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Necronomnicon Jul 16 2013, 9:12am replied:

Another far-right spreading their fear-mongering. take your Prozium citizen. There is no conspiracy.

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Necronomnicon Jun 23 2013, 6:30pm says:

@ChuckFinley Here we go again

+1 vote   mod: Dead Matter
Necronomnicon Jan 11 2013, 5:36pm replied:

if they're being unreasonable and power hungry though, it might only encourage the mistreatment of other users and still result in him getting banned again sooner or later. the mods on nexus I've read some of the snotty remarks they've made to people and about unnecessary bans some of them have made and it seems between that and the online connection drm in their mod manager I honestly haven't used them much the majority of last year.

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Necronomnicon Jan 11 2013, 5:33pm replied:

they're gonna do themselves in being uptight pricks, it'll drive some of the casual and new users away, and make some uploaders cautious about putting things there, or at least nonchalant about it if they get the boot too it'll just bring exposure and users to other sites

+1 vote   mod: SkyMoMod V13
Necronomnicon Jan 11 2013, 5:25pm replied:

that's a lot of work to have to do, thanks for making the mods and keeping them available. I honestly think i would be too lazy and PO'd in your position, so thanks.

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Necronomnicon Jan 11 2013, 5:23pm replied:

nexus moderators have been acting like tools I noticed, I don't know what got into them. posters have been banned there for little to no reason also, I wouldn't be surprised if they get themselves ddos or something when they end up banning the wrong people for the wrong reasons. I heard that happened to warz recently.

+1 vote   member: dogtown1
Necronomnicon Jan 11 2013, 5:20pm replied:

I've noticed the mods on the nexus have recently begun being pricks to people, going on banning sweep sure to impress sirgay from the waarz forums. there's some sticks that need to pulled from arse there, that's a definite. if I ever settle down and learn my way around the CS, there's no way I'll ever upload anything to nexus now. Thank god for steam workshop, I onnly needed the nexus for a few mods & I don't even use their mod manager any more, starting to be like using an SI trainer (online connectivity/DRM).

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Necronomnicon Jan 9 2013, 9:55pm replied:

dude, wrong thread. you meant to post here:

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Necronomnicon Jan 1 2013, 11:20pm replied: 0 votes   mod: No More Room in Hell
Necronomnicon Dec 20 2012, 7:30am replied:

no cd fix gamecopyworld, I think that works with obse it should

+1 vote   download: MERP 0.2.65 Patch
Necronomnicon Dec 20 2012, 6:50am says:

I'm getting real tired of the Hollywood Mafia... someone needs to put a hit out on them. Until we're lucky enough for that, we need to realize enough is enough. If you truly wish to make a point to those greedy pricks, don't ever use anything WB related , ever again. No video games, no music, no movies, no television. Nothing. DO NOT PIRATE IT. that shows you want it, which lends them leverage. Show them you couldn't give less a sh*t about any of their crap and the conditions & monopolistic greed attatched to it. It's like you're making a deal witht he devil to watch a frakking movie now a days for Christ's sake. What has this country come to? what has this WORLD come to, when they have a much easier time bullying people without the resources to defend themselve sin countries where the laws protect the citizens even less than ours protect us for the time being in America. DO NOT PIRATE< DO NOT BUY ESPECIALLY< DO NOT WATCH< LISTEN TO< PLAY ANYTHING THE WB ATTACHES ITS PARASITIC SELF ONTO if you truly want to tell them how fed up you are with them, and the rest of the greedy HollyWood Mafia that thinks they can walk around and buy whatever rules & support they want to protect themselves while they push the little people around and expect us to still throw them our lunch money for their usually recycled pieces of crap (unfortunately not crap in the batman & tolkien areas, but sacrifices need to be made, they were books before they were movies) support Indie devs, these guys who worked on this mod could develop their own original game and tell WB to shove it up their pieholes. Indie devs, Indie movies if it comes down to it i haven't watche dmany movies for years upon years since most are crap or crummy remakes anyways, and as a last resort good old socialising and recreational drug use is better than feeding those greedy j*ews

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Necronomnicon Dec 23 2011, 4:33pm replied:

head to her shoulders is about the right level I'd say

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Necronomnicon Jul 14 2010, 9:19pm replied:

I agree, this is by far not the first game I have seent his crap on ... and it is the second uploading tot his one game even, using a different name for each upload. This stuff is probably malware, check out both dark messiah downloads then look at the descriptions ... then compare file sizes ... not even the same file size but the same pasted description it's likely a bunch of malware or some joke of his

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Necronomnicon Jun 30 2010, 7:38pm replied:


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Necronomnicon Jun 30 2010, 1:12pm says:

I can't wait to hear the captive squirrels cry again.

and to hit the beach minis...

+1 vote   media: Squirrel WIP Early days
Necronomnicon Nov 28 2009, 8:04pm says:

as long as he's immune it shouldn't kill him

+1 vote   media: Epic fail
Necronomnicon Nov 28 2009, 8:03pm replied:

that one swallows

+1 vote   media: Epic fail
Necronomnicon Aug 19 2009, 8:17pm says:

this is gonna be fun as heck (-_n)-b

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Necronomnicon Aug 19 2009, 7:39pm replied:


+1 vote   download: Clothed Sarah Lyons
Necronomnicon Aug 19 2009, 6:58pm replied:

either injects malware, and uses it to steal your infos ... or the site uses infos that you enter and sells it to people .. either way don't follow links like this guys ( the one offering keys ) besides if you could afford that, you could afford to pay alittle more for the real game lol

+3 votes   game: Fallout 3
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