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RanceJustice Nov 10 2012, 12:25pm says:

Hello! Couple of questions and I'll be happy to help your project. The description talks a bit about base building and whatnot - can you tell us a little bit about what features are in currently and which are on the way for building structures, a hierarchy of upgrades, what they unlock in terms of equipment, et.c.. etc... Will there be a similar breath of items, structures, equipment crafting, building stuff as one can find in Terraria plus something like Cortex Command and the like. In Terraria and even Cortex Command I like how your avatar can wear lots of different graphically represented items (in addition to weaponry).

Next, I see the engine is Unity, but since Unity 4 now includes Linux support do you think you could create a Linux version? I've not been a fan of Unity in its previous incarnations for a variety of reasons, but at least with 4 they've included Linux support; I hope that Edge of Space will be playable on my preferred platform sometime soon. The Linux gaming community goes out if its way to support those that support it!

Thank you for your time

+3 votes   game: Edge Of Space
RanceJustice Aug 10 2012, 5:35am says:

I've been looking for a high quality beat-em-up with a neat premise! Will there be a Linux version coming soon, perchance? Adding a Linux version and running a significant sale or two will likely result in quite a few more purchases!

+3 votes   game: BANZAI PECAN: Last Hope for the Young Century
RanceJustice Jul 7 2012, 12:31pm replied:

If there is a newer version, I too would like to see it updated here on Desura, for both Windows and Linux. Please keep version parity as swiftly as possible or else players will be confused, thinking that certain platforms are preferable to others. I wanted to buy on Desura (and/or direct) to show my support for both the Linux and Windows clients, instead of Steam which is only currently supporting Windows. Thank you.

+3 votes   game: Wizorb
RanceJustice Jun 27 2012, 5:44pm replied:

Replying to self because I missed the edit window:

Extra kudos for supporting cockpit interiors! I hope they will evolve in the future to include "live" toggels that respond to player actions and even better Multi-Function Displays that can even act as missle/bomb camera views within the cockpit!

Purchased! Hope to see great things in the future (Hopefully on Linux!)

+4 votes   game: Vector Thrust
RanceJustice Jun 27 2012, 5:37pm says:

The primary request I can make is if you can add Linux support to the title - there are far more Linux-preffering gamers around than many think, and I think Humble Bundle and other offering demographics show we're willing to pay reasonably for great games on our favored platform. Looks like a great start and I can't wait to see what is added. Making the decision to allow users to add significant modding options will be great for bolstering the community and life of the title. Finally, is there by chance support for Xbox360 controllers (or Xinput support in general)? Many enjoy using gamepads and flightsticks for sims like these and support for X360 controllers will help, in addition to general support for joysticks. Thanks!

+3 votes   game: Vector Thrust
RanceJustice May 3 2012, 4:17pm says:

Glad to see Dungeon Defenders come to Desura, but what may I ask is the state of DLC? There has been a lot of free and paid DLC released for the Steam version of the game and I have to assume it isn't all included (including the new characters etc...)? I'd also love a native Linux version, but I suppose time will tell.

+2 votes   game: Dungeon Defenders
RanceJustice Apr 9 2012, 1:13pm replied:

Perhaps there could be autosaves at the beginning of each level and pre-defined checkpoints? I like the whole "go back a couple of seconds" idea too, but would there be a way for the game to check for the puzzle to be unsolvable (ie. think of a few Mahjong-type games) and if it comes up, not let you quicksave? Perhaps give the player an option to 1) Be told they just made a move that makes the puzzle unsolvable and give them the opportunity to go back to right before the move or 2) Be told they made the puzzle unsolvable and give them the option to restart from the beginning of the puzzle or last checkpoint ? .

I can't imagine it would be fun for most trapped in an unsolvable puzzle from a move they made 5 minutes ago unknowingly. Oh, and thanks for the Linux version by the way!

+1 vote   game: Many Worlds Theory
RanceJustice Apr 9 2012, 12:55pm says:

Looking very cool. However, I really hope that despite its XNA origins, I look forward to Linux support in the future. Will Desura purchases have access to this as well as the Steam key etc... compared to HumbleStore?

+4 votes   game: A Virus Named TOM
RanceJustice Apr 9 2012, 12:48pm says:

Very nice looking. If it would be possible to bring it over to Linux as well, that would be much appreciated!

+4 votes   game: Operation SD: Space Defense
RanceJustice Mar 8 2012, 4:31pm replied:

Awesome to hear you're running on a multiplatform library and engine system. I too would applaud a Linux version!

+2 votes   game: Rune Masters
RanceJustice Mar 8 2012, 4:28pm says:

An excellent little title and I'm looking forward to being able to support, but unfortunately I'll have to hold back a bit until Linux support is at least on the horizon. I know this is the fault of the Unity engine, but I can hope that perhaps if enough developers get together and let Unity know their potential playerbase wants Linux, that Unity will offer portability to allow Linux gaming on their engine. Its rather frustrating to see new emerging ideas looking great, but limited to Windows only (or any other closed platform) because of tools like XNA or engines like Unity that are so locked down. Thank you for your honesty regarding Wine; many devs would simply say "Well, try Wine and it may work". I can hope that there will be a Linux version possible in the future, and that either Unity will improve or developers will go elsewhere.

