Once upon a time, I was a blogger and amateur modder here at ModDB. Now I return, to report on the latest and greatest mods, indies, and anything inbetween. I am a cynic Christian. I try very my best to be honest, no matter the cost. I am now a freelance games journalist but I still do an indie dev gig on the side.

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TheUnabridgedGamer Jul 2 2014, 2:39am says:

So, yeah, I'm back. Hello everybody!

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TheUnabridgedGamer Aug 19 2013, 7:59pm replied:

Same here, as I only -really- started around age 14 or so -- although my first projects are the Battlefront 2 maps on my profile. I sadly only got to make two working maps. The compiler broke on me and I was left with nothing but maps that looked great and were ready to go, yet for some inexplicable reason wouldn't play. A pity, although it did spur my interest further.

+2 votes   poll: What age did you start modding?
TheUnabridgedGamer May 30 2013, 12:24pm replied:

I don't know... it takes a special kind of stupid to ignore WWII tactics in a franchise influenced by WWII movies, amongst other things.

Jedi can't be cloned practically, and the same goes for making new Clone commanders. That's actually one of the few things they covered in the TV series that made sense, as while you can definitely clone as many soldiers as you want -- getting them in fighting condition is not as likely. That's why Stormtrooper clones were so ineffective -- they ended up having to recruit mercs and farm hands because even they could shoot better than clones made within six weeks time.

...wow, did not realize I still retained all that.

0 votes   media: Point Rain
TheUnabridgedGamer May 29 2013, 10:35pm says:


+1 vote   media: 53456345- -5
TheUnabridgedGamer May 29 2013, 10:33pm says:

Possibly one of the most ill-thought out strategies out of the entire Clone Wars. Apparently Dave Fiolini's never heard of flanking or that going in head first is likely to get the most casualties...

+1 vote   media: Point Rain
TheUnabridgedGamer May 27 2013, 10:22pm replied:

Hmm, the first state seems to download fine but Newer states that the download is private... either way, TY. Is there any sort of matchmaking in place or is it all manual? And did they include any singleplayer content? I don't seem to remember hearing of any but worth asking nonetheless.

+1 vote   game: Solitude
TheUnabridgedGamer May 27 2013, 3:58pm replied:

Well then how does one download the game? I'd love to finally give the alpha a spin.

+1 vote   game: Solitude
TheUnabridgedGamer May 20 2013, 12:13am says:

Hey! I was worried this had died. I loved the look of it, really want to see it become a reality.

If you want, I have a blog in Game Informer now -- I could give you an exclusive preview. I get views in the hundreds!

+1 vote   media: factory
TheUnabridgedGamer May 6 2013, 2:01pm says:

I didn't know Wonder Woman was into modding.

+1 vote   mod: Amazons: Total War - Recalesced
TheUnabridgedGamer May 2 2013, 9:20pm says:

I always thought the levels seemed well put together, and the deliberate progression of weapons had more skill testing than regular Half-Life 2, but the story was rather lackluster at best... I actually grew to resent Minerva and pretty much just kept playing to see what new ideas were going to be thrown in the for the gameplay.

+1 vote   article: MINERVA on Steam
TheUnabridgedGamer May 2 2013, 12:24pm replied:

I'm afraid most of our recent updates are limited to our main blog. Please visit it (a link to it is amongst the Twitter/FB/etc. stuff at the bottom of the main page). Don't worry though, we are making progress!

+2 votes   mod: open Outcast
TheUnabridgedGamer Apr 29 2013, 12:33am says:


Be smart. Don't make the same mistake I, a friend, and several other people with their brains active made.

-1 votes   member: Garyn┬áDakari
TheUnabridgedGamer Apr 20 2013, 5:27pm says:

Sweet, you guys have Articy for your mod too? The mod I'm writing for also uses it.

+1 vote   media: Revenge of Revan Production Pics
TheUnabridgedGamer Apr 20 2013, 5:25pm says:

These aren't the pictures you are looking for. Go home and rethink your life...

+1 vote   media: Mos Eisley Checkpoint
TheUnabridgedGamer Apr 20 2013, 5:25pm replied:

It really does.

+2 votes   media: Naboo Security Mechs
TheUnabridgedGamer Apr 20 2013, 5:23pm says:

While still far from fully polished, this -does- look far better than the initial trailer. Hopefully things continue to improve. Also, the melee system seems to be taking some notes from RE6 -- was that intentional or not?

