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RT2... 1hour 26mins ago says:

So I tried 0.7<0.8, interesting. :)

Not sure how well it went. :P

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RT2... 3hours 33mins ago says:

Theivin' lil' beggars stealin' me bombs....

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RT2... Sep 29 2014, 4:11am says:

Theory goes that you
clone the EBP for CSM and then entity_blueprint the sorcerer.
Set the hardpoints correctly.
Dump out the abilities.

Cloning the ebp for the sorcerer multiple time to include the other sorcerers you want as squad leaders in the sbps.
Put in the correct hardpoints.
Loading in different abilities for each of the sorcerers, so the whole squad when combined gets more abilities or psychic powers, making sure the animations associated with the abilities are available to the model.
This is why the majority of the models are all the same animation designs.

Cloning the sbps of the space marine squad, and adding in the four leader ebps with the squad loadout as the sorcerer which is loaded in through CSM.
set squad loadout to /< 1, /> 1

That should give you a squad that has four leaders and 1 unit composition.

Of course this should get rid of the leader issues with complex upgrades..

This procedure should be able to be applied to all the Psychic choir units for the different races. :P

In theory. :P

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RT2... Sep 29 2014, 1:57am replied:

This one we dont.:)

This is a concept, not a fix. :)

Which means it will hurt like a mofo if you try. :P

It is uploaded here so that anyone who feels confident enough to know what to do can. :)
And save the UA boyz some SBPS stress. :P

If you know how to use corsix or AE you could try that way. :)

But if you are not sure, I would just refer it as an idea.

With the media uploaded it will be available for the mod team. :)

I haven't got it completely working,

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RT2... Sep 28 2014, 8:32pm replied:

What would you say burns out the developers for digital content the fastest?

Or is it the communities?

You have had convo's with quite a few, and I think it would be a good question to ask you. :)

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RT2... Sep 27 2014, 8:55pm says:

Remember if you want to get away from citizens.


is available.

lua rescale for teenage size.

Or it could be for IG. :P

Senseless slaughter, sending in the cowards for a meat shield. :P

also would the greater diversity between the rescale numbers mean a greater variation in the model sizes ? in game view.

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RT2... Sep 27 2014, 8:10pm says:

With the chaos cultist hab block.

Chaos thralls could be used and deployed from the Building, Depending on how well the imperial citizens go from the Imperial version. :P

I have a good diversity of thralls developed and could easily be brought in through ffe. :)

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RT2... Sep 27 2014, 11:04am replied:

It would be handy to get dark crusade as well. :)

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RT2... Sep 27 2014, 11:02am says:


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RT2... Sep 27 2014, 9:26am says:

There is multiple ways to apply these in game and each of them unique and totally different to the other styles.

The whe is the key as to how they get implemented as the whm should be the same with just different mslc.

The first level might need some 803f work, but I cannot tell yet.
I say this because of a visibility setup on the yoof hostel. :P

If you are game enough and want to leave me feedback, you would be best to message me to get my attention. :P If I'm fragged, Um I dunno? :P

Movement on, Until I see how these get implemented. :P

Also if you want to know how easy it is to make a building go vertical using ffe object swap ins, message me, it is not that hard, :P

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RT2... Sep 27 2014, 4:41am replied:

Would you prefer GTA 40,000?

I cannot see why I could not put CJ in there to Jack/possess vehicles and run run using expletives everywhere?

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RT2... Sep 27 2014, 4:32am replied:

I really should finish Sim City 40,000.

Orks, Tau, Chaos are done ?some where? also. :P
Sisters, Dark Eldar, Eldar, Necrons and the rest need to be done. :P

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RT2... Sep 27 2014, 12:12am says:

Just go to figure out what to do with the FX on the staff not being aligned.

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RT2... Sep 26 2014, 11:29pm replied:

Have you thought about wtp work yet or team colouring?

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RT2... Sep 26 2014, 9:37am says:

Just did a shoulderpad fix... notin really brilliant to look at. :P

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RT2... Sep 26 2014, 9:29am says:

Could you use the swap player code?

so you literally play both at the same time?

