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Papine_commando May 7 2012 says:

...How does it work? I mean, did it have archers like in the movie. And how did they make it to the "tower" on top? Is it like mounting a horse (but with a lot of people enable on it) or more like entering a house? Really curious about how you will do it... But still: AWESOOOOOOOOOOME!

+15 votes   media: What's thiss, preciousss?
Papine_commando Nov 25 2011 replied:

Light Infantry means "skirmishing" infantry. All modern infantry are light, nothing to do with the armor....(some are "mechanized" but it's only means they travel in APC or LAV and fight alongside them...

+5 votes   media: Nod Infantry
Papine_commando Oct 7 2011 says:

I wonder if they will put 100 trebuchets on her wall like in the books.

+1 vote   media: Gate and battlements
Papine_commando Sep 2 2011 says:

Only the cannon look too much cartoony giant pirate cannon with sight on it?!?! The Mark II was with rail gun, the least would be Mark V has them too.
And for more realism, the rail gun need to be made from either 2 or 4 segment that serves as "rail" for the projectile.

+1 vote   media: Steel Talons - Mammoth Mk.V
Papine_commando Sep 2 2011 says:

Should always been that instead of the stupid 6 shotgun turrets!

+2 votes   media: Black Hand - Flame Defence Turret
Papine_commando Aug 25 2011 says:

I guess you're gonna make new expansion pad to go with?

+1 vote   media: GDI Air Field
Papine_commando Feb 25 2011 replied:

I dont think he is a dumb ball. He was speaking about the radar dome behind the refinery. Try to look more closely next time before talking and insulting people. We dont care about your anger management problem or lack of parental love arouond here...

+5 votes   media: Incoming Missiles!
Papine_commando Jan 26 2011 replied:

Even with M-777 artillery (155 mm), they are not using bullet shell... They simply load the head and put some explosive satchel behind, depending on how far they wanna send it. So I really dont think bullet casing would be a good idea...

+3 votes   media: Australian Devastator Cannon firing!
Papine_commando Aug 7 2010 says:

I'm happy to see Canadian forces in your mod! However, 3 little detail got my attention; 1. Our flag is on the left shoulder only... 2. The C9 is all BLACK, not green. and finally, we wear Tactical Vest (look like a fishing vest) OVER our Ballistic vest and normally dont have mag pouches hanging over the legs...

+2 votes   media: Canadian Forces Faction
Papine_commando Jul 1 2010 replied:

I bet the last one is the upgraded armor version...

+3 votes   media: Soldiers of Arnor
Papine_commando May 31 2010 says:

I suggest VTOL Pad instead of heliport

+1 vote   media: GDI Airbase
Papine_commando May 29 2010 replied:

A flying one

+1 vote   media: GDI Infantry modifications
Papine_commando Apr 23 2010 says:

Actually, I think it's the background cage for baseball...

+1 vote   media: Milk and Honey
Papine_commando Mar 19 2010 replied:

OK, all that "USA come at the end of the war bla blah blah" crap is just stupid. It's not the American that came at the end of the war, it's the end of the war that HAPPENED thanks to the American reinforcements! Wake up! It wasn't written anywhere that the end of the war was GOING to be that date... IT HAPPENED BECAUSE the american get on European soil with fresh troops and supplies!

-1 votes   media: Map/trade zones
Papine_commando Mar 14 2010 replied:

3 not 4...

+1 vote   media: Scorpion Tank Concept I
Papine_commando Feb 11 2010 says:

The G-Wagon is no longer really used in theater oversea however i'm happy to see you take the time to make it in-game but you should put RG31 with remote control M2 Browning MG instead...

+1 vote   media: Mercedes-Benz G-Wagen Jeep
Papine_commando Jan 24 2010 says:

The SAW is a light machine gun (5.56 mm) by the way ;). A medium (or multi-purpose) machine gun is around 7.62 mm and to call a machine gun HEAVY it must be at least 12.5 mm (and need more than one person to carry it : a Browning M2 12.5 mm machine gun must be dismounted and carry by 3 people...)

+1 vote   media: Tauri light machine gunner
Papine_commando Jan 21 2010 replied:

What are you talking about? They just make the stealth effect better. They didn't remove it!

+3 votes   media: Stealth Harvester
Papine_commando Jan 15 2010 replied:

Yeah...but Asylum as yet to come out...

+1 vote   media: GOI T-90
Papine_commando Jan 15 2010 says:

What's the building on the left? Look more like a century-old Bank than a warzone building

+2 votes   media: UN Base
Papine_commando Jan 12 2010 replied:

Maybe it's only to control the drone...

+1 vote   media: AWSC Combat Engineer
Papine_commando Dec 31 2009 says:

Oh my God!!!That's a good new year start!!! I'm so happy to see this mod is still on!!

+2 votes   media: AWSC DV-3 Condor Dropship
Papine_commando Dec 30 2009 says:

You should really consider doing a RA1 mod too!! Having heavy tanks such as these one would really give a different feeling to a RA1 campaign. The ranger could be better use in a RA1 campaign and maybe use a Leopard 1 tank (look older than the Abrams) for the Allied medium tank...if you were doing such a mod, of course!

+1 vote   media: Update 8.0 Screens
Papine_commando Dec 30 2009 replied:

They are remote contol system existing( ) that could be better to put on than no gunner at all.

+1 vote   media: Humvee
Papine_commando Dec 30 2009 says:

Maybe you should link up with the Renovatio mod team. It would be awesome if your two mod complete each other...making them look loke a sequel!

+1 vote   media: Humvee
Papine_commando Dec 23 2009 says:


+1 vote   media: Tiberium Essence v 1.4
Papine_commando Nov 13 2009 says:

I just hope he is a one time non-faction unit...I dont wanna have horde of OoTMM running toward me with this thing at their head!!

-1 votes   media: The Balrog
Papine_commando Nov 8 2009 says:

Hey, really cool update! I found a really cool looking APC on another mod ( )that I think would really be great along your new predator... Could be really nice if you speak to each other and we could have it on next release ;)

0 votes   mod: Tiberium Wars Advanced
Papine_commando Nov 8 2009 says:

Wow nice one... actually, I find that it could go in tiberium wars Advanced mod too. They did a better looking predator ( )Maybe you could talk to each other...

+1 vote   media: Tiberian Apocalypse - Beta 1.0 screens
Papine_commando Oct 18 2009 replied:

hmm,really not this : is how look elven last alliance armor and they ARE ingame (high elf) and really dont look like these one

+1 vote   media: orcs of the misty mountains
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