+1 vote   article: EFFING DEAD is here
TheUnabridgedGamer Apr 6 2013, 1:42pm says:

This looks like it has potential, it really does, but it is -really- rough based on the trailer and screenshots. Also, there looks to be a lack of variety in enemies and weapons, which is a little disheartening, but still a valiant effort. Hopefully things get polished and expanded upon further as the game progresses.

+2 votes   game: Effing Dead - The Broken Path
TheUnabridgedGamer Apr 5 2013, 10:44pm says:


Glad to hear you're still going to give it a try!

+1 vote   article: Where Have We Been?
TheUnabridgedGamer Apr 2 2013, 5:13pm says:

I think this has backfired you guys -- most of us would love to see this be a reality!

+3 votes   media: A New Direction...
TheUnabridgedGamer Apr 2 2013, 5:13pm says:

That. Looks. AWESOME!

+1 vote   media: UE3 concept development by Win3K
TheUnabridgedGamer Apr 2 2013, 5:10pm replied:

I'm glad someone else noticed.

+1 vote   media: A New Direction...
TheUnabridgedGamer Mar 28 2013, 8:32pm says:

I really liked your approach to talking about this. I've actually been trying a similar thing with exercise, pushing myself further slowly but progressively.

And cheers on the facial modelling! Looks fantastic!

+1 vote   article: H4ngman on progress
TheUnabridgedGamer Mar 28 2013, 8:27pm says:

For an early drawing it's definitely good. Human anatomy can be a ***ch to get right. I find it's usually easier to find your own way to stylize it: Paradigmfallen.deviantart.com

+2 votes   media: Miraluka drawing
TheUnabridgedGamer Mar 25 2013, 4:18pm replied:

I bet you're -really- regretting that statement about now, aren't you?

+2 votes   game: Natural Selection 2
TheUnabridgedGamer Mar 25 2013, 4:15pm says:

Thanks to getting to try during the free weekend, I can guarantee I will purchase this in the near future (once I have money).

+1 vote   game: Natural Selection 2
TheUnabridgedGamer Mar 22 2013, 5:47pm says:


+1 vote   media: How does it look :)?
TheUnabridgedGamer Mar 21 2013, 11:32am says:

I wish you guys the best, as I understand the feeling. Hopefully you can find someone. Although, I'd stop having Darth handle recruitment -- his brother Chad is far more personable.

+5 votes   media: Help Wanted!
TheUnabridgedGamer Mar 21 2013, 11:29am says:

Finally, a chance to try before buying.

+2 votes   article: FREE Weekend & 50% OFF
TheUnabridgedGamer Mar 20 2013, 4:04pm says:

GAH! It's a mutated hand bunny!

+1 vote   media: Something Awesome!
TheUnabridgedGamer Jan 19 2013, 10:07pm says:

I'm impressed and happy for your accomplishment!

+4 votes   media: Finallllyy!!!!
TheUnabridgedGamer Jan 6 2013, 1:22pm says:

I wish most indie/mod projects had the efficency you guys have.

+2 votes   media: Can I say boom :)?
TheUnabridgedGamer Dec 5 2012, 11:20pm says:

The gravity gun seems to function (and even sound) a lot like the iOS Dead Space game's TK module. Not a bad thing, just oddly similar performance.

+1 vote   media: Env. footsteps, hlbsp, and grav gun fun
TheUnabridgedGamer Nov 15 2012, 11:53am replied:

Probably because it doesn't classify it as a mic, probably just sees it as a camera. You'll need a mic-mic not a camera-mic.

0 votes   download: Release of Galactic Warfare v1.0 Final
TheUnabridgedGamer Nov 10 2012, 8:19pm says:

While not my normal cup of tea, this is -very- promising looking.

+1 vote   game: Non Flying Soldiers
TheUnabridgedGamer Oct 26 2012, 9:15pm says:

This isn't over!

+1 vote   media: Caps Lock
TheUnabridgedGamer Oct 20 2012, 7:05pm says:

This looks more like a color change up than actual graphical improvement. Same poly-counts, same models... not seeing much here, sorry.

+1 vote   article: Improved Color Correction
TheUnabridgedGamer Sep 13 2012, 10:28pm replied:

Arrogance is only funny in context. As a writer, I can deeply attest to how easily arrogance or sarcasm can come off wrong.

