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Mount & Blade: Warband

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My top favorite sandbox/rpg/strategy game! Have already spent many hours claiming the throne of Calradia.


Dominions 4: Thrones of Ascension

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I am a big fan of strategy games, especially RTS. There are only a few TBS games I enjoy playing like HoMM, Civ and AoW. The Total War series look also very nice but after a few tries I noticed that this game won't get me into it.
Two weeks ago I watched the first videos of Dominions 3 because I've seen this game on Desura and on IndieDB and I just wanted to know what this game really is.
I've never kept playing complex strategy games like Dwarf Fortress for more than one week because I don't have the time to learn all the necessary things to successfully play these sort of games.
But with Dominions it was different. After a few videos, the tutorial and after three SP matches I have to say, that Dominions is one of the best strategy games I have ever played! Yes, it is very complex and you need some time to learn but the effort is worth it! You can play the same map, with the same nations and pretenders and the same settings but you will always have a different gaming experience. There are a TON of possible strategies and tactics. But you won't play the same map with same settings over and over again and here you can notice the high replay value of this game. Uncountable ways of setting up your pretender, random maps, tons of maps from the community and this game is highly modable. The graphics may not appeal to everyone but I like the 2D sprites with the 3D background. And the atmosphere of this game is awesome! With the oldschool graphics and with one of the greatest in game music I have ever listened to this game combines complexity, depth, high replay value, atmosphere and a great community.
Everybody who is interested in grand strategy games this game is highly recommended!!

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