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Project Zomboid

Early access game review

Have you ever dreamed of a game like minecraft with proper zombie and better crafting?
Have you ever think about what surviving in a zombie apocalypse scenario where even the smallist mistake can totally haunt you for the rest of your short lived fantasy?
This game is simply the ultimate zombie game. Forget about day z or resident evil 2. This game make your balls grow larger, so man the hell up and give it a shot.

If these still don’t convince you to buy this cheap cheap masterpiece of a game, then just go and watch a few let’s play videos: they are everywhere.


They Breathe

Game review - 2 agree - 1 disagree

I liked this game, but IT IS a massive waste of time.
The story and presentation is good, however, this is the worst 3 bucks I have ever spent.

Here is why.
Compelling doesn't automatically make the game’s story lasting. I feel like for my $3, I got a demo, not a full game. It gets me interested, then it just ends. There is noting answered, just a lot of desires left. Like I paid for a prostitute, but she got away just after unzipped my jeans.
This isn’t a game at all. Old adventure games have more gameplay than this. Graphic novels have more gameplay than this. Most game starts pretty casually, then it will start to throw in new monsters and mechanics after you got sucked in, then after a few mini bosses, you will have a finale, probably in space. This is more like the tutorial part of a game.
The control feels clunky, and unresponsive. This isn’t a survival horror game, there is nothing you want to risk dying to collect, and there are no people you care about. Sure, awful control makes the game more tense at times, but I just don’t think the ending worth all that trouble.

There are 2 types of games in this world, there are games that will make you learn something like dark souls, or special ops the line. Then there are games that are fun and make you satisfied and want to come back and play it again and again, such as super mario bros 3, or diablo 2.
Don’t breathe failed terribility on both fronts.

If the studio behind this game want a few constructive criticism, I can provide a couple free of charge.
Expend your ideas, combine different elements. Just because you had an awesome goofy nightmare, doesn’t make it worth to build an entire game on it. If they breathe has like 5 worlds, and each of them represents a type of terror, that is a game I would definitely love.
You are making a game, it needs to be fun at least. Randomness would make short games great. Like the binding of isaac and FTL are all good examples. Not to mention there should be some sort


Project: Oh Wow an RPG Game

Game review

For a game made with RPG maker VX, this isn't bad at all.
I like how the author continuously provide updates to fix issues and improve various systems.

However, there are a few improvements can be done. The music and SE is lacking, the game's battle system is a bit clunky and is way too simple. The story has a really slow boil, like its FF 13 or heavy rain. It is filled with annoying fetch quests most of which have no logical connection to the main story what-so-ever. Not to metion the combat in this game is not very fun, at all. I think the author can take some ideas from the great RPG "Advanture bar story" on IOS.

The reason I give this game such a high score is that, I want to give indie developers a message: just because you are indie, don't mean all you games can be short and unfinished.



Game review

Containment: The Zombie Puzzler

Game review


Game review


Game review
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