+2 votes   article: The Stanley Parable: HD Remix is now on Greenlight!
TheUnabridgedGamer Aug 31 2012, 9:11pm replied:

Custom Edition's community seems alive enough that they had their own online event "CE3". I expect if coop is going to work, it'll need a third party thing like most of the new mods for Custom Edition, like Open Sauce (with which, people can finally steal vehicles now).

+1 vote   mod: Firefight Descent
TheUnabridgedGamer Aug 3 2012, 7:43am says:

"And there will be blood"

+3 votes   article: There will be a demo
TheUnabridgedGamer Jul 2 2012, 12:14am says:

That acting and dialogue seemed a little forced, imo. Besides that, everything seems to be proceeding fine, but... especially the bit about "prose". Was that supposed to be a joke? Was he serious? Either way it didn't really feel like it worked.

Just thinking out loud.

+2 votes   article: State of the Mod Address: June 2012 - ALPHA STAGE REACHED
TheUnabridgedGamer Jun 20 2012, 1:17pm says:

I want this. I want this very much.

Now if only LEGO would make any LEGO sets based on something about a PG-13 rating...

Hmm, on that thought, maybe Mega Blocks will do it. They certain have taken to Halo, that's for sure.

+2 votes   media: Lego Normandy SR-2
TheUnabridgedGamer May 23 2012, 1:25pm says:

Rachel O'Brian looks -just- like Skylar from Saboteur. Even the same scarf.

+2 votes   article: Rachel and Bayonna
TheUnabridgedGamer Apr 16 2012, 12:43pm says:

Good for all the people planning on buying Amnesia.

+3 votes   article: Amnesia: The Dark Descent 75% Off!
TheUnabridgedGamer Apr 12 2012, 10:42am says:

Are ye only letting the player carry a certain number of weapons at a time?

+1 vote   media: Player`s body anims and weapon anims on sprint
TheUnabridgedGamer Apr 6 2012, 12:41pm replied:

Check deviant art. One person wrote a brilliant fourth-option ending that works completely within Bioware's confines. At this point, that person's fan ending is my ideal ending.

Else wise though... I am not only as a fan, but as someone who actually is making games, just disappointed by Bioware. This, along with some its key older people leaving to go indie, has changed my stance on their development studio entirely.

+1 vote   article: Mass Effect 3: Extended Cut
TheUnabridgedGamer Apr 4 2012, 12:40pm replied:

The holocaust was the mass murdering of an entire people. Is the FOV committing genocide? I think not.

+5 votes   media: In game shots
TheUnabridgedGamer Mar 5 2012, 11:46am says:

I fail to actually see much difference. The model is well done, but batman still is super-armored as always(although those lights actually I imagine would be counter-productive for stealth, especially blue as light-blue causes people's sleep cycles to change).

Kudos to the modeler, but still...

-2 votes   media: Batman in the ME universe
TheUnabridgedGamer Mar 4 2012, 7:47pm replied:

Enlighten us, newbie2356. Last I knew there wasn't a law that said "Ye must be 18 years old to be in a contest! No matter what it is!"

+2 votes   article: Ravaged's First Contest is live!
TheUnabridgedGamer Mar 3 2012, 9:43pm replied:

And I'm turning 18 this year, does that count good enough guys?

+1 vote   article: Ravaged's First Contest is live!
TheUnabridgedGamer Mar 3 2012, 11:47am says:

...I'd prefer a beta key. Also, why 18 and up? I'm 17, what's the difference?

+4 votes   article: Ravaged's First Contest is live!
TheUnabridgedGamer Feb 26 2012, 1:36pm replied:

Believe it or not sir, besides your not capitalizing "I", I find no serious errors in your English. Congrats.

+2 votes   mod: Mindworld: Shattered Dreams
TheUnabridgedGamer Feb 16 2012, 11:13pm says:

Yes! I like it...

+1 vote   media: New Hud
TheUnabridgedGamer Feb 16 2012, 9:23pm says:

I'd delete the data just out of my dislike of Crysis 2..

+2 votes   mod: Dam
TheUnabridgedGamer Feb 16 2012, 9:11pm replied:

Maybe we'll only team kill you in the demo multiplayer then...

+1 vote   media: Quarian in Multiplayer
TheUnabridgedGamer Feb 15 2012, 5:41pm says:

I'd actually like a Reapers edition. Could it come with a little Saren and Sovereign action figure set?

+1 vote   media: What if...
TheUnabridgedGamer Feb 15 2012, 12:21pm says:

The first Metal Gear Solid is already available on PSN for 10 dollars. Would be kind of redundant to release it here as well since it's already been ported.

