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S1l3nced Mar 14 2015 says:

Wow, nice! It is always good news when a 0AD update comes out ;)

+6 votes   news: New release: 0 A.D. Alpha 18 Rhododactylos
S1l3nced Mar 8 2015 says:

Such a great game! The music and art style is superb!
Yes, it is in alpha state and there's need of some improvements like the performance when it comes to bigger armies.
But I love it and I wish you the best for development!

+2 votes   game: 0 A.D. Empires Ascendant
S1l3nced May 18 2014 says:

Great news! This game is really awesome and I enjoy the multiplayer a lot.
But those lags are really annoying with 300 pop, even with a high end pc :(
There are also a few balance issues like those walls with 150000hp.
But the graphics and the gameplay so far are really good and the individual music is impressive!

When will Alpha 16 be released for Arch Linux?
Keep up the good work :)

+5 votes   news: New Release: 0 A.D. Alpha 16 PataƱjali
S1l3nced Nov 10 2013 says:

Good to see the progress! When will the next stable be released?

+4 votes   news: Playtest 20131110
S1l3nced Oct 10 2013 replied:

Go to the official Illwinter page and scroll down, there you will find the manual.

+2 votes   game: Dominions 4: Thrones of Ascension
S1l3nced Oct 10 2013 replied:

A random event happened in the province Desura!
The publisher of Illwinter ended their worktime earlier on release day.

Dominion -3
Delay +3
Income -50
Unrest +100

+15 votes   game: Dominions 4: Thrones of Ascension
S1l3nced Sep 1 2013 says:

Keep up the good work!

Love this game!

+1 vote   news: Playtest 20130830
S1l3nced Aug 12 2013 says:

Nice work, guys!
I am so excited about the RA2-Mod :)

Keep up the good work!!

+2 votes   news: Playtest 20130812
S1l3nced Jun 27 2013 says:

What a great game! Minecraft in space. The shop- and harvestingsystem is really great. I have never seen a game where you can build small to huge ships in your own way and costumize their weapons etc!

Now, after a few hours of gameplay, I have two questions:

Is there a button or a system with which you keep your speed without keeping 'W' pressed all the time?


Will there be planets in form of a sphere instead of a disc?

+1 vote   game: Star Made
S1l3nced Apr 3 2013 says:

The game won't start on Linux Mint 14 64bit. Nothing happens when I launch the game :(

+1 vote   game: Zombie Grinder
S1l3nced Sep 14 2012 says:

Would be great if this runs under Linux! Bought it, because it says playable on Linux but you can't get AdobeAIR for Linux anymore:(

+3 votes   game: Reprisal
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