Musician working out of NG1 UK, looking to add some music to projects here More info on me and my projects at: Contact me at : newnowmusic AT Or give my previous tracks a listen here:

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newnowmusic Apr 24 2013, 6:38am says:

Loving the textures on this, would give a mod a very original look.

+1 vote   media: Portal 2 Mapping pics
newnowmusic Sep 6 2012, 6:22am says:

Have voted, would vote a hundred times more if it were at all possible. Good luck, can't wait for the release whichever format that may be.

+1 vote   article: Get Black Mesa on Steam!
newnowmusic Apr 10 2012, 11:02am says:

Bravo on the soundtrack, the music is wonderful, very atmospheric. Can't wait to hear it in-game.

+2 votes   download: Alive & Kicking: Official DEMO Soundtrack
newnowmusic Apr 4 2012, 6:04am says:

Nice work, especially as it's for Portal 1

+1 vote   media: Pump Station in sp_a5_dc_1
newnowmusic Mar 23 2012, 9:20am replied:

Yey, memories chapter 3, me excite!

0 votes   mod: Memories Only Chapter 1-2
newnowmusic Mar 23 2012, 9:19am says:

Mod is looking pretty good, well done, keep up the good work!

+5 votes   mod: Outside Influence - Volume One
newnowmusic Mar 21 2012, 9:42am says:

And this is all done for portal 1?

+2 votes   media: Aperture #2
newnowmusic Mar 15 2012, 7:38am says:

An update to promote a different mod? What about the space-based ep.III? and that bonus map looked awesome. any news?

0 votes   mod: Memories Only Chapter 1-2
newnowmusic Mar 15 2012, 7:35am says:

This is looking great for a P1 mod bravo, will download and play very soon.

+1 vote   media: cc_2
newnowmusic Feb 17 2012, 11:33am replied:

As long as the area lets you edit the html you can copy and paste the soundcloud player into it, there's a how-to on the soundcloud help page.

+1 vote   member: newnowmusic
newnowmusic Feb 17 2012, 11:16am says:

Is this still P1?

+1 vote   media: Mount Aperture - Renovating BTS
newnowmusic Feb 17 2012, 11:16am says:

Its great to see original ideas still coming for mods in portal 1, this looks real interesting and I cant wait to play it, good work.

+1 vote   media: New Ingame pictures
newnowmusic Feb 17 2012, 11:15am says:

That is one sexy looking chamber, good work.

+1 vote   media: Mount Aperture - Inter-Chamber Transportation Room
newnowmusic Jan 30 2012, 11:42am says:

Looks good, don't understand it but it looks great!

+1 vote   media: Portal in space picture_1
newnowmusic Jan 24 2012, 9:40am says:

Is that a melon?

+1 vote   media: cc_2 screenshots *new*
newnowmusic Jan 20 2012, 8:56am replied:

Thanks for the mention, this is where my P:A work lives.

+1 vote   media: Tribeat - Awakening
newnowmusic Jan 4 2012, 6:47am says:

Great to see people still doing original things with portal 1, bravo and tracking.

+3 votes   mod: Rexaura
newnowmusic Dec 12 2011, 5:47am says:

Looks like something from fallout, great work

+4 votes   media: Warehouse
newnowmusic Dec 9 2011, 5:06am says:

As a fond farewell here is the final part of my blog about the music of Portal awakening:

+1 vote   article: It's over
newnowmusic Dec 5 2011, 8:00am replied:

yeah think so too and thats just a flat walkway not the Penrose stairs

+1 vote   media: Chamber 13 Elite Preview
newnowmusic Nov 28 2011, 4:56am says:

Well, thanks for the update guys real shame this is over, but best keep our chins up and move on to the next big thing.
It was a pleasure.

+1 vote   article: It's over
newnowmusic Nov 15 2011, 6:59am says:

That rug really ties the room together!

+1 vote   media: Infestation
newnowmusic Nov 15 2011, 6:45am says:

yummy lighting effects here

+1 vote   media: Mount Aperture - Portal Gun Distribution Room
newnowmusic Oct 16 2011, 5:49pm says:

More of this please

+1 vote   media: Reconstructing Science Symphonic campaign intro re
newnowmusic Oct 7 2011, 8:36am says:

Kinda like the idea of a stripped back 'empty' aperture as if something has happened and using the idea of minimalism. Obviously this needs to have enough interest to keep it going but its an interesting concept.