+2 votes   game: Qasir Al-Wasat: A Night in-Between
RanceJustice Mar 8 2012, 4:24pm says:

Looking like a potentially great game, but without Linux support on the horizon I'm not sure I can justify at this time. I know this is an issue with the Unity engine, but I hope you and other developers can either find a workaround, or lobby Unity to make their engine cross platform. Much like Microsoft XNA its very frustrating for engines and APIs to make it easier, especially for new and indie developers, to make games, but lock them down for Windows only! I look forward to future development.

+2 votes   game: Fray: Reloaded Edition
RanceJustice Mar 8 2012, 4:21pm says:

Keep at it; Make the game the absolute best you think it can be, pay attention to the user base but don't be dominated entirely by their demands etc... and you'll hopefully make a great game. Never take shortcuts and make a crappier game, faster - most players would rather wait (especially since they get to see Alpha progress and all ) and get a better, more full featured game than have one rushed out.

I'd really like to pre-order myself, but the lack of a Linux version in planning (not necessary during alpha and/or beta, but during full release it would be nice. Even post release, with the assurance that one wil be coming ASAP) stays my hand for the moment. I like to support great ideas, but I hate when a prefab engine or programming API package (ie Unity, Microsoft XNA etc...) is used that makes it difficult to create a Linux version; I do wish that all of these engines would be built on open technologies so that even programmers who don't want to necessarily create their entire engine from scratch can take advantage of them without worrying that Linux, MacOSX, and other OSes are more difficult or locked out.

+1 vote   game: KAIRO
RanceJustice Mar 8 2012, 4:07pm says:

Very neat. I certainly hope to see an expansion of what each team can do, and better explanations for both single and multiplayer modes as others have suggested. If at all possible, please consider making a Linux version as well; it would be recieved very well here on Desura and throughout the Indie Gaming and Linux-using community as a whole, to be able to play on our preferred platform. I'm not fond of the Unity engine for exactly this reason, and it a pity for a neat idea like this to be limited to a single OS platform because of it.

+4 votes   game: Omegalodon
RanceJustice Mar 8 2012, 3:59pm says:

Looking very interesting. I'm very glad to hear that a Linux port is in the works. Most of us are here on Desura becuase we support indie games, especially those built on open technologies and able to run on Linux. Keep up the good work!

+7 votes   game: Deep Black : Reloaded
RanceJustice Feb 8 2012, 10:41am replied:

It is when it comes to how people assess the quality of Desura itself, and the content available there. I've had people run into the same issue and become confused, thinking that their game (Not Kenshi, but other titles available here with incompatible key systems) really wasn't completely unlocked. When I explained the issue, every single one of them said "Steam doesn't do that", truly that's the crux of the issue, as it makes Desura and the software sold upon it appear disjointed and amateurish to many, when they are used to something like Steam, which isn't fair to the software itself because of this kind of logistical issue.

+1 vote   game: Kenshi
RanceJustice Feb 6 2012, 1:08pm says:

Hi, I just purchased a Kenshi key direct from the website. While I hear that you can download the "demo" version here and then activate in-game, Desura will always consider the game the demo version and thus ask you to upgrade with the little "lightning bolt" on your games list. Could Desura and/or developers (Note: this also happens with King Arthur's Gold) please allow us to activate our keys from direct purchase here on Desura, in a way that Desura will understand? Either the whole Tools > Activate a CD Key etc... thing or allow Desura to be able to look into a game that you've installed here and read that the full version is active, not just a demo. Thanks. I've run into more than a few people having issues with this.

+1 vote   game: Kenshi
RanceJustice Jan 29 2012, 7:52am says:

Hello! Thank you for making a game of this type with 1) a GUI made for mouse navigation instead of having to remember a ton of arcane keybinds and 2) graphics beyond ASCII . I purchased here on Desura, but would it be possible to add either the CD Key to Desura, or some way to access the "direct" version of the full game? For instance, so that I might enjoy the game on Linux without Desura if the Desura client causes problems, or if someone who purchased on Desura wanted to play on Mac OSX? Thanks again for creating an awesome game and I hope you eventually expand it as much as Dungeon Crawl: Stone Soup!

+2 votes   game: Hack, Slash, Loot
RanceJustice Jan 22 2012, 8:37am says:

I believe I purchased the Gold version direct and unlocked from within the game itself, but is there a way to get Desura to recognize this? On my game list it still has the "lightning bolt" that suggests it needs an upgrade. Can I just put the key into Desura's "activate a product" feature, or is there something else? Also, I notice that if I go to the homepage and log-in, it shows my account as Premium, as i should be, but no key displayed. Thanks!

+2 votes   game: King Arthur's Gold
RanceJustice Jan 16 2012, 9:49am says:

I see how on your homepage you're currently offering paid keys for less than the current Desura price. Should I buy direct from the homepage, can those keys be "activated" with a Desura copy? Or perhaps you can expand the discount to Desura as well? Thanks!

I look forward to continuing development! Please consider a Linux client as well; that would definitely compel me to purchase.

+3 votes   game: Zigfrak
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