+2 votes   article: Remastered HD MGS Trilogy
TheUnabridgedGamer Feb 14 2012, 3:12pm says:

Where did the other two options go?

+1 vote   media: Gorkov
TheUnabridgedGamer Feb 4 2012, 12:06pm replied:

This comment has been posted in a private group.

TheUnabridgedGamer Feb 3 2012, 2:52pm replied:

Yes. We Quarians will remember that snide comment. *already has sniper rifle in hand*

+1 vote   media: Quarian in Multiplayer
TheUnabridgedGamer Jan 16 2012, 5:27pm says:

I am genuinely curious -- how did you get your hands on the unreleased port?

+2 votes   download: Half-Life: Dreamcast v1.0
TheUnabridgedGamer Dec 26 2011, 7:43pm says:

Hmm.. why the increase in size of the cheeks?

+2 votes   media: Why helo thar
TheUnabridgedGamer Dec 21 2011, 3:21pm says:

I look forward to this game's release, it will be epic. And we will save the pants from Big's evil clutches.

+2 votes   article: Tiny and Big Levels showcase
TheUnabridgedGamer Nov 30 2011, 11:19am says:

Brilliant... now all we need is a release date.

+1 vote   media: TIE/sa Bomber
TheUnabridgedGamer Oct 6 2011, 10:42pm says:

Who even really cares that much? It's a HELMET! They've killed off characters who weren't dead, and have broken origin stories. This here is barely worth a bumpersticker.

+1 vote   media: WTF is this helmet ?
TheUnabridgedGamer Oct 4 2011, 7:47pm says:

I wasn't aware I -was- a member of the group. You're not making much sense, sir.

0 votes   media: score 1 for ARC
TheUnabridgedGamer Oct 2 2011, 12:18am says:

Bears a striking resemblance to the Secret Circle's lead character, doesn't she?

+2 votes   media: Katherine Evans Concept
TheUnabridgedGamer Sep 4 2011, 9:20pm says:

This looks very interesting. Battle for Middle Earth had the concept of rpg progression for units, but it didn't actually convey them in a good manner. This looks like it does it far better.

+2 votes   game: Redsun RTS
TheUnabridgedGamer Sep 2 2011, 12:06pm says:

I'd want to see inside each and every one of them.

+2 votes   media: Pick your world
TheUnabridgedGamer Sep 1 2011, 1:36pm says:

"You love blood"

...no, not really.

+1 vote   article: September News Update! T-Shirt design contest, in-game customization and more!
TheUnabridgedGamer Sep 1 2011, 11:22am says:

Looks interesting -- and oddly the art style seems to remind me of Battle Box Theatre...

Also, will there be a PSN port? *crosses fingers*

+3 votes   article: Blocks that Matter Live on Desura!
TheUnabridgedGamer Aug 19 2011, 5:08pm replied:

Impressive simply in the fact someone managed to do it. Considering Xbox no longer has LIVE, I guess everyone's free to hack their old Xbox consoles as they wish...


The possibilities sound intriguing...

+1 vote   article: "Battlefront Chronicles" Hits ModDB!
TheUnabridgedGamer Aug 16 2011, 9:55am replied:

No, I was referring just to mods in general.

+2 votes   poll: Have you turned your mod into a stand-alone game?
TheUnabridgedGamer Aug 15 2011, 6:29pm replied:

Same goes for me. I'll consider it for some of my ideas in the future.

Still, the mod should at least be released, even if unfinished because it's being converted to a better format.

+2 votes   poll: Have you turned your mod into a stand-alone game?
TheUnabridgedGamer Aug 12 2011, 11:53am says:

Interesting idea.

+3 votes   game: Cinders
TheUnabridgedGamer Aug 12 2011, 11:51am replied:

Did you honestly port it to older systems? Are you using a custom engine or what? That seems like an immeasurable amount of extra work.

+3 votes   game: Marball Odyssey
TheUnabridgedGamer Aug 4 2011, 3:39pm replied:

Gah, sorry. Apparently my keyboard decide to blink out on me:

I meant to say: It seems the Rebels still fail to win the ground battles.

+2 votes   article: NIC Campaign The Final Battle
TheUnabridgedGamer Aug 4 2011, 10:16am replied:

Oddly though... the Rebellion still seems on every ground battle.

+2 votes   article: NIC Campaign The Final Battle
TheUnabridgedGamer Aug 1 2011, 9:29pm says:

Reminds me a little of the Raiders of Ragnarok, based on the pics.