+3 votes   mod: Portal: Insane Aperture [Rebooted]
newnowmusic Oct 5 2011, 4:50am says:

I'm so goign to die trying to cross this.

+2 votes   media: User Submitted chamber
newnowmusic Oct 5 2011, 4:50am says:

Looks good

+1 vote   media: Old Chamber 15 Destroyed WIP - 'Underground'
newnowmusic Oct 5 2011, 4:48am says:

These are some big *** chambers

+1 vote   media: Episode I - NoClip capture
newnowmusic Oct 5 2011, 4:47am says:

Awesome I always wanted a portal mod with more outdoor areas.

+3 votes   media: Alpha Screenshots
newnowmusic Oct 5 2011, 4:46am says:

"The death cube will ALWAYS threaten to stab you"

+2 votes   media: Cubes Wallpaper
newnowmusic Oct 5 2011, 4:46am says:

I love to see a mod that has great background elements, gives the facility a feel of actually being used at one point, good work.

+1 vote   media: Testchamber 01 - Photo 1
newnowmusic Oct 5 2011, 4:44am says:

Is this all amde in P1 it looks amazing and I'm very impressed if it is.

+1 vote   media: Mount Aperture - Test Chamber 05 (RUINED)
newnowmusic Oct 5 2011, 4:37am says:

Wow, the mapping and aesthetics of this has really come on, well done

+1 vote   media: Mount Aperture - Test Chamber 05 (RUINED)
newnowmusic Sep 26 2011, 4:29am says:

Yeah like the change of colour, good work.

+2 votes   media: Chamber_09
newnowmusic Jun 29 2011, 11:47am replied:

It was autocad outputted through photoshop to get the glow.
Updates version on the way.

+1 vote   media: Escher tech architectural
newnowmusic Jun 7 2011, 4:32am says:

damn this is going to be a sexy looking mod, loving the original (if a little tron inspired) look. keep up posted with more of this.

+1 vote   media: Promotional Title Picture
newnowmusic Mar 29 2011, 10:25am says:

More in the videos section today. enjoy!

+1 vote   article: To keep you entertained
newnowmusic Mar 14 2011, 12:27pm says:

I like that the laser is doing the lighting in this room, gives it a good ambience

+1 vote   media: Laser map
newnowmusic Mar 8 2011, 9:47am says:

Really enjoyed this mod first time round, glad to hear about there being more but arancione is right, use the features or articles section for big details like this, keep it snappy to keep people involved.

+1 vote   article: One Point One Release Soon
newnowmusic Mar 2 2011, 3:58am says:

Good on you showing the initial detractors that you are set on making an original mod.
good luck and good work.

+1 vote   media: 3DS MAX!!!
newnowmusic Feb 16 2011, 5:52am says:

All final (and new tracks as they are completed) are now available through if thats your thing.
Please enjoy and tell your friends;

+1 vote   article: Warzone OST
newnowmusic Feb 11 2011, 10:13am says:

Looks good, looking forward to seeing some other areas.

+1 vote   media: New Textures
newnowmusic Jan 20 2011, 4:01am says:

This is definitely a half-life 2 mod not a portal mod

0 votes   mod: CWTH
newnowmusic Jan 19 2011, 3:50am says:

Wish Awakening had been released, would have put money on them being here if it was finished.

+2 votes   article: Itching for Portal 2? Play the best Portal 1 Mods
newnowmusic Jan 13 2011, 6:32am says:

Liking the broken button

+1 vote   media: Testchamber 10
newnowmusic Jan 13 2011, 6:31am says:

This is a screen capture from video, right? So am I right in asking, is that ceiling collapsing?
If so... awesome!

+1 vote   media: Old Testing Sector Chamber 2
newnowmusic Jan 5 2011, 8:24am says:

Loving the green glowing highlights , they work really well with the mods theme. I lose that purple outline tho, and try to change the colour of the button just to make the whole thing seem more cohesive.
Try something like this:

+1 vote   media: Testchamber 07
newnowmusic Jan 4 2011, 10:03am says:

You seriously believe that this mod (all 3 images of it) MADE Valve start talking about Portal 2?
I'll look forward to seeing what you have in store for us then, surely more originality than any other mod ever posted here?

