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Mongolranger Mar 3 2015, 8:22pm says:

Hey this was one of my favorite multiplayer mods ever. How does someone keep a multiplayer comunity from dying. it was so sad to see this one go.,l...

+1 vote   mod: Iron Europe - WW1 Mod
Mongolranger Mar 3 2015, 8:02pm says:

I love CZ!!! Thank you! So tracking now.

+1 vote   mod: Recovered Operations
Mongolranger Mar 2 2015, 12:32am says:

Can't wait to try this one. Wish you good health (:

+2 votes   download: 1860s Old America v. 099 Z (latest version)
Mongolranger Feb 28 2015, 11:31pm says:

If I didn't just quit my job, I would totally sub. Haha. This is an amazing website. I visit it more then daily. Thank you so much for making this in the first place. Defiantly white-listed. Wish you guys all the best!

+1 vote   article: The challenge of Adblock
Mongolranger Jan 22 2015, 12:52am says:

Not one I play, but one of my favorite mods. Almost time to redownload. Anyone know if they are still working on updates?

+2 votes   article: GoldenEye: Source 2015 Community Map Pack
Mongolranger Sep 7 2014, 2:26am says:

Love this. Super impressed with your mod.

+1 vote   article: New Feature: Start your own farm
Mongolranger Aug 13 2014, 11:01am replied:

It knows you aren't ready.

+1 vote   game: Five Nights at Freddy's
Mongolranger Jul 7 2014, 9:27pm says:

This is such a f**king cool idea for a game. I cannot wait for the one of the kickstarters to actually kickstart you guys.

+2 votes   game: Fortis Rex: Rise of the King
Mongolranger May 19 2014, 3:39am says:

I would hate to be a drag, but multiplayer mods never last long. They have servers for a month or two. But I really hope that doesn't happen to this one..

+2 votes   article: March of Rome released
Mongolranger May 6 2014, 3:30pm says:

This mod looks amazing. I can't wait.

0 votes   mod: The Duel Mod
Mongolranger Mar 22 2014, 7:06am says:

Cool video. Keep em commm'n!

+4 votes   article: ModDB & IndieDB Weekly Recap Video
Mongolranger Mar 15 2014, 6:47am says:

You guys are doing such amazing work. Truly keeping Morrowind an eternal joy. You deserve more praise.... So much more.

+2 votes   mod: Province: Cyrodiil
Mongolranger Mar 15 2014, 6:44am says:

Always gotta check out an HL1 mod if I see it. Keep up the amazing work.

+4 votes   mod: The Volcano
Mongolranger Feb 16 2014, 4:49am replied:

That's so cool. You are amazing. "You are making my dreams come true" -Hal and Oats
Except I'm not joking. Warband is my favorite game.

+1 vote   mod: The Veiled Stars - Lord of the Rings
Mongolranger Feb 5 2014, 7:05pm replied:

Thank you for letting us know. And thank you for making it!!!

+2 votes   mod: The Veiled Stars - Lord of the Rings
Mongolranger Jan 17 2014, 7:19am says:

So excited for the release!

+5 votes   mod: The Veiled Stars - Lord of the Rings
Mongolranger Dec 27 2013, 11:23pm replied:

That really sounds awesome. I am exited to see something new done differently with single-player. Improving the AI sounds like quite the task.

The original idea with Arena was the player would go around city to city and fight in a gladiator arena, and progress and ****. I just liked the little comparison. You are in no way copying that. I just brought it up.

Best of luck on your project. I will be awaiting updates (;

+1 vote   article: The Duel Mod in singleplayer
Mongolranger Dec 25 2013, 12:58pm says:

Im liking the single player idea. Love your work, thank you for making this, merry christmas, I love you guys. BUT.
The first thing that comes to my mind when dueling NPCs is how easily they are defeated. All you have to do is fake swing and then they stop blocking. When it comes to dueling 1v1 (bots) this would be a huge problem: too easy.This is unless you are modding the AI. That seems like a lot of work. What are your thoughts on this?
The singleplayer idea also kinda reminds me of the original idea for elder scrolls: Arena.

+1 vote   article: The Duel Mod in singleplayer
Mongolranger Dec 21 2013, 1:01pm says:

I have had some of the most fun playing this game with my roommates. It's sad to see it end. As you guys had some amazing ideas that where very well implemented. By far the best Mount and Blade experience I will ever have. Thank you, TLD team.

+4 votes   mod: The Last Days (of The Third Age of Middle Earth)
Mongolranger Dec 20 2013, 9:44am says:

Why aren't there any mods for this game? Its amazing, and its on Source.

+6 votes   game: Dark Messiah of Might and Magic
Mongolranger Dec 17 2013, 2:05pm says:

I really can't wait for this to be HD compatible.

+3 votes   mod: Tales of Middle-Earth
Mongolranger Dec 1 2013, 2:35pm says:

I would vote this for mod of the year, but it's not a mod.

+11 votes   engine: OpenMW
Mongolranger Sep 22 2013, 1:37am says:

Wholly ******* ****! Oh my god!

Thank. You.

+4 votes   article: T3A:Online Is Released!
Mongolranger Sep 5 2013, 8:26pm says:

Wonderful work. Love it. Love it ALL!

+1 vote   media: Haradrim Skirmisher Equipment
Mongolranger Aug 19 2013, 7:19pm says:

Oh man! I had so much fun playing this!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can't wait for the next update. Keep it up guyz.

0 votes   game: MTBFreeride
Mongolranger Aug 18 2013, 5:58pm says:

I don't wish to rush you, but I truly hope you are porting this to the HD steam release.
I am patiently waiting.

+3 votes   mod: Tales of Middle-Earth
Mongolranger Aug 18 2013, 2:38pm says:

I think making a game similar to mount and blade is great idea! There are no other games like it, and this is an opportunity to change the formula and do something innovative with it.
I am excited to see your take on the genre!

+4 votes   game: Fortis Rex: Rise of the King
Mongolranger Aug 13 2013, 2:58am says:

I love to see the work done here. It's always exceptional. I also love the feedback from fans. Keep it going!

+3 votes   media: Goblinssssssss
Mongolranger Aug 8 2013, 6:16pm says:

I would love to see the different interpretations the world and game mechanics. Best of luck!

+1 vote   mod: A Game of Thrones WB
Mongolranger Jul 28 2013, 5:40am says:


+1 vote   article: Black Horse Courier #3
Mongolranger May 21 2013, 12:37am says:

Can't wait!

+3 votes   media: A wild village has appeared
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