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PRYDE-74 Jan 20 2015, 6:00pm replied:

My card is Nividia, but the auto config only picks up the on board Intel one...however when I window the game, it seems to work smooth, like it should, but then there is pixel distortion

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PRYDE-74 Jan 10 2015, 9:46pm says:

Thanks for the help !

Although solved one problem, and got another one lol. And also noticed a bug.

I have VS disabled, set autoconfig to the resolution I wanted, then did as you said and went into "options.ini" and found that "videodriverindex=" had a "0" on the end, I changed it to -1, and it fixed the problem with being able to see the in game menu...will try it with also "1" too, but it seems that it keeps defaulting to "0" ?. Also when I get in game instant action, the game works, but the quality of the graphics is low, even though I have them turned on autoconfig my computer does not seem to be picking up my nvidia in the card slot, just an "integrated one" any help, thanks !

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PRYDE-74 Jan 6 2015, 11:42pm says:

tried playing on my windows 8, get to the pilot creation screen but cannot see any text, and is slightly glitched graphics, and not following my auto config instructions...

Also tried installing it on my windows 7 64 bit, the screen goes blank as in loading then nothing happens

Any help, Thanks !

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PRYDE-74 Jan 6 2015, 8:36am says:

Bravo <claps> White Wolf and what your team is doing for the community...Bargained Well and Done ;) (Cannot wait to try this out tomorrow, fingers crossed it goes well :)

I have always been a die hard fan, starting the universe with my beloved Mechwarrior 2 and Clan Jade Falcon, as my name would suggest quiaff, if there is anyway I can be a part of the Mechwarrior rejuvenation, I would be honoured

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PRYDE-74 Jan 10 2013, 6:56am says:

is there any way, or mod, to get a modern gaming cross hair target ?

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PRYDE-74 Jan 10 2013, 6:50am says:

I have installed Desura, and installed Tiberium wars, and installed your mod, and it has been verified , but when I load the mod, the normal CNC 3 loads, and there is no mod content ? Can you please help, as your mod sounds very interesting

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PRYDE-74 Feb 2 2012, 2:55am says:

thanks for the help !

Downloaded the mod again, and looked at the updated version of the installation guide, and everything works fine now.

Great mod guys !

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PRYDE-74 Feb 1 2012, 5:53am replied:

I am trying downloading the whole thing again, lets hope this works !

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PRYDE-74 Feb 1 2012, 5:44am replied:

I installed everything in the right order on the guide, and started it from Steam, and it only boots "Forces of Corruption" and not "Republic at War"

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PRYDE-74 Jan 31 2012, 11:45pm says:

Hello !

I am happy that SWRAW is now out !

However I am having trouble installing it. I bought the gold pack off steam, and I have followed the installation readme instructions, regarding where to install things for steam users, but after I specifiy the installer to install to " Steam\steamapps\common\Star Wars Empire at War\corruption\Mods\Republic_At_War. "

it installs, I click on the desktop shortcut, but for some reason the path is in program files/lucas arts ? but I dont have the game there only in my steam directory ? Can anyone help, as I really want to play this mod, thanks !

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PRYDE-74 Jan 24 2012, 8:58am says:

Hello !

Recently got my hands on Omnitech, and loving it, great job guys ! (Y)...

question: will there be multiplayer ? And also how do you access your more "user friendly mission editor " ? cheers !

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