+1 vote   mod: Portal 2: The Fake Community-Made
newnowmusic Jan 3 2011, 9:32am says:

L>iking some of the new textures here, good work, keep it up

+1 vote   mod: Portal: Infinitum
newnowmusic Dec 24 2010, 6:56am replied:

Using licenced music will cost you if you get found out without applying, try out unsigned artists at places like they would mostly be happy to provide music for free, or ask in the music forum here on moddb

+1 vote   mod: Valve Racing Experience
newnowmusic Dec 23 2010, 4:33am says:

This is half-life 2? hoping this was a portal mod, good work either way.

+1 vote   media: Untitled Ep2 Project
newnowmusic Dec 23 2010, 4:32am says:

EP 2 project huh? peaked my interest.

+1 vote   media: Unnamed Ep2 Project
newnowmusic Dec 23 2010, 4:08am says:

Looks great glad people are putting effort into BTS areas as well as their test chambers, well done

+1 vote   media: This Shall Be Consumed
newnowmusic Dec 22 2010, 3:54am says:

Run, man, run!

+1 vote   media: P : ISOC Testchamber 2 Update
newnowmusic Dec 21 2010, 8:10am says:

Very cute!

+2 votes   media: Companion Cube Clean
newnowmusic Dec 16 2010, 8:35am says:

Really i thought my news item about P:A Ost was stretching it, but i dont even know what most of this is.
Is this just an announcement to say you are making a mod?
You have a blog use it.

+1 vote   article: Portal sourcemod "The setup" being release next year
newnowmusic Dec 13 2010, 3:57am says:

Amazing, simply amazing, bravo on your originality and the effort put into the models

+2 votes   mod: TARDIS - Time and Relative Dimension in Space
newnowmusic Dec 7 2010, 11:21am says:

Looks great and the damage to the chamber is very realistic, good work.

+1 vote   media: Portal 2 Diversity Vent
newnowmusic Nov 23 2010, 4:11am says:

This room is definitely interesting, although i'm a little lost as to its application as yet, i'm sure that will all become clear as the mod moves on, good work.

+1 vote   media: Crazy Room Of Velocity
newnowmusic Nov 4 2010, 6:06am says:

Posted a review of this glorious map over here:

Everyone needs to give this map a whirl at least once.

+1 vote   download: Red Trees
newnowmusic Oct 29 2010, 4:36am says:

Liking the blue theme, in this, if that blue outline to the wall textures is a bug keep it, it looks great and unique, sets this aside from other portal mods.

+2 votes   media: New cube
newnowmusic Oct 29 2010, 4:32am says:

New buttons, new portals, new textures, new gameplay elements, I am excite!
Keep us all updated on this mod before we start frothing at the mouth.

+2 votes   media: Promotional images
newnowmusic Oct 25 2010, 9:43am says:

This is really sad news,the images and ideas that were coming from this looked really good. It will be a shame to never see this come to light.
Btw what is that looking-glass thing?

+2 votes   article: Portal: Awakening is dead.
newnowmusic Oct 6 2010, 11:21am replied:

Not so much a cooler opening but one that doesn't have so much going on, it will be sharper and cleaner as at the moment it sounds pretty muddy to me. So I'm going to remove a few layers and maybe drop the synth down a bit.
Are there any other comments / things you'd like to change at this stage?
Obviously this song belongs to your game so you have a right to input, once we get lyrics and vocals sorted there will be more obvious changes to structure But post cleaning the intro I don't have anything I'd like to do to it.
Let me know

+1 vote   member: newnowmusic
newnowmusic Oct 6 2010, 2:54am replied:

Thats fine let me know more when you are ready and i'll be happy to help

+1 vote   member: newnowmusic
newnowmusic Sep 30 2010, 7:37am says:

Has this just been stolen directly from blue portals, what are you doing?
This looks remarkably like this chamber to me

+1 vote   media: blue portals
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