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spectacular total conversion mod, it one ups nehrim, and skyrim ... it's like tes 6 already (with entirely different lore and world though). The world is larger than skyrim, and the landscape and regions are very well designed and the dungeons are not all cookie cutter done a dozen done them all as much as skyrim's felt. The magic items you find also feel useful compared to skyrim, while still being able to craft your own gear and sharpen/harden it. The magic is also balanced through arcane fever, a side effect of magic and potion spamming that some items and 'memories' (their perk system) can compensate somewhat for nuker builds. It feels pretty balanced so far, although the bow is a little powerful if you use the fire arrow power from the memory tree but it evens out deeper into the game. using perks, memories, takes you to a zone inside yourself through a meditation spell. much cooler than the submenu in skyrim was for handling perk trees and you don't fumble with a mangled perk tree you have to circle a million times to hit the right perk... you walk right up to the pillars and select the perks and read what they do. This is AAA quality and free as modded (total conversion) content for a game engine you already own. These guys are spectacular. Also, the english voice acting puts skyrim's to shame in this game and the music is great and fitting


Bilians L4D2 Sound & Music Replacement Mod v1.0

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