+2 votes   article: Graphics overhaul + tutorial
TheUnabridgedGamer Jul 27 2011, 4:50pm says:

Would it be possible for a multiplayer video? I'm imagining it's co-op, but still, I'm curious.

+2 votes   game: 8-Bit Commando
TheUnabridgedGamer Jul 27 2011, 4:37pm says:

...I think the most I've ever modified with my comp, was changing the OS and adding a graphics card.

That being said -- more power to ye.

+1 vote   media: My first computer build
TheUnabridgedGamer Jul 26 2011, 11:21am says:

I find it interesting that by this game's standards... all you need to be a hero is mass slaughter.

Not to sound too philosophical here -- but what does that make some real world figure appear like in this game?

+1 vote   article: The Beginning of a Story
TheUnabridgedGamer Jul 23 2011, 9:31pm says:

I know what pistol you refer to -- but they're (as I pointed out above) common to be plagued with a great deal of vibration and thus a bit of inaccuracy. The one thing that helps one keep some accuracy is that the pistol is small enough that one can wrap most of their hand around it. This is a rifle -- and unless that thing at the front is a grip (and it looks like it would break off, just a side note), then I imagine this would be even more problematic.

Granted, this is your universe, but I'd be worried about the guns functionality.

+1 vote   media: Hera Cpe Modelled and textured!!
TheUnabridgedGamer Jul 22 2011, 6:23pm replied:

To translate that "This mod only has 4 sentences anyway!"

Grammar man strikes AGAIN!

+2 votes   download: RotE + Tatooine Assault
TheUnabridgedGamer Jul 19 2011, 10:32am says:

A lot of Jedi died in that battle...

+1 vote   media: AT-AT in Jabiim
TheUnabridgedGamer Jul 19 2011, 10:07am says:

I like the idea of the game but...

Don't these animal classes seem a great deal like prehistoric counterparts to the TF2 classes?

+2 votes   article: Announcing Playable Animal Classes
TheUnabridgedGamer Jul 19 2011, 10:05am replied:

You have done us all a good service.

+2 votes   article: Source Shader Editor plugin released
TheUnabridgedGamer Jul 13 2011, 12:03pm says:

I love the polar bear in your logo

+4 votes   article: We founded a games studio & PONH is getting a full release!
TheUnabridgedGamer Jun 29 2011, 10:53am replied:

*shoots the fez hat*

+1 vote   article: NIC Campaign Battle 3
TheUnabridgedGamer Jun 22 2011, 9:30pm says:

They're dodos, yes?

+1 vote   media: Easter Wallpaper
TheUnabridgedGamer Jun 17 2011, 10:46am says:

if I had BF2142, I'd join the rebels!

+2 votes   article: NIC Campaign Battle 1
TheUnabridgedGamer Jun 7 2011, 5:36pm says:

I want to play this game badly.

This game keeps looking better and better.

+1 vote   article: New Video: Combat Landing Test
TheUnabridgedGamer Jun 4 2011, 7:50pm says:

This sounds like it might be interesting, but I suggest you try to make something unique for the game play. This doesn't look like something like a cliched shooter, so I'm thinking puzzles perhaps?

Something more along the lines of Silent Hill: Shattered Memories and/or Heavy Rain, but in a sci-fi context?

+2 votes   game: Dark Tunnels
TheUnabridgedGamer Jun 2 2011, 11:58pm says:

I hate to be a nay-sayyer here, but I prefer honest to giving undue compliments.

...some of the scenes in the trailer are straight-up Nova Prospekt. In fact, a lot of the environments seemed highly similar to what I'd expect from Half-Life 2. That's not to say they're bad but... I just felt they looked a little too much like HL2. Perhaps it's just me, but it seemed highly reminiscent.

Otherwise, well done teaser and looking like a well-done mod.

+5 votes   article: Underhell Chapter 1 Teaser Trailer
TheUnabridgedGamer May 30 2011, 10:44pm replied:

...I do have to say that it is rather misleading. I was expecting some sort of Freelancer style game. Not... this.

+2 votes   game: Star Trader
TheUnabridgedGamer May 24 2011, 8:33am says:

I seem to remember once seeing something like this. Then it vanished off of Wookiepedia.

+1 vote   media: MAAB
TheUnabridgedGamer May 22 2011, 11:50am says:

Incredibly well done. Better than some models made for TFU itself.

+1 vote   download: The Sith Stalker 1.1
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