didn't like really much this unit back then, i can't wait to try it out in this version

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semsteve Jul 25 2010 says:

Astonishing, It has the good old nod taste plus the graphic advancement

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semsteve Jun 13 2010 says:

I also agree the way you already putted everything in game, no problem for me.
I just didn't know the game wasn't already finished, and you are still working on it. that's a great new.

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semsteve Jun 4 2010 says:

I'm very sorry for kerensky departure, i'd like to help with the mod, but i don't really have any idea what is a code or an animation.but i want to learn. i'm here to help. i am really prone to repetitive works, if they don't require artistical skill i'm apt. Plz send me a PM.

thank you

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semsteve May 28 2010 says:

The wiki is again unavailable...

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semsteve May 25 2010 replied:

Lore units are particularly famous units from previous game that would break game balance like the chrono tank or are too outdated to keep up with the newer (some actually make an appereance in confederates) or uprising units that are very stupid and unbalanced and totally out of context (hit and run soviet bike for a slow faction? or a giant head air-artillery for a sea based faction? or a super heavy tank for a hightech-fragile faction?).

OT: in my opinion the only interesting unit in uprising (the one that in fact have been reshaped by Paradox) are chemical troop, the grinder and the cryolegionnarie.

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semsteve May 25 2010 says:

The model is very good, but i must agree with Valherran on the fact that the tank is not actually very buried. a more buried tank would very much resemble TS, if it is your purpose naturally.

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semsteve May 19 2010 replied:

well at 10am on GMT+1 it was in the third place, googlebot must have passed and change the rating

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semsteve May 19 2010 says:

A quick note to everybody: if you search for "red alert 3" on google this mop is in THIRD POSITION (second if you actually count that in second place there is a sublink for C&C EA official site) made it..

My compliments for the astonishing work on the confed MCV/cozer

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semsteve May 11 2010 says:

After a lot of time i've reinstalled v2.2 of thge achilles minimod,
i have to say that you have done an astonishing work,particularly the way the hawker works is very enjoyable,new and fresh in a game like RA3, i have three constructive critisism to say:

1.the textures of new allied building and units are a little blur, i don't know how to explain it, I mean that you can say they are different from the original units, for what i've understood from the forums and from the wiki you already have fixed this problem.

2. The hawker ambush could work better: you are right that you have to micromanage it to make it give its best, but when you see an aircraft that pass and you push f to give the hawkers their fire boost is very difficult to accomplish it: the problem is that that the sight line and weapon range are not the same, the moment the hawker pops up it take a while to turn and fire and the passing aircraft is already...well...passed away.

3.mig fighters a very very difficult to repair: the soviet do not repair aircraft at the airfield instead you need to fly them over a crusher crane or an expansion point. When the new dogfighting mechanic has been introduced, migs continue to circle over the crusher crane and repair drones try to follow them, but to repair something it need to be slower or to be stopped, so the migs cannot be repaired,i suggest to make soviet able to repair at least the fixed wing planes at the airfield.

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semsteve Apr 22 2010 replied:

Ok, then i will delete my post for the idiots, I have calculated those dates based on the work you've done until now...but anyone can make some calculations

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semsteve Apr 21 2010 replied:

I knew why they have done it, to stick to the original.
But anyway I find it a little bulky design speaking, the quality, as i said, is perfect

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semsteve Apr 21 2010 replied:

Why, if i may ask?

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semsteve Apr 21 2010 says:

I'll tell you the "real" realeasing time for every release:

Release I - Allied & Confederates : 1 July 2010
Release II - Soviet Union & Empire : Xmas 2011
Release III - Order of the Talon & Kingdom of china: Summer 2013
Release IV - Protectorate & Sidacate : Xmas 2014
Release V - Campaings: Summer 2016

You are not allowed to even think to ask for one of the releases sooner, after these dates you are not allowed anyway, but you can think of asking, and, since part of you don't have the filter between think and write, you will ask anyway.

captain obvious says:"this is a joking post"

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semsteve Apr 21 2010 says:

Absolutely foboulous, i was wainting this update really bad. Astonishing as ever,i have by the way 3 constructive critics to tell you:

-Maybe the nod artillery can use some more red on the skin, since from what i see here is totally black, and there is also the red the house color for nod.Although i must admit that, since you are keeping an Hi.Fi. approch to recreate tiberian sun, you are doing a very good job, i actually remember that in the game the artillery was totally black.

-I don't share your vision about the nod stealth tank, its new form and shape is not right i think , although you 've done a perfect job on it technically speaking, i just like more the old EA model.

-I suggest you, since you are very good at it, to add new feature to the original tiberian sun army, not just doing a port, maybe implementing some new elements and tricks you can do with the new engine.

I repeat that i totally appreciate your work and devotion to the mod, so don't take these critics harshly.

Thank you again for your work, i'm looking forward to play it.

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semsteve Apr 11 2010 says:

For me it's a C

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semsteve Jan 24 2010 says:

all this is really astonishing.
a question about the power grip, they must be built like walls to connect the power station with the building? Is it possible to power a builiding connecting it to an already powered building?

+2 votes   news: Mediterranean Syndicate: New Features
semsteve Jan 7 2010 replied:

I agree on the fact that hit and run can mean what you said, and actually I think is funny to use the hawker like a fast-acquiring-target strafing helicopter like the Ka-50 (and i've already used that tactic), so i think that if in primary mode should stay as it is i won't be disappointed,but in ambush mode where it actually "should" shine, it Should really have an improved RoF, to make it really ambushing.

I've also tried the secondary against squadron of tank and since vehicle are slower than the hawker, it a fantastic anti-vehicle surprise plane,but against planes it's not enough.

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semsteve Jan 7 2010 says:

although i know that this is just a demo, i totally agree with RabidEx,since the hawker is supposed to be the worst fighter with the lowest speed, but high manouvrability and multi-tasking, the flying mechanic should stay as it is, but in normal and ambush mode it should have an improved RoF. Particularly in ambush mode it should expire the entire clip in just one second, so it should be capable to destroy one apollo or vindicator that is passing by effectively,and as a side effect it should be given a time of improved RoF for 5 or 7 seconds to effectively catch up with a slower plane that has just passed.

Besides i think you have done a reallygreat job.
Thanks and thanks.

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semsteve Jan 6 2010 says:

WoW WowWow my favourite unit for confederates is here!!!

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semsteve Dec 23 2009 says:

Voted because you are the best.Even if i'm part of the silent majority that follows you.

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