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Murdouken May 11 2011 says:

I assume if you rae going full time that means the game will cost money when it's finally released? Any ideas on roughly how much it will cost?

Other than that, looking fantastic. Keep up the good work.

+3 votes   news: Against The Clock
Murdouken May 10 2011 says:

This looks fantastic, if a little overwhelming.

+1 vote   media: Waves WIP - May 2011
Murdouken May 8 2011 says:

Excellent art style. I had never heard of this game before but now I'm somewhat interested.

However, cutting the stats completely sounds like a bad idea. That seems to me like you'll be taking the rpg out of rpg-platformer. Perhaps you could streamline them in a similar way that Mass Effect 2 did. Reserve the stats for active abilities, rather than having complex RPG stats.

+2 votes   news: DungeonQuest: Back Into Business
Murdouken May 8 2011 replied:

Seconded. BSOD would look awesome, especially if you're fighting in the place. Gives it a more chaotic feel.

+3 votes   media: Deeper in the CIA Bunker
Murdouken May 7 2011 replied:

Perfect example came right after this post. I'm trying to download the Capsized demo but apparently the Steam servers are too busy. I could probably download the entire game in 2-3 minutes from a private tracker and see if I like it that way.

+1 vote   news: How can we lower game piracy?
Murdouken May 7 2011 says:

I torrent for a variety of reasons but if I feel a game is worthy of purchase then I will usually buy it. For example, I pirated The Ball when it first came out as I really did not like the UDK demo but I heard from friends that it was hugely improved. Sure enough, it was much better and I bought it within an hour of playing it. It also works the other way around where I've seen a game that interests me but doesn't have a demo and after pirating it, I didn't buy it.

Also, people must understand that not every piracy download is a lost sale. I've pirated many games that I own but don't have access to. For example, my new connection doesn't let me download from Direct2Drive so I can't access any of the games that I own on there (including some indies.) I've also got plenty of discs that were snapped or scratched when I moved house (which I have done several times.)

I pirated Assassin's Creed 2 because I bought Splinter Cell Conviction and had an absolute nightmare with the DRM. This isn't me protesting against Ubi, this is just because I couldn't be bothered to deal with all the **** that comes with losing my money when there is a free alternative that actually benefits me. They really shouldn't **** with legitimate, paying consumers when the pirates have a much better experience with the game.(Not really applicable here but still worth noting.)

All in all, piracy is a problem, particularly for indie developers. I just think that it's been blown somewhat out of proportion.

Also, please don't send me any fines for this post. :|

Edit: I forgot to mention that torrenting some games is the only option for me as there are many games (Chernobyl Terrorist Attack being the most recent) that I've liked the look of but have been unable to find anywhere online or in my country. There is also some games that literally have no other online presence than their torrents.

+3 votes   news: How can we lower game piracy?
Murdouken May 7 2011 says:

Does it have to be one image on it's own, or can it be comic style providing that it's just saved as 1 image file.

+1 vote   news: Witcher 2: Alternate Ending Contest
Murdouken Jan 14 2011 says:


I've been waiting for this mod for ages and somehow the initial release slipped COMPLETELY under my radar. Thank god for your latest news post or I would never have played it!

Definitely worth the wait by the way.

+1 vote   mod: Blue Portals
Murdouken Jan 2 2011 replied:

Fixed. Sorry to bother you.

+1 vote   mod: PARANOIA
Murdouken Jan 2 2011 replied:

Alright, I've managed to get around the bug earlier, but when moving from p_indust2 to p_indust3, I get the sound loop crash. It's just after entering p_indust3 I walk down the stairs, open the door and it crashes.

If I use the console to go into p_indust3 then it works fine but then I don't have a weapon so I can't continue.

+1 vote   mod: PARANOIA
Murdouken Jan 2 2011 says:

I just played the mod up to the point where you are in that meeting with the generals and they say that the factory has been attacked by unknown assailiants. It fades to black, loads a new level and then crashes. Anyone know how to fix?

If there is a list of levels anywhere I could use the console to jump ahead and that would probably work. Is there a list of the level names anywhere?

+1 vote   mod: PARANOIA
Murdouken Jan 2 2011 says:

I want to buy Heavy Hogur as I really loved what I played a while ago, but I'm wondering if it will ever be on Steam? I'd rather buy it on there to be honest.

+1 vote   news: Post release
Murdouken Nov 14 2010 says:

They all look great, but I love the third one especially. If you want some more variation, maybe do one with a butchers apron and hat + meat cleaver? Could work although you would probably need more animations for that.

+3 votes   media: Creeper-baddie concepts wip
Murdouken Nov 7 2010 says:

Looks incredible as always, but I think the sound feels a bit weak. That's just preference though, no idea how the actual gun sounds.

As I said, visually it's incredible. Can you fire from hip or just down the sight?

+1 vote   media: Beretta Test
Murdouken Nov 7 2010 says:

I prefer Trailer 2. I don't want to insult the voice actor but the bit at the beginning of trailer 1 sounded a bit sarcastic or joke-y.

If you're doing a beta test any time soon, bear me in mind. Game looks great.

+1 vote   news: Second First Video
Murdouken Oct 28 2010 replied:

People assume that any kind of puzzle game set somewhere that looks even remotely like a laboratory is a rip off of Portal. That's just the internet these days.

The game looks really interesting, trying it out now.

+3 votes   news: Sp.A.I 1.0 Released!
Murdouken Oct 14 2010 says:

Congratulations everyone. You deserve success because your game is brilliant.

You've also got me really hyped, you better make a full version or I'm going to go insane.

+1 vote   news: What a week!
Murdouken Oct 13 2010 says:

Reminds me of "Enclave" which is a good thing. A really good thing. Keep up the good work.

+1 vote   media: Krum - new HUD and starting area
Murdouken Sep 17 2010 says:

So this is a pretty cool mod, I really like it. There are a few things I would like to change though. Adding a fast travel system, and a few other minor things. If I were to make mods for Nehrim (mods for a mod!) would I be allowed to distribute them on moddb?

I think it would be nice if people can make new quests and such for Nehrim and then list them as add-ons. Could be cool.

+1 vote   mod: Nehrim: At Fate's Edge
Murdouken Sep 13 2010 says:

Sounds like a cool guy. I hope he settles in well and I hope Mojang takes off. Good luck everyone!

+2 votes   news: Three man strong!
Murdouken Sep 8 2010 says:

Why would it be called City 17 immediately after the combine take over? Surely it would still be called its normal earth name for a while?

That's the only problem I've got. The maps look excellent.

+3 votes   mod: Half Life 2: Extinction
Murdouken Sep 4 2010 replied:

I know they are no longer developing it, and I don't think many people play it. Luckily it's a 2 v 2 mod so you only need 3 other friends to play a complete game.

+3 votes   mod: Decadence
Murdouken Sep 4 2010 says:

I made a video of the demo here if you're not really up for downloading it, although that would be completely idiotic because it's amazing.

Here's a link to the video.

+1 vote   game: Amnesia: The Dark Descent
Murdouken Aug 31 2010 says:

It looks great. This is definitely my next video game purchase.

+3 votes   game: Adam's Venture: The Search for the Lost Garden
Murdouken Aug 24 2010 says:

The mafia didn't wear trench coats, really. You should also avoid that kind of thing unless you can get physics on the coat, because it looks weird without.

+1 vote   media: Mafia Character WIP
Murdouken Aug 21 2010 says:

Fences! Fences! Fences!

+2 votes   media: seecret friday update image
Murdouken Aug 20 2010 says:

Looks pretty incredible. Possibly a tiiiiny bit too much recoil, but still very nice.

+3 votes   media: Contagion MP5K In-game (WIP)
Murdouken Aug 19 2010 says:

Damn it, I actually can't wait for this. I'm unbelievably excited. I also had no idea it had co-op which makes it even better.

Is there a set release date yet?

+1 vote   media: ReWolfenstein 3D Preview Trailer
Murdouken Aug 16 2010 says:

Runs perfect on my Phenom 2.5 GHz Quad, Radeon HD 5750 and 2GB of DDR2 RAM. Running Windows 7 32-bit.

Quick tips.

Introduce monsters as soon as possible.
Add some music from the Zelda game.
Fix the hole in that one house in Hyrule Field. I feel straight through the map because there is nothing there.
Add the sword plus shield.

It looks to be coming along nicely. I would focus on adding some life to the main village rather than working on Hyrule Field, for now. Once you've got a bit of life, a few things to kill and a good base for people to fight each other (meaning add the sword and shield) you should then start working on Hyrule Field.

+1 vote   download: Zelda World Alpha v1.0
Murdouken Aug 16 2010 says:

I think it looks awesome, and the bayonet looks bad ***, if a bit inaccurate. Possibly remove it but just have it so there is a knife sellotaped to it. That would look ghetto, bad *** and a bit more "realistic."

-1 votes   media: M1 garand early progress
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