Got a degree in games design, aiming to improve in 3d modelling and game design. Using mainly Blender, Gimp and Unreal Engine 4. Hoping to make many different types of games.

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Ok all I know my deadline is getting closer, currently my design has been changed from open world to a hospital but the hospital was getting too complex so to keep the gameplay elements I have decided to keep all buildings at 2 level's and the level design is changing into a street type level.

The original vehicle idea may only happen as a default scorpion but is only being used to help explore the area faster. Also experiencing more collision issue's but I'm working on having a fix on that before I show anything, seeing about fixing my seemless texture since having squares.

The original date for beta testing for my project was 7.3.11 but there's no confirmation yet as to whether I will be releasing that at the moment since need to get on with a lot next week which includes 3d modeling of a zombie, some simple lamp posts and some simple chairs and tables.

Once again anything I can change within production but I have decided to keep to the level design for now because I don't have a lot of time between deadlines, I have to get something ready for my showreel before april.Also below is a link to my game page.
My final deadline for this game is around 23.5.11 so expect some
thing around that time, If I get a stable build before then I may
release a demo

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