Leaving the useless stuff for the ai to do?

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RT2... Sep 25 2014, 10:42pm says:

w40k is a waste as it only has one weapons variant available in clas. :P

so it looks like it will just be a tgd and dxp2 mix up.

Bugger about the hair.
I found out the hair version I saw last night was a support version, so I haven been babbling **** the last couple of days about herseer, as it only seems to be a texture... :P

EBP work is all that is needed with some SBP work to get the squad design properly. :P

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RT2... Sep 25 2014, 9:33pm says:

Names, With the dynamic and unstable naming convention of GW over the past 30 years, it is no wonder there are conflicts. :P

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RT2... Sep 25 2014, 11:03am says:

I am also of the mind that both the TGD and DXP2 should have one variant of each with the 2nd type of cloak. :)

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RT2... Sep 25 2014, 10:56am says:

From experimentation I found some interesting things.

That in the ebp the hardpoints can be set to show up five different enough with just tgd and dxp2.

you would end up with:
two tgd variants with witch blade and witch spear.
three variants of dxp2 with one maxed out as the unit, and two others with mixed weapons and that should diversify the model look enough to give it a good mix. as I found that DXP2 has hair.... :P

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RT2... Sep 25 2014, 10:41am replied:

With the strengthening of psykers in 7th ed 40k I thought I should go through Apocalypse and find suitable psyker groups to even out the guard squad of psyker battle squad.

Just these last three units I am working on, Have I remembered or found so far. :)

Sisters, dont get psykers.
Tau, I haven't seen anything for.
Necron, Nope.
Tyranids, Malanthropes?
Dark Eldar I dunno.
Daemons, have their own god based system.
Inquisition, Grey Knights. :P

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RT2... Sep 25 2014, 8:34am replied:

Oh, me so sorry,
Oh, me so sorry,
Me sorry long time. :P

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RT2... Sep 25 2014, 7:41am replied:

Santa Clause cares.

He's making a list and checking it twice.
He's Gonna find out, who's naughty or nice.
Santa Clause is coming to town... :P

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RT2... Sep 25 2014, 3:55am says:

That makes 5 Sorcerers available for the War Coven. :P

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RT2... Sep 24 2014, 7:30am replied:

would it be possible to navigate to w40k with the ../ hierarchy changes?

so in theory you would ../../w40k/data/art/ebps/races
/space_marines/troops/the.whm ???

Just like web navigation hierarchy?

../ just takes you up another folder. :P or is it ..\

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RT2... Sep 23 2014, 9:53am says:

This is poving a bit harder to figure out the ebp for.

I know there is vis states in max for more then just the four weapons variations.

But how to enable it through ebps is another question.

ffe tells me that there is vis states for the ebps for weapons of bolt pistol and plasma pistol.

And corsix is yelling me you can set a bedlam staff....
buggers me as I cant see any clause for bedlam staff.

I cannot load the OE work at the moment.
But I know I have done it in the past with the Sorcerers. ---->

Interesting levels of fatigue makes it less viable tonight. :)

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RT2... Sep 23 2014, 8:22am says:

I just checked and teh maxed out tgd would be good for the main unit. 1 of.

with two tgd as leaders with different melee weapons & SP,
with two herseer, as leaders with different melee weapons & SP,
that is a good four farseers with the maxed out tgd giving 5 variations. :)

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RT2... Sep 23 2014, 8:13am says:

Also if all four leader combos cant be made out of the farseer, there is always combos in the herseer. :)

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RT2... Sep 22 2014, 8:42pm replied:

Very good point. :)

I would say when I get time free to get back into it, I will have to reassess the texture application :)

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RT2... Sep 22 2014, 8:40pm replied:

It is sounding with the assets roof of 2GB, they would be best used as an independent race with units wholey from DOW2 in their own race to compensate for the assets roof.

That is what the dreams tell me as a solution to get around the assets roof, in DOW. :)

Doing away with things like WTP. Lots of ram saved there. :)
Just as an example.

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