Completed my course at university for games design, currently learning about the UE4, modding Doom sometimes and mainly modelling in Blender, texturing in Gimp. Things I'm work on sometimes: Doom 1/2 compile project, Sonic fan-game (Just something random I'm working on), Survival horror game similar to Re 2/Dino Crisis 1/Clocktower. I'm considering making an original plat-former game, love making random 3d models also currently learning Piano, Guitar.

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Currently been re-working on my Sonic 3d model with a new rig to include Quill's, an improved UVW mapping, this is so I can easily make quick colour changes so I can re-use them to make new designs like Super Sonic, Dark Super Sonic, because of this I'm considering in-game transformations but for now I'm focused on working on re-doing all the animations with the new rig since found my animations to look a bit odd in the old rig. (Having to look into the Rig since the Rig below was a bit of a mess, didn't work as intended)

I've also included facial expressions but had problems so re-looking into the Rig set-up. The reason for this is due to the fact that Sonic only seems to have 1 eye-lid shared across both his eyes, this can create strange effects. I'm looking into possible alternates like maybe 2d eye-lids that blink like this:

If I get time I'll post a working prototype with my normal Sonic form but I think it's going take me a fair bit longer to work out how before I start working on the Super form transformations, anyway here's a teaser of things to come:

1 more thing is once Sonic is done I will consider rebuilding the Shadow the Hedgehog model, using the techniques that I've learnt from making the Sonic model, maybe learn a few more techniques since I'm looking into techniques to make my UVW maps more clean.

This is what my previous build looks like:

For my animations transformations I'm looking into mainly Dragon-ball Z style transformations like when Gohan first turned Super Saiyen 2 or when Goku first became a Super Saiyen:

So after learning to make my custom Sonic 3d model work in UE4 I decided to try improve my uvw mapping:

I've made changes since I posted the image above, have been experimenting with a new technique that I'm hoping to implement into UE4.

The new technique will allow me to move my eyes on a 2d material which is separate from my main colour scheme.

This means I can create other forms like Dark Super Sonic, Super Sonic transformations but at moment I'm looking into rigging the face so I can start animating with the new rig, once that is done then I'll be looking into making my full rig, new material techniques to work & be playable under UE4 with iconic things like in-game transformations.

Hoping to take some inspiration from Dragonball Xenoverse for things like flight, transformations, I've been experimenting with making a level design similar to 'Station Square' from Sonic Adventure DX as a show-case.

This is an example of my Dark Super Sonic texture that I made:

So I finally got my Sonic model into Unreal Engine 4 again but this time I actually used my model to help create animations and later created a player control system for my Modern Sonic character to be playable.

Recorded the game-play via Windows 10 DVR:

I'll consider making a download at a later time but for now I think my focus for now with the Sonic model is on experimenting with making some interesting levels for my hedgehog then maybe obstacles. I may consider doing something with the Tails, Shadow model too eventually but not sure what yet.

Even tested it on Android phone/tablet which seemed to work fine too.

Over the last couple of months I've been bringing out some fairly decent Sonic 3d models. Like the one I finished today:

So it's got me thinking about if I should make a Sonic style game on the UE4, I'm thinking maybe something similar to Sonic Adventure 1/2. Anyway it's too early to tell at the moment since just getting the hang of 3d modelling Sonic related Sonic characters. It's been a while since I joined the site and one of my original things I wanted to do was make a Sonic game so I'm tempted to give this a go at some point.

Project Doomsday:

I'm also working on trying to make a unique demon based on Satan at moment but at moment I'm mainly taking it slow with that model till I feel it's good enough to show. I've not figured out what I'm doing about a major character yet but my inspiration for a possible character seems mostly inspired by Jill valentime from Resident Evil 3 and . I do have a rough design of my map that I've drawn so I think I'll try to model something with the environment eventually.

Firstly you may have noticed my main game is missing called Doomsday, which was a game based on the style of classic Resident Evil games and inspired by the Doom franchise. Currently that game wasn't reaching enough consistency with the general progress so I put the game into the archive section until I feel it's ready to be revived.

As for my Doom mod there's not a lot of progress on that at the moment mainly because I haven't figured out how to fix the Doom 2 build, well the Doom 1 build seemed stable enough for now.

In my personal work I've been continuing practising with Blender, thought show my work:

Currently I'm hoping to animate him soon within maybe a week or 2 but my main goal at the moment is try to get him ready to be rig friendly towards Unreal Engine 4. I have been considering potential games for the character but it's too early to tell at the moment. Plus my next focus in Blender is unclear at the moment since I like working on several different models.

Edit: Here's some basic animation I made:

Also started working on Tails, this is what my Tails model looks like:

New Blender work

Ronnie42 Blog

So for a long time I hadn't been posting much when it comes to work but lately been spending a lot of time with Blender, learning it for work related reasons. Anyway this has got me wanting to learn to use the engine more in my own personal time.

Currently working on request for a friend to make Tails from the Sonic universe, I've recently remodelling my Sonic character within Blender, think it's an improvement over my previous models:

As for my Doomsday project I'm putting that on hold onto I have a more clear plan on what to do with it, if I do decide to anything cpmplicatedwith Blender then that might effect what will happen with the project, as for my Doom mod well I'm not really sure how to fix the Doom 2 build yet since it's on-going problem and haven't been able to figure out any solutions for the Doom kill bug that effects it.

Edit: I believe I'm getting close to be able to rig and animate then hopefully experiment with my 3d model in something like Unreal Engine 4. As for my Doomsday project I've decided to archive it for now since not enough progress is being done and will revisit the project later when I feel like I've improved my skills enough since I didn't feel the project was gaining enough progress to warrant having it's page. Just haven't had the time with the amount of games I play, general volunteer work and had a hard time figuring what I wanted to do with the project. Plus I don't think the project is ready in it's current state to warrant showing to the public but as far as I'm concerned it's not dead.

Moving towards Blender

Ronnie42 Blog

Haven't really done much with my blog in a while, I'm currently been busy with volunteer work, I've been getting used to using Blender more than 3ds Max lately so hopefully my future 3d models will be posted soon, I'm also working on a smaller level design for my game in early stages so I really should get around to building some models.

I've even been speaking to a friend that is been talking to me about another project that we might be starting together but I'll post something about that when it starts.

I'm thinking of rebuilding all my old work, already started on some but will take me a while since getting used to Blender, have to find the time. My main goals is to focus on UE4, Blender at the moment and obviously Photoshop for texturing and recently bought Piano for music since want to use the Midi keyboard with Mixcraft, still trying to learn how to play Guitar.

Goals for this year

Ronnie42 Blog

31/3/2015 edit: Now using Digital Tutors, hoping to get some major progress in the coming weeks.

Blog from January 2014:

I don't post many blogs here so I have decided that it's about time I say something about what I'm doing so my main goals for this year is to just improve my skills, randomly make things like my 'Doctor Who' theme renders. (I'll also be looking into other things that aren't DW related)


At a later time I'll be looking into building other 3d models like vehicles, maybe at some point re-attempting 3d character models, I'm still looking into trouble-shooting my Doom mod so hopefully find ways to fix/improve the mod here. (Doom 1 under 1 level, Doom 2 under 1 level)

Currently I'm mostly busy doing a 'Games Testing' job for a work placement so I may be too busy to reply to comments.

My Doom mods is mostly complete and my Indy game is WIP, is progressing so will be trying to update the media section whenever possible, include an article at a later time. Currently both projects are being done by myself, nobody else at this time. (This is mainly so I can focus on improving my skills, this means that the projects have less chance of becoming dead to lack of communication between possible team-members)

Firstly happy new year to everyone reading this.

I haven't posted much since my graduation, I will be trying to put more effort over time but for now been trying to improve on my old skills so I can make better content in the future.

Here's an example: (ak-47) -Mainly involved me building, importing to UDK, someday useable in-game.


My main concern this year is that all of the game company's that I want to work for need at least 1 AAA shipped game so for now I'm working on planning a project, getting it built before 2013, yes I know thats a long way off but its just a rough idea. Anything can happen so don't expect it to be confirmed anytime soon.

For now my main concerns is improving in 3ds Max, UDK, at some point will be forced to get into programming C++.

Like I said before if anyone has any queries PM, oh and remember to check out my game page at:

But try to be patient with this because its a lot of work for one person.

Hi all, I finished my University coursework, the demo has been released.

Currently there's no zombies, mainly focused on the camera system which is far from being completed so like any, all feedback for this.

There's my game link:

Also for now I'm mainly taking a minor break from my development to get ready for my graduation but will be giving this another ago at a later time.

Currently waiting for feedback on the demo, seeing what I can to improve it. Also know there's a lot I can do but wanting other views besides my own.

So if you want to know anything else P.M

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