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0 comments by RT2... on Aug 30th, 2014

A lifetime spent chasing up and cleaning up Paraphilic Disorders, while challenging is rewarding.

Initially it is just child sex offenders in the youth environments offline.
spending countless hours profiling offenders n journals and documentation.
Watching the youth grow up free of the influences and having full and complete lives.

Then all of a sudden this beast called the internet comes along and you start doing 36Hr days, ceaselessly chasing up multiple Paraphilic Disorders around the world using internet knowledge to follow up and get correlated records and prosecutions.

Then some how you end up hearing more and more about the prison treatment of the Paraphilic Disordered persons of interest, with a Narcissistic wry smile.

Then after 5 years you end up local again and investigating child services after Identifying many Paraphilic Disordered persons of interest. How time flies.... And next thing you know You have succeed and it is time to take a break and return online to follow further changes in Paraphilic Disorders profiles.
All the while going from Parraphilias into Paraphilic Disorders.... Always changing and always making an effort to get more advanced to keep up with the evolution of the child offenders.

There are many horrors and many lies pervaded upon the community about the security of the youth from these predators. Nothing is ever as they say.

I am just fucking thankful the U.N. has made a statement after 20 years of complaining.

While the insanity of the adults is imposed upon the youth from self medication rituals the adults engage in, and lies shared with society about what is the norm or what is real, "It's all a psychosis", the Paraphilic Disorders proliferate and nothing substantial is done.... Intel mounts and a time slowly comes when the intel can be used. :( It is time as the area of interest. And it will be generations beyond my lifetime before this is ever stopped. or even recompensed for.

With an understanding of Epigenetics or even Nurture syndrome. You find what is wrong with the generations and why it will take poly-generations to fix.

Interesting some days it seems so easy and some days it seems to have no solution.
I guess it depends on the area of interest and knowledge around previous experiences with the psychosis of that type.

Report abuse D-9-THC and hippocampus neuroplasty.

0 comments by RT2... on Nov 19th, 2012

Delta 9 TetraHydracannibinol usage and its cannabinoids ages the hippocampus, Not only causing dementia like symptoms, but also the psychosis effects of the intoxication, which them becomes a standard schema base for the consumer.
In respect to the DSM-IV's reference to the THC induced Psychosis.
Also seen in adults who have been long term users of D-9-THC.

Report abuse العربية

7 comments by RT2... on Feb 29th, 2012

نأسف، ولكن لم يتم العثور على بلوق وظيفة هنا. مملة نعم، ولكن كما قال كونفوشيوس دائما - إذا كان لديك أي شيء جيد أن أقول، لماذا أقول أي شيء على الإطلاق؟ أنا فعلا أن يصل، وإذا كنت أشعر بأن يشكلون شيء من بلدانكم لديهم فرصة لصراخ من خلال بلوق الخاص بك

الكلام عقلك، وخرف حول تعديل والألعاب وتطوير المشهد، انها بسيطة ومن يدري ربما شخص ما سوف قراءتها والموافقة. وسوف يشعر